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Joe Biden Will Not Run


Joe Biden Will Not Run

Common Dreams staff

Vice President Joe Biden ended speculation about a possible 2016 presidential run by announcing from the White House on Wednesday that he will not enter the race.

"Unfortunately, I believe we are out of time... to mount a campaign for the nomination," Biden said from the Rose Garden, flanked by his wife Jill Biden and President Obama.

Though he will not seek the presidency, Biden indicated he will not simply disappear from national politics.

"While I will not be a candidate," he said, "I will not be silent. I intend to speak out clearly and forcefully."


Does this mean he is now free to speak the Truth? Please be so :smile:


Vice President Biden has made a choice that will benefit him and his family, especially in light of the very recent death of his son. The family needs time to heal and participating in mudslinging attack fests that political campaigns are (presidential ones are particularly vicious) would unravel even the strongest of families recovering from such a tragic loss. I applaud him and wish his family all the best.


From reading his remarks, he sounds a little like Bernie. Now he just needs to endorse Bernie.


Really? Who cares?


I get the feeling that his decision not to run was influenced by the first Democratic Party debate. If Hillary had not come out so well — well enough for corporate media to celebrate her as the "winner," top Democrats would have PUSHED Biden to make a different decision.

I'll bet Dem "leaders" wanted to make sure she could hold her own against grass-roots Bernie before letting her go on "alone." Apparently she passed the test. Debbie W. S. chuckling in the background.


I was hoping he'd run and split the conservative Democratic vote.

Sanders, 2016.


That could have been interesting. But it's quite likely that Hillary will split off the misogynist factor all by herself.


He wasn't in the picture to begin with, really. He's the wrong choice in a change election and he knows that. Now, with Hillary looking and running like the 2000 and 2004 DNC anointed one, the path and choice is clear. Pick your fears or pick your hopes. Hillary is a Neo-Con in a squirt and will push an old, " guns and butter " platform. Bernie, on the other hand, will emphasize a " prosperity through peace and reform " platform. And, pick a woman as his VP, imo. When the smoke settles on the distraction that is Benghazi, it will be obvious too pretty much everyone, that the 1st debate was Hillary's high watermark. Bernie and O'Malley are going to expose her weak credentials on kitchen table issues. And, that's what this election is all about, really. That is, if you've still got a kitchen table, after the Bush's and Clinton's personal agendas ran their course through and over our country.


The pundits are already discussing Biden's ongoing dry powder role, ready to step in to the race if Hillary gets derailed at any point.


The unions will have to choose, as the had to in 1968 and 1972, if the nerds and geeks and women and hippies, et al are still " bed-wetting liberals " or if they get their places at the coalition table. It will be interesting to see them defend their support for NED, etc. in foreign countries and still say they're for " peace and prosperity ". That dog won't hunt anymore, imo.


Well said! Thank you. (Liked the "kitchen table issues" reference.)


NED - National Endowment for Democracy (a St. Raygun foster child)?


This is the beginning of the coronation of Hillary- its to bad, Biden played a key role in the 2008 debates going after Hillary and helping Obama. I guess the assumption is that she will do good in the Benghazi hearings?--Lawrence O'Donnell had a comment awhile back how all these things seem to fall in place for Hillary. As if its to perfect. I think the reason Biden decided not to run was money. Most of the money people are already behind Hillary-and these money people are the ones she will be working for. It would be so interesting to hear the conversation this morning between Obama and Biden and get a real look of who is in charge!


A whole bunch of vague "Hope and Change" platitudes from old Motor-Mouth Joe, the Usury credit-card One Percenter. Now he steals Bernie Sander's platform as his own! You clowns only had eight years to fix middle America and betrayed us at every turn!

Good Riddance. If your Administration hadn't covered up Fukushima, Joe, maybe your kid would still be alive.

Excerpts from column by Cynthia McKinney, former member of Congress who served six terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, Oct. 19, 2015:
• In the aftermath of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power meltdown… the
international community has totally failed in keeping the public
properly informed and protected from the fallout. Scientists and
environmental officials continue to express concern, even now, at the
unusual events and wonder about the causes. At the same time, the media
present the facts, but fail to make any connection whatsoever to the
ongoing state of affairs stemming from the tragic 2011 events at
Fukushima. Here are a few recent examples… A September 2015 audio report
from Robin Corcoran, biologist from the Kodiak Wildlife National
Refuge, confirms local reports that “emaciated” bird carcasses are
washing up on Kodiak Island shores… The program concluded by stating
that multiple species of birds have declined in number in other Alaska
regions… A few days before the Kodiak reports… Josh Saranpaa of the
Wildlife Center of the North Coast was quoted as saying, “Every bird
we’re seeing is starving to death. It’s pretty bad.” Saranpaa added,
“When you see so many starving, something is not quite right out
there.”… Julia Reis of the Half Moon Bay Review writes with
understatement, “There have been noticeable changes in the Pacific Ocean
that have caused difficulties for marine life of late.” Gerry McChesney
of the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge says that the die-off has him
all the
more “baffled” because of the strip of cold water in his area full of
food for these birds. In my mind’s eye, I can see McChesney scratching
his head as I read that he considers poisoning, starvation, and El Nino
as possible causes for the die-off. The article ends with the following
comment by McChesney, “We might have to see some other problem in the
ocean before we understand what’s causing the die-off.”
• ENENews.com points to the problem of the massive die-off happening
from San Diego to Alaska—all along the West Coast of the U.S. It
highlights in various reports words like “strange,” “unprecedented,”
“crazy,” “worst,” with this iconic quote from The Sacramento Bee: “Our
gut tells us there is something going on in the marine environment.”
• [T]he media provide coverage of marine anomalies mentioning global
warming, even El Nino and toxic algae, while the elephant in the room is
Fukushima radiation. It is this silence that is deafening!… I do want
to know why in the face of what appear to be Pacific Ocean die-offs, El
Nino is mentioned and not the Fukushima-related elevated levels of
radiation. As long as there is a palpable lack of transparency in the
mainstream media’s ordinary coverage of extraordinary environmental
events, that includes what one senses as a reticence to discuss the
obvious, I predict that there will be a proliferation of citizen
journalists and citizen scientists seizing upon each piece of new data
trying to make sense out of a government-approved narrative that just
doesn’t make sense… We should not rely on government officials to tell
us the truth about the full extent of Fukushima’s fallout.