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Joe Biden Wins... Then What?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/13/joe-biden-wins-then-what


If only!


Right on and write on!


Well. There is a reason Joe was assigned this task. To make sure that these things do not happen.


Oh please, it will be business as usual for the US Empire, and all the nasty things we do around the world. With, of course, a less abrasive leader at the helm.

And all the liberals will go to sleep for the next 4 to 8 years; as they did under Obama.

The elites will be happy the status quo has been restored.

And all


These ‘What If’ articles are hilarious.

They remind me of a character in a Dickens Novel
where the abused and forlorn lad rises almost hesitantly
from his seat at the end of the table, head downcast, and
slowly, gingerly, makes his way to the HeadMaster; with eyes
still down cast he raises his bowl above his head and almost
imperceptible, asks, ‘Please Sir, more porridge?’

If you want a prophetic summary on day one Biden
presidency I invite you to google search Bernie Sanders
closing remarks at the Democratic Debate number 6, circa
2020. That is a realistic summary on what waits us.


Biden has no intention of doing anything “liberal,” “centrist,” or pre-Trump. He will advance the interests of the ruling class, particularly paying contributors, but he will do so taking advantage of all the gains made by Donald Trump and Barack Obama working against transparency in government and institutions geared towards greater economic equality to ratchet up coercion against populations.

More specifically, this involves moving NATO east, continuing coup efforts against governments that attempt to maintain autonomy or respond to the needs of their populations rather than the conveniences of empire, extending so-called “trade agreements” to provide a patina of legality to the violent crushing of ecological and populist movements, extending disinformation by prosecuting and persecuting and just killing journalists and publishers and by continuing and extending CIA and similar staffing of news media, continuing to undermine the nomination or election of popular candidates.

And then of course there is the bombing and the killing, the bribing and the kickbacks. It is quite a bit for an old guy to do, but he’s got a lot of help.

Of course Bacevich wishes to assume something different, and we all have to do this sort of analysis using hypotheticals. But there is no point taking no care that the hypothetical situation reflects some sort of in-world reality. The rest is garbage in, garbage out, and not much reason to calculate between.


Joe Biden Wins… Then What?

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He’ll be another war President. Lol!


Yep. Have to wonder how many more they’re going to start.

Jimmy Dore talks about that in the videos I liked above


How often do any of you write directly to the authors of these articles?

well, i’m pretty sure the middle class will breathe a sigh of relief. no more bad table manners and the portfolios should be largely intact.

my world, the bloodletting should continue right on schedule.

oh, and probably a good high-end war or two?

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Day 8 is ridiculous. RBG can retire at a date of her choosing. Also Biden is not going to change Obama initiatives that he is so proud of participating in so the modernization of nukes will stand and declaring no first use is not something that his philosophy would ever accept.

I would replace it with transparency and good government initiatives.

  1. Passing HR1 as a top priority (this voting rights and good government bill cleared the current House but never got a hearing in the Senate so it stands a good shot to be the first major thing a Biden administration does).

  2. Announce that meetings between any lobbyist and a federal official in the executive branch during his administration will be recorded and posted online and he encourages congress to follow suit.

  3. Announce that he will ask for immediate legislation from congress to level the playing field in elections by eliminating dark money contributions and providing matching funds to any campaign that has ballot status that accepts only small donor contributions and doubling that match if the campaign is not included in debates (to allow their voice to be heard).

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Maybe the more interesting scenario is if Trump wins again but both houses of congress are controlled by the Democrats. Would be a stalemate - might neuter Trump and let the american people see what the democrat establishment are all about. Most likely they will be complicit.


Excellent article as always Andrew! But why 10 years to pull all US forces out of Europe? At the end of WWII, it took less than a year to move the bulk of the US war machine back home. Surely five years would be plenty of time for a little over 60,000 to make their way back home.

Dave Lindorff, founding editor


I agree with your assessment of the US power structure.

I think that it is almost certain that Biden will be elected in November. Biden, Harris, and the Democrat’s will aim towards business as usual neoliberal capitalism, imperialism, and war mongering. However, COVID-19 is certain to persist and, perhaps, increase in intensity. At the same time, the US is certain to face unprecedented unemployment and an economic collapse that will make the Depression look like a booming economic miracle. Given these challenges, my sense is that there will be a resurgent fascist movement. Hopefully the experience with the bumbling idiot, Trump, will have taught folk lessons, because the successor to Trump’s neo-fascism is likely to be intelligent and competent.


I like your 3 proposals but I would never give up on trying to change mindsets on nuclear weapons. There are reasons of corruption to support modernization of nuclear weapons (which I’m sure were involved with the Obama administration and the same elements will be present in a Biden administration) and no other rational reason to waste that kind of money. If we fought for a peace dividend to help pay for a Green New deal that Biden now says he wants, maybe he will decide it’s not worth it.

I thank Bacevich for suggesting it. The more the better.

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Me either. Biden is heavily vested over a lifetime in politics in support for wall street and for the pharmaceutical industry and for the military on things like this. He is more malleable on the environment and on good government issues - so I was trying to be somewhat realistic. Obvious my wish list would be much longer. I see Biden as likely to be a much better President than Trump in the three areas of court appointments, the environment, and voting rights. I do not see him helping with other progressive priorities - for those, it is up to us to bring them before the public in a serious way.


This past week I’ve been a census worker and have seen my neighborhood newly. It’s obvious that a sizable percentage of folks are isolated (perhaps even believing it a good thing) and just generally out of sorts. This disconnectedness is too easy to blame on poverty or ignorance because both the poor and ignorant are capable of joy, self-esteem, and dignity.

It would be great to establish National Service for young people, giving them the opportunity to see other parts of the country, meet people whose values challenge their own, discover employment opportunities their parents never saw. The Selective Service machinery is still there; what’s useful of it might be a beginning.

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" How often do any of you write directly to the authors of these articles?"

A lot… if I can find an email address for them. I like to assume that the authors read the comments here on CD as they would have a more sympathetic audience here than any other website I can think of.
Sometimes the authors write back. Most of the time I don’t get a reply, but if my letter is similar to most of the letters they get, then I don’t expect an answer either.
Usually I write to the authors to explain what I thought their article was missing (like a comprehensive strategy to counter what they are complaining about) rather than just praising them. Once in a while I think that authors also need to hear that we appreciate the time and energy they put into their usually well researched and logical arguments. Positive reinforcement should never be underestimated.
Encouraging dialogue is our first step in developing a functioning democracy. We must be engaged to avoid being ignored.