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Joe Biden, Rape Culture, and Living in the Dark

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/27/joe-biden-rape-culture-and-living-dark


Good article.
But I am a bit perplexed to equate “culture” with “institutional practices of power structures.” As culture is about norms and principles formed not just by institutions but by ordinary people too. Complex topic. But I may be wrong, as the two presidential candidates in front of us are both credibly accused for sexual misconduct and the ordinary people don’t seem to care.


In my twenties, I thought I was some type of a magnet for women who had been molested and/or raped. It took me a long time to realize that I was no magnet and that the problems were all too pervasive amongst society. I am very grateful to have been raised in a household where my parents were partners, an ethic that I absorbed naturally. One of the many great gifts that they gave me.


At least Biden isn’t a “democratic socialist”. That, would be an unpardonable sin. /s


Tara wanted it just as much as Joe, but
Joe wouldn’t leave his wife.

I guess I’m not clear on whether or not it’s permissible to doubt any specific allegation by any specific woman w/o getting lumped into Rape Culture?

Is it possible to both acknowledge that America has a corrosive, sexist culture that minimizes the plight of trauma survivors and think Reade’s story doesn’t really add up?

In my view, the notion that I have to agree with any allegation from any women without regard for critical thought- the essential conceit being that all men are potential rapists- doesn’t seem much better to me than the idea that women “ask for it” or enjoy being raped.


Anthony Zenkus your employer was sued for discrimination due to your actions when you worked for the Town of Huntington New York, isn’t that correct?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The only thing that Prof Zenkus wants to ignore is TR’s multiple versions of her story, the numerous bald faced lies, her own words. anybody who brings those things up gets blocked on twitter, only after being told multiple times what a rape apologist they are. Yes, a serial fabulist, a grifter who has conned people throughout her whole life can be raped. No doubt of that. But not believing this particular woman’s story says no more about us than it says about those who believe her. Zenkus can’t accept that.


They were supposed to be the opposite of the Republicans, who defended Trump and Kavanaugh. They were supposed to be, but when it comes to rape and sexual assault, they are not.

The Democrats want to appear to be the opposite of Republicans, but they are nearly indistinguishable at this point. War and peace: they’re hawkish… people vs. profits: their superdelegates are lobbyists, climate change: they promote and export fracking and call the GND the “green dream or whatever”… M4A? Biden says he will veto it… the only issues where the Dems are actually opposite the Republicans are on guns and abortion, and since Biden supports the Hyde Amendment, he’s not appreciably different there.
Biden is a rapey Republican,

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Sure, Tara Reade gets a lot of the small details confused, just like each and every human being who tries to remember events that happened decades ago. She has been consistent about the main fact of her sexual assault, as have the numerous witnesses who she spoke to at the time of the event.

I believe Tara, but I can accept that some folks don’t. What is reprehensible, and is motivating me to work for the defeat of Biden, is the fact the Biden’s team is working to attack Reade as a human being and destroy her life. ttps://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/26/california-tara-reade-investigation-283592


Biden will lose, as he deserve to. That doesn’t mean that we let the serial rapist and enemy of humanity, Trump, off the hook. These are times for revolutionary change to promote truly just, democratic, and sustainable social, economic, and political structures.


Hi sherrybb:
I wonder what Tara Reade was like in her early 20s. when she went to work for a Congressman In Washington D.C. I guess she was probably excited to be in D.C, and to work in politics. She was a very beautiful girl.
I don’t doubt her story------as I have a friend who was raped in high school, and got pregnant. She of course, left school for a while. But—she came back to school the next year, always with the whisperings about her. Slut shaming they call it, although she was never what people would think of as a slut.
I also heard the radio show where a mother had called in about what had happened to her daughter. It was an old call but the show researched it. The call came from a CA town where Tara had grown up. It was an old radio call from that time period. The mother who called talked about what happened in D. C to her daughter and with a Senator. What should her daughter do and how would she do it? The call came from the town where the Tara Reade’s mother lived.
Seeing Tara now, I see an overweight and very unhappy woman. That to me makes me more sure that Bden’s attack on her was real. The same thing happened to Virginia, the girl in my high school. She too became quiet and gained a lot of weight—maybe she thought weight was a buffer to keep rapes from happening again.
Luckily for the girl and the Stanford swimmer, 2 exchange students came by on their bikes early in the morning and saw a man molesting a girl in the dirt and behind a dumpster. Luckily they were the kind of people who would stop to aid others… There was a trial, and I give the victim credit for being brave in a culture that doesn’t seem to believe women.

The Stanford student’s father was upset at his conviction for jail time and the father was aghast that this had happened to his son—for " 20 minutes of action," as the father complained. Wow, father and son seemed very similar.
Do I believe Tara Reade? Yes, because of what happened to my friend and how my friend was changed forever. Before this story came out, I saw the newspaper pix of Joe Biden nuzzling that 11 year old girl. She looked terrified-------that picture tells us all we need to know about Joe, the wanna be president with the octopus hands whose history of all kinds of lies go on and on and on: (


Thank you for this powerful statement that you make so well.

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Just curious: do you believe Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford?

She can’t recall what age she was when Kavanaugh attacked her.
She supplied the names of 3 people at the party she was at when attacked, all 3 deny being there.
One of the 3 is a lifelong friend of Ford’s.
Ford told no one of the attack contemporaneously.
Details she gave to Congress conflict with notes her therapist took during sessions with Ford.

Looks like the Joe Biden apology/excuse trolls are earning their paychecks.

And by earning, I mean failing.

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Brilliant essay. Thank you!

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It might be intended as an inclusion rather than as an equation.

Once again we see the value of due process, albeit once again by its absence. Even if there is something that Joe Biden is innocent of, you know that he will not get a trial. Instead and again, we have people who do and do not believe the accuser, largely based on political affiliation.

That’s a generalization, of course, but when you switch the parties, most of the stories switch.

As to rape culture, someone with great concern and limited resources might better dig around Epstein, the coded DNC emails, and the widespread honey-trap and blackmail practices of Mossad, the CIA, the FBI, and various mafia groups. The best pieces that I have seen were by a young reporter named Whitney Webb, writing at the time for Mintpress News. Searching her name with “Epstein’s Island” or similar probably still gets them.

This goes leagues past the awkward and problematic attempts at courtship or cool by people who are perhaps not quite all there–part of the culture, part of the institution, widespread, and fed by power.

Really, Common Dreams?

First, there’s a big, big difference between sexual discomfiture and sexual assault.

Second, Alexandria Tara whomever Reade has shown herself to be more untrustworthy by the day. Her lawyer finally wised up enough to dump her. More: socraticgadfly DOT blogspot DOT com/2020/05/laying-down-marker-on-tara-reade DOT html

Third, for Dems? Biden isn’t stepping down, Berners.

Fourth, for actual left-liberals and beyond? If you need this as an “out” to not vote Biden, you’ve got other problems.

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Mr. Anthony Zenkus thank you for your powerful piece. And thank you for the important work that you are doing.

The first appalling article I read this day was of the “honor” beheading of a beautiful 14 year old Iranian girl by her father. (See article in Guardian)

As long as perpetrators of violence are allowed free access to abuse, the rape culture will remain. If we look at the fact that this country thrives on war culture, security police state, male athletics who are paid billions and women as second class citizens we can understand that the vulnerable in our society will always be the “outrageous” victims and therefor at fault for the behavior of the perpetrators of violence.

Rape culture will only change if war culture is abolished.