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Joe Biden Reality Check: The Puffery vs. the Record


Joe Biden Reality Check: The Puffery vs. the Record

Norman Solomon

Let’s be blunt: As a supposed friend of American workers, Joe Biden is a phony. And now that he’s running for president, Biden’s huge task is to hide his phoniness.


‘Say it Ain’t’ Joe sez:
"The folks at the top aren’t bad guys.”

So it is only right and proper that they are at “the top” (and universally “guys”, to boot).
Does this not rather presuppose an inverse social positioning for the rest of us?


With this news its obvious the Dems want Trump to win.


A Biden candidacy would be a political tragedy for the Democrats. It guarantees that the 44% of voters who did not vote for president in 2016 will continue not voting. It guarantees that the poor turnout of young voters in 2016 will continue in 2020. It guarantees that progressives (me), will, once again, vote third party. It guarantees another anemic turnout of the minority vote that gave Trump the edge in 2016. It guarantees an agonizingly painful adolescent pissing match of a presidential campaign between two senile white guys. It grantees continued domination of the donor class in American politics. In short, it guarantees four more years of Trump.

I used to find the conspiracy theory that Democrats intentionally lose elections a bit over the top, but if the Ds run Biden, I’ll have to take it, seriously. For damn sure, I’ll continue to believe that the Democratic party is beyond reform and needs to be tossed into a political dumpster with all the other rotting carcasses.


The Hair Sniffer/Kisser needs to be put out to pasture with the rest of the Corporate Cows.


From what I can see from up here , the Corporate money and establishment Candidate will be Buttigieg. The media will report on support shifting his way as acknowledgement to the progressives that Biden has too much baggage and that The DNC responsive to those concerns. It will very much be a “well if he not Biden and he gay he has to be a progressive and firend of the working man” type thing.

Biden will play the role of acting as a lightning rod for the wrath of the people that do not want to see another Corporatist in power even as they try and put another Corporatist in power.


No surprise here. Corporate Democrats would much rather see Trump win than Bernie. Trump winning means no real change, more war, practically unlimited military spending and plenty of hot air debating whether to impeach or not while all the time nothing changes. With Biden running whether he wins or loses we will see the same result although without the impeachment noise.


Biden is odious.


Definitely the Dems are fine with losing to Trump again. The saddest part to me is that literally every liberal I know is ready to blame Russia again when the Dem nominee loses. I used to the think Dems were a little smarter than Republicans, but obviously I was wrong, they simply live in another version of Fantasy Land. We’re doomed.


Fewer Democrat voters participated in Obama’s reelection and fewer still voted for Hillary. This downward trend will continue if Biden is nominated. A lot of Democrat voters will stay home. Our elections are a farce.


I’m 100% opposed to Biden. And it is annoying as hell that he is the one person that gets named in polls even though he hasn’t announced that is running. That said, I don’t think his opposition to busing is going to make any significant difference to anybody now. If I was a parent in the 70s and my kid was going to a local public school he could walk to and the government told me my kid now had to sit for 90 minutes in a bus, or if I didn’t like it and I had money I could send my kid to private school, then I’d have been anti-busing too. I’d have supported a different tax structure to fund schools more equitably as well as other strategies but busing always seemed like a stupid solution (though I know it had some success in raising achievement of some poor minority students).

Now GWB’s Iraq War is another story - supporting that war should be absolutely disqualifying for any office, let alone the presidency. Means testing for SS and opposing regulation for financial companies, as well his famous tendency to say stupid things are just gravy on top of why he should never be the nominee and why I hope his poll showings are mostly due to name recognition and will evaporate if he does run.


Jillary Bidon


The MSM would rather see trump back for a second round also.
The 24 hour a day “Trump Reality Show” is great for their ratings. They don’t care what’s good for the country.


A gavel in Biden’s hand repeatedly proved to be dangerous. In 1991, as chair of the Judiciary Committee, Biden prevented key witnesses from testifying to corroborate Anita Hill’s accusations of sexual harassment during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. In 2002, as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Biden was the Senate’s most crucial supporter of the Iraq invasion.

Biden is a right wing corporatist – pretty much another White Male Supremacist in the
Democratic Party.

Biden was the tool that put GOP pervert Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court and the
Establishment is grateful – willing to shed blessings on him – and still anxious for more.

The press seems willing also to ignore the unpleasantness of sexual harassment and
sexism in regard to Biden – though racism may get some discussion …

The oppression of females all over the world comes from control over their ability to
reproduce – from a HOLD on birth control from women all over the world – from barring
them from positions of authority in government …
Times are changing when over the last decades “sexual harassment” could be discussed
and the United Nations confirmed RAPE as a tool of war.

And all based in the fakery of “morality” – despite the fact that overpopulation is of high
interest to Elites/wealthy where it provides cheap labor/high profits.
And also continues the oppression of females.

Sexual Harassment and RAPE are certainly involved and active in the War on Women
which the GOP continues to lead. And everything in between.

In regard to Biden there is much to be discussed in his treatment of women – in the fondling
he has so long engaged in – and even in his fondling and pawing of very young girls at
Democratic Party Swearing in Ceremonies filmed by C-span.


Beyond the oppression of females, males are responsible for the sexual abuse of children –
and they are heterosexual males. Heterosexual males are 100X more likely to sexually
abuse a child than a homosexual male. Women do not sexually abuse children unless they
come under the influence of a homosexual male. Catholic nuns have been physically and
sexually bused by priests at the rate of 40%. And of course there is much more about this
subject still to be heard which creates oppression of women all over the world.

And Freud knew this when he made the outrageous suggestion in Oedipus Complex that it
is infants and young children who are the aggressors against adult males in their families –
Grandfathers, Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, male Cousins – and male friends of the family.
Freud knew because his young male and female clients had confided in him their sexual
abuse by adult male members of their families. Plus, Freud today is under suspicion of
also being a generational sexual abuser.


DemocratIC voters. You’re Republicanism is showing.


In my view, Biden has arrived to allow Trump a second term.



Women do not sexually abuse children unless they
come under the influence of a homosexual male.

That should read …

… unless they come under the influence of a heterosexual male.

Hawaiian history (before the coming of the “white” man) was a time
when they showed great esteem and honor for homosexuals who took
care of orphaned children in Hawaii.


None of this is going to be germane to the Democratic right. They see him as the bright hope to extend their control of the party for another election cycle. The up-swelling of discontent from the rank and file regarding the last national election was totally ignored by the party leadership. The last election got a lot of non moderate seats won by those who recognize that the dangers we now face are to a great degree fed by the neoliberal semi Democrats by being subservient to the demands of corporate campaign financing.
Joe Biden in the Oval Office would make the hamstrung Obama years look radically progressive. No thanks, we need a mensch in the White House not another political hack. Really, what does Joe stand for?


A cup of jaundiced Joe



[I’m napping and dreaming.]

In this dream, the scene is a Democratic Party Presidential Candidates’ Debate. The moderator reads a question about the #MeToo movement. The first female candidate responds, and toward the end of her answer time, she says “By the way, Mr. Vice President, you do not have my permission to sniff my hair!” The audience chuckles uncomfortably, then erupts in laughter and applause (half of them, anyway).

The next female candidate answers the question and ends her response with the same admonition: “No, Mr. Vice President, you do not have my permission to sniff my hair!”

The field includes several female candidates:
No, Mr. Vice President…”
No, Mr. Vice President…”
No, Mr. Vice President…”
No, Mr. Vice President…”

One of the male candidates says that his wife and daughters usually decline to attend an event when they know that Biden will be present.

Buttigeig says that he should be the party nominee because he would not be the source of this kind of problem.

Biden’s poll numbers tank.

I wake up (in the dream) to read this newspaper headline:
“Trump offers the Republican Veep position to Biden.” What a ticket - President PussyGrabber and Vice President Hair Sniffer!

[I woke up and typed this story for CommonDreams before I forget it.]