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Joe Biden Serves Wall Street, Not Main Street

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/23/joe-biden-serves-wall-street-not-main-street

Joe Biden: Ol’ " Smoke Blower " Joe has been a traitor to the middle/working classes his entire political life. Outside of Delaware the guy couldn’t get elected to any federal office, and this well researched article, explains all the reasons why. Smokin’ Joe is also a closeted, monied class-conscious bigot. His civil rights voting record is patchy, at best. But, he’s protected by a now well hidden Democratic Leadership Council ( think White Citizen’s Council for Burger King ), who are masquerading as concerned white people. Like Michael Bloomberg, concerned! Like a zealot; a soft-handed Jesuit missionary worried about all Native American children, so much concern from Ol’ " Smoke Blower " Joe. Yuck! Yikes!
Just like his former boss Barack " Smoke Blower-in-Chief " OhBummer. Who preyed on desperate and trusting people to " backdoor " laws that protect their wealthy, elitist and conservative patrons.
Joe Biden is the poster child for hoodwinking; propped up by the mostly disingenuous DNC apparatchiks, who’ve reigned at the top of the fast food chain of so-called " liberal " policy makers. What a sad indictment, indeed. This whole bag of " dishonest deplorables " need to go away.


Read your mail from time to time, specifically the return address. It might just say Wilmington, DE and be related to an offer for a credit card (based upon usury). Good old Joe, don’t you know, he’ll be at the table helping the “folks” from home. Just keep your hands on your wallet and your eyes on your statements. Uncle Joe? Or Lock, Stock, and Barrel Joe? You be the judge. It’s your vote that counts.


"Status Quo Joe" is just another tool in Wall Street’s toolbox.


Please lay off of poor Uncle Joe. It is hard for an ex-con to make it on the outside. I have been reading that he now remembers being arrested in South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela. I am sure his time inside was brutal since those with him have blocked out their memories of it.

When in the hell did Delaware become a blue collar state.? It is one big office building where companies are incorporated to escape regulations. I keep seeing that Joe is from the blue collar state Delaware. I saw a 73 year old black woman from Nevada who was for Biden because she needs her social security and thinks Biden will protect it. More of the fantasy that is Joe Biden.


“When in the hell did Delaware become a blue collar state?”
Agree, but it did have pockets of “blue collar” areas before Biden and his cronies decimated it and turned it into Corp. Inc. Chrysler used to have a fairly large parts distribution center and engineering center in Newark in the 60’s. DE. does one thing right, no sales tax.

Just sayin’. No sales tax ( Delaware & Oregon ) is a very mixed bag of pluses and minuses. I’m not going to pursue those here, now. But, maybe at some point CD will.

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I understand your point, especially if you own property, but for the poor, who usually don’t, no regressive sales tax can be a blessing.

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Gee, I almost wish Peres would quit whomping on the guy. But i guess there’s no point if he might start moving again.

An artery in the brain leaking blood will give you a severe headache, a constant reminder that it can burst like a balloon at any moment. The oozing blood kills brain cells, erases memory and impairs speech. All of which can explain Biden’s odd utterances, his punching a reporter in the chest, and his verbally abusing a woman voter.

I feel for Biden because brain aneurysm is a serious illness, but I also feel that we need full disclosure of the details of his illness so we can make an informed decision on such an important question as a President with his hand on the nuclear trigger. The one sick brain currently in the White House is one too many.

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this long rant against Biden is unseemly and not convincing, a return to Obama policies is not so dire as all that. Let Bloomberg, Buttigieg worry about him, they are competing for the same votes. Sanders and his supporters should be promoting and explaining his policies and looking ahead to how to win the general election which will require bringing the various factions of the party together, not demonizing them.