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Joe Biden Prefers Sanders' Call to Revolution over Clinton's Caution


Joe Biden Prefers Sanders' Call to Revolution over Clinton's Caution

Nika Knight, staff writer

Although Vice President Joe Biden has promised to stay neutral on the Democratic presidential candidates this campaign season, he offered high praise for Bernie Sanders' message in an interview with the New York Times published Thursday: Biden will "take Mr. Sanders' aspirational approach over Mrs. Clinton's caution any day," the newspaper reports.


I know so many "intelligent" Democrats who still buy into the "Bernie can't win" meme. Bullshit. Bernie needs to win. It's a matter of national and global security.


Mr. Master Card supports Bernie? PLEEEASE!


Hmmm, while I salute Biden's statements and his support for Sanders' attempt to make the Democratic party more activist and less "incremental" in its approach I have to take issue with his statement about how "brilliant" the ACA was. The ACA is actually a great example of "incrementalism" in the attempt to change healthcare in this country into something that resembles Medicare for all or the subsidized systems that are common in other industrialized countries. Obama was supposedly an advocate of at least the "public option" which would have been a start but he quickly caved and the ACA is little more than a warmed over version of "Hillary care" from the 90s. What concerns me is that it not only makes for-profit healthcare the norm for the foreseeable future but its realities have been very harsh and not in keeping with all the ballyhoo that accompanied its signing into law. I read last year that many, may people who signed up for "Obamacare" in 2014 dropped the coverage when they found that they could not afford to pay the very high co-pays and deductibles. I also read that half of the personal bankruptcies in this country are initiated by people who cannot pay their medical bills.
My own experience is illustrative. I had to go to the emergency room of my local hospital last November because of abdominal pain. I had a CT scan and was seen by a nurse and later a doctor and later transferred to a different hospital for more comprehensive treatment. The bill for about 4 hours of their services was $10.800! Even with Medicare A and B plus supplemental insurance my bill was still $1,800. The subsequent 3 days in the other hospital with another CT scan and a doctor and a specialist came to $33,000! Again, my insurance lowered this quite a bit but I have great sympathy with someone who does not have much insurance and is bankrupted by healthcare fees when they would find themselves in much better hands in another country. I doubt whether too many Canadians would jump at the chance to swap healthcare services with Americans.
So, Mr. Biden, I appreciate your words supporting Sanders' attempts to create a big change in the Democratic party and the nation as a whole. However, Obamacare does not seem brilliant to me. It seems pathetic that this was the best we could do to reform a medical system that is so expensive that people delay or even avoid treatment because of the expected bills.


This was a surprise! Kind of a shock really. An endorsement by the mainstream brings in many who might still be reluctant to support Bernie because they aren't sure that Bernie could win. Biden brings Union voters too. Just a surprise but a welcome one.

You do have to wonder though...

Is there a threat that Hillary will be indicted that is now more certain at least to insiders?
Is Biden offering himself as Veep? Lol
Is there more doubt and less cohesion among the Democrats than has been apparent until now?
Is this a bit of historical sincerity on Biden's part that America is losing democracy and that the will of the people does count more than the will of the elites?

I don't know about you but nobody but nobody predicted this. Score one for Biden and down with the punditry...lol!


Biden is leaving the door open to being a "compromise" candidate in a divided convention I suspect. This may earn him the wrath of the Clintons, but he probably feels that's a small risk for him ...


President Hillary Clinton Impeached By House; Trial to Begin in Senate Soon

Consider the very real possibility the majority Republican House and Senate would have a field day dragging sHillary through the email scandal, the unauthorized-by-Congress mess in Libya, the creation of ISIS, her numerous outright documentable lies (dodging bullets when she was actually receiving flowers) and (dare I say it?) Benghazi all over again.

You think they obstructed Obama? Obama had virtually no political baggage when he took office. Killary has nothing to offer but baggage.

Trump is already frothing at the mouth to go after her. The Democrats would be fools to nominate her, the presumptive presumptuous candidate.


I think Biden is trying to unite the Democratic Party. I believe he is saying to Bernie's supporters "You are welcome here." I would think he is concerned that the Democratic Party could leave the convention in Philadelphia deeply divided.


"Obamacare" is incremental, because he had to pass something. I have an insurance policy now, and I had one last September when I had a minor stroke. Yes, I ate up the $6000.00 deductible while still in the ER, but I got very good care in the hospital for four days wile they were doing tests and trying to get my blood pressure under control. Then, I went to rehab for two weeks which would have been over $40,000.00 had I not been insured. It's ridiculous that I and millions of others have such high deductibles, but on the other hand, now that I have a "pre-existing" condition and need daily multiple medications, I have access to the care I need. Personally, I wish the stroke would have killed me. But that's my problem. I'm back at my full-time job, back on my bicycle, and back to my (boring) life, but I'm alive, and voting for Bernie in November. If we don't aim high, we don't hit anything. Fuck incrementalism; the U.S needs to get into the 21st century! The ACA is a warmed-over Heritage Group plan that Bob Dole ran on decades ago. We need health care for the 21st century. As it things are now, if I had another stroke, I'd just do the best I could to get along. I wouldn't go to hospital.


It is a big deal nevertheless considering that he is 'administration'! Can it be that for all Hillary talks Obama, Obama, Obama...that it is all just sham and she doesn't actually have as much of the support of the Obama administration like she pretends? She was incompetent as Sec of State and responsible for Obama's self described 'biggest foreign policy mistake' ( namely that he listened to her)!

Lol... I can't stop thinking that something else is going on here. Is the adminstration telling voters to not trust Hillary but without coming straight out and saying it quite so bluntly?

I am now wondering if she will be indicted. Plus there may be more there than we know about that. She destroyed like 30,000 emails some of which had to be government business being discussed on an open system with people that maybe she shouldn't have? For example she may have been hacked which shows her incompetency as well as displays her lack of real judgement and points out true liabilities in that she was obstructing justice and had been attempting to avoid Freedom Of Information requests all along.

Very unexpected move by Biden at this point in a very surprising election!!!


Gosh Lrx it's so heartwarming when you put it like that. I mean gosh, after the post DLC Democratic Corporate C____ Sucking Party abandoned its base decades ago, went with the Banksters and other corporate crooks who reaped profits on driving generations of college students into debt and throwing people out of their homes while receiving bailouts for doing so is still willing to extend a hand of "welcome" through the corporate servicing Vice President who hasn't said a peep for almost 8 fucking years. And the list of onslaughts from his ilk could go on and on and on.


The onus for a divided convention is on Hillary, Biden, Obama, and every other billionaire servicing hack that has sold everyone but them and their elite constituency down the river for the last 40 years.


The powers that be seem to finally be getting the message that many Democrats are fed up with the status quo and will not continue to go along with what the party elites decide. They are between a rock and hard place, though, because the corporations and oligarchs that control the party leaders won't be thwarted by an upstart man of the people who wants to do things for the people and environment that will cost them money or block their exploitive greed. I think more and more that the Democratic Party is a lost cause beyond taking back from the oligarchs and the only route to change is with a new people's party that can fold in the Greens and other small grassroots startup parties. A win by Bernie would help keep things together for awhile, but the elites would ultimately prevail because money is seductive and the elites and their owners have plenty of that.


Well, he can't, he isn't and he won't. Not enough people believe it's possible for him to win. You think most people are going to be willing to lay it all on the line for the Left? The Left has alienated most of the people it needs to win. The Left can't even win the black vote, the very people that know oppression and injustice. Someone needs to address that elephant in the room. Perhaps they're..distrustful? What do they see that we on the far left don't?


Indeed! Mr. MasterCard! Thank you!


One thing they see is people like you who disparage the left and then claim that you are on the left. Btw... How does that work in your mind? You put down Bernie and in another post you favor Trump and yet now you say

"we on the left?" We? Lol. Um so you are on the left but you support Trump huh? How about that older people know Hillary's name, she is a woman, she is supported by establishment black leaders and they believe the media rigged game because they don't hear the progressive view or even the liberal view in those areas?


Maybe he realizes, that once all obligations toward the Dem party (establishment) are fulfilled (support of the nominee in case he loses the nomination), his movement is so powerful, that he can start a new, more socialistic party, taking most or all of his support with him, thus cleaning out the party of a huge part of its membership. Combine that with Trump demolishing the GOP, Bernie would have an excellent chance of attaining the presidency in 2020. That would effectively end the deadlock the two parties have on the national trough and insert the sanity, a third party can provide, into our federal system.


Wow. Based on the comments so far, no conciliatory gestures go unpunished by this tiny community of bitter old men and a few women here on CD. Why not simply accept and welcome his comments on their face value. Sure they a day late and a dollar short, but what would you prefer?


Interesting oped in today's Guardian:
Reality check: Clinton might not be the most experienced candidate

Guess who is?


I agree completely with Yunzer, I welcome Biden's words.
As V.P., he must have access to some information about what crimes Hillary may be charged with, if so, he doesn't want to back someone who may be forced out of the race.


Truth hurts, doesn't it ? Hilliary is NO democrat, she's a corporate shill.