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Joe Biden Owes His Victory to the Left, No Matter What the Democratic Party Says

THIS. Zed’s comment is the most important one in this thread. These treaties and trade deals are devastating to the entire world. But they’re so big and complex a problem everyone shies away from the issue.


Read up on the history of the Obama/Biden regime’s role in sanctions and scarcity in Iran. Then about their warcrimes in Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

And then tell us the DNC’s wing of the War Party is a “better choice” over the RNC’s.


I voted for Hawkins from my swing state. But there are very, very, few people joining us. So, there is no reason for the dems to believe that they will continue to get votes.

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Indeed. There are approximately twice as many ham radio operators in the US as there are Green Party voters.

It’s a sin and a shame, but info about the Greens’ platform, which should be incredibly popular, has been systematically blackballed in the MSM.

And then there’s the Democrats’ successful effort to keep actual leftists off the ballot in state after state…


Rebecca — You’ve got it RIGHT!!

It is OK.
American citizens from Puerto Rico came to northern Ohio with no English language at all.
The children were carefully tutored every day in schools.
The dads had come north during ww2 to work on steel mill to replace workers who were drafted
into military. The first arrivals spoke english and had college degrees.
Here we are 77 years later and Puerto Rico is still so poor that they cannot turn on the lights.

Mom’s spoke spanish inside the home and at the voting booth. I witnessed 400+ have the same guy assist them filling out their ballot.

The headline is correct. The young peoples going door to door in Michigan and Iowa for Bernie five years ago are the heroes. They used their own money and time to move american society forward.

Keeping contact and establishing better local elected officials is critical. The school board member is directly effecting the local economics, learning, teacher retention.

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Especially to us because our leadership, the so called Washington Consensus wants to set an example to other countries of how things have to be done, that seems to mean we have to get the worst deals of all to show how its forbidden to try to bend the rules a little bit.

This means that everybody here is living in a dream world that in reality has not existed for decades, where our leaders could just win a election and them make structural changes that now are forbidden on principle because they devalue investments made by international corporations. Policy and profit maximalization has become their entitlement.

In emergencies, real emergencies, some flexibility exists as long as it does not defeat the purposes of these agreements. Unfortunately, all the things people are putting forward here, bless their souls, do, and would be forbidden straight out of hand. Because their scope is far more than saving the most destitute and dying from having absolutely no care whatsoever, after they have exhausted their other assets on commercial offerings. No, what people here want is exactly whats been forbidden for countries to do, try to go around our commitments, in order to save people money or save jobs from being globalized. Thats forbidden.

The WTO defines all these things as being what people want but which not everybody can have. It sees it as natural for people to die because they cant afford medicine, for example. We have to understand that the WTO embraces trade and many of the countries in the world have no safety nets and don’t want to have to create them first in order to trade with other countries. They might have near slavery conditions or child labor or be very repressive. Thanks to the WTO its now illegal for countries to base trade on most criteria like that.; Similarly, with jobs, if we have committed to open our financial services sector and temporary employment marketplace to foreign firms, expressly to pay them back for other concessions, a good example is on intellectual property, patents, for example on drugs, we probably will be found (this issue is actually in play right now) cant then say that they cant do the jobs they trained for here simply because there is some kind of numerical quota or facilities or workers there have not been licensed in the US.

Of course workers here might lose their jobs in very large numbers of there are alternative workers available for a third the price or less. Thats not a defense because its just business, they present an attractive option being so cheap, that’s their main advantage in trade and the WTO will probably find they are entitled to use it, even if it pushes wages way down to levels never seen before.

This is what was expected when these deals were drawn up.

Most of us don’t know but basically virtually everything of value we think we have was and has and is being put on the table when they made services trade-able and continue to do it in trade deals.

Lets say that suddenly, out ofthe blue (to most people) a decision is made in Geneva that puts the WTO in charge of work related intra corporate transfer, something that some people see getting quite likely, even expect may happen, soon.

You have not read about it in the news because they don’t want us to stop buying useless junk. Probably.

Sure, lots (possibly millions) of people may lose their jobs and homes then and others, entire generations may find their expensive collge degrees have become worthless because they simply are too expensive to get hired.

but that actually makes us a more attractive market for financial services because those foreclosures are profitable for banks that enter our market. Similarly with health insurance, especially if people no longer have guaranteed issue, which was added, it seems likely temporarily after the 2010 financial emergency with the ACA. At the G20 meeting in Huangzhou, a few years ago, the developed countries, however pledged that the protectionist measures they had enacted after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis would be ended, but the election of Trump here led to a delay its fairly clear in our ending our protectionist measures. And the developing countries are asking us, where are the jobs we were promised? Its been more than 20 years, stop delaying.

See the problem? They never told us they were making these deals, instead they put ridiculous ideas in our heads that it was still the 1980s when people could just vote for different policies, when those days are far behind us.

And now they are still making them.

We’ve been subjected to a truly epic dishonesty situation, the product of an obvious conspiracy to defraud the entire country AND WORLD by a global bunch of shady characters the likes of whom the world has rarely if ever seen.

The real story has nothing to do with the simulacra we are being presented with. They are just the cover stories in the theatrical performance and by accepting us we are accepting a horrible fate…

There is no real Left, as far as I can see, because when we accept the framings they all are flawed, in no small part because of these deals which all strip us of everything that can be looted.

We have to dump the lies ad liars first, realize they are up to no good.

In one sense, Joe Biden does owe his existence to the actors who hid the real world issues from us by pretending it was still the 1980s - or whenever it was before the first “standstill clauses” in these deals took effect… (the last time we had democracy like the one they pretend we still have)

Yes, single payer if it had been implemented then before our entry into the GATT negotiations which led to the WTO begun, would have enabled us since we would have eliminated health insurance long ago. - as long as we kept it entirely noncommercial and carved it out of every international treaty we entered into, it would have protected that service sector, and also preserved its millions of jobs.

In contrast, now every single thing that is ever put forward- it seems is highly likely to be a trap. certainly everything put forwardby both GOP and Dems for decades has been another tightening of a noose, a trap, under the ideology of progressive liberalization, it has to be, it has to lock in and offer no escape back out.

Expect everything thyats being done at this point to be a Trojan Horse, a trap. As the GATS implications will be there, and lock in making every single thing a bigger and bigger loss for the people and a gift to corporations.

That is the people who seem to be running our current governments purpose - to facilitate this global takeover of the entire planet. By corporations.

As far as I can tell,l without exception. If they were genuine and had good faith intentions to fix things they wouldn’t be there lying to our faces telling us everything will be fine if we just vote for them.

Especially the things that look like good options, here are no good options THEY would ever offer us. Instead they are traps for the UNWARY, meaning all of us.

This is the biggest lie ever, don’t expect to find even the smallest shred of truth in there from them. Its not going to happen.

For example, “expanding Medicare” actually destroys its ability to be subsidized, in other words, different than commercial health insurance. Subsidies actually trigger obligations to outsource, offshore and monetize everything, also we are supposed to revert to the staus quo in 1998. Pre ACA, really.

They are so far away from what people think its absolutely incredible that they have gotten sway with all this. We have been really, really, really naive and stupid.

That’s what Trump’s job has been and he has done it well.

You know, rich people laugh at the rest of us, often and things like this are why. They get away with everything they want, and the media covers it up for them.

We could have done what we needed to do to protect the health of our country. back in the 80s.

But we didn’t do that, we did something not so far removed from the exact opposite. This point, needs to be understood.

every single news story that goes anywhere near literally dozens of stories is totally based on this fake set of assumptions and people are literally brainwashed so they wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them in the ass, which needs to happen. Then people need to just stop consuming the twisted news that pretends none of this ever happened and start getting hip to what needs to be done to get us out. Which isnt likely to be anything our friends in Washington or New York, (the major news media) are telling us, also Europe is pretty much controlled by the neoliberal cabal, with the difference that their embrace of neoliberalism is at different stages some ahead of us (more privatized and globalized) some behind (unions still protect a lot more Western Europeans and what were once public services are in many cases still much less captured although the trade deals are designed to change that incrementally, always towards more privatization. This is because jobs are going away, as capitalism is all about profit, its not a charitable organization, this means that peoples jobs will be traded away and many will be on their own in an unfamiliar landscape where no longer are they big fish in a small pool, instead they will be in a much bigger pool and a vast umber of us will find ourselves lacking the resources to compete effectively in it, both educationally and financially. So people will lose their homes and everything they have, and have nowhere to go. That outcome is inevitable if we continue swallowing the Kool Aid were being fed everywhere from both parties, unfortunately.)


True, all we ever hear is this: " WE CANNOT AFFORD MEDICARE FOR ALL AMERICANS".

Just once, I would like for someone in Congress to have the guts to say: " we cannot afford $ 740,000,000,000.00 for the military budget, when so many people in the U.S.are sick and dying from covid-19 "!

Yes, thats true, and real reason they cant discuss it is that they already traded away that healthcare policy space in the early 90s - and put it into at least one treaty, with another one coming back soon, I am hearing in the rumor mill. They didn’t tell us, leading to a lot of pain and grief and more than a million unnecessary deaths while we were being led around in circles by the nose. Now its been that way for more than two decades. I’ve probably told you this at least a dozen times. When will we stop pretending its just around the corner if they only would vote for it. Because they cant. Not without our knowing it is what they actually have to do. Instead everything is booby trapped. Like expanding Medicare, doing that without leaving GATS first will actually kill Medicare’s subsidy.

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Apt reply…thanks. Shanti

See the Annex on Financial Services where its right near the top. Read the entire first part of the body text .

Its on the WTO’s web site. See that section there, about “statutory systems of social security” and how it cannot compete with commercial entities, and remain exempted from being Services" under the Agreement?

Its similar to teh situation with health care generally. You cannot serve both God and Mammon, and as far as the Washington Consensus, (the name internationally for the hyperglobalization oriented US, which wants our money is everything system all around the world, we have obviously made our choice, money all the way.

This is the real reason we cant have any kind of real public health care, it would be absolute heresy for the US to do that, considering our long-time position as so forcefully against it in trade agreements on services like healthcare and financial services like health insurance, and indeed, any kind of public involvement in what are now called “Services of General Interest” (they even have gone so far as to change the name in Europe so people don’t get confused, in great contrast to the US where the whole idea is to keep people confused)

The domestic laws are to cover up and hide the international nature of these underlying obligations.

Instead the US is the world champion of privatization. Then the jobs can be turned into cookie cutter international pats in a global standardized machine, all labor regulations, working conditions laws, technical standards of all kinds and even wages reduced to the lowest common denominators.

Making it much more profitable as wages fall, and even the jobs demanding the most skill, the good jobs where the biggest savings come are globalized first, then they work their way down to the bottom.

Maybe it will be a lot like slavery, but it will be a lot more profitable for the owners of the subcontracting firms, as well as the firms that hire them., and even if professionalism becomes extinct in all the jobs which people consider satisfying today, and quality goes to hell, people wont have any other choice.