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Joe Biden's Record on Race Is Even Worse Than Kamala Harris Lets On

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/joe-bidens-record-race-even-worse-kamala-harris-lets

Unless Biden’s numbers go down drastically, and soon, his entrance into the race was to serve his ego, not help replace Trump. He has “messed it up” for the other candidates, and if Trump wins the next election, I will blame Biden. He should just be “biden his time”!!

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Biden’s positions on Integration reveals his Bigotry.

However, this part of his personality is mild compared with his Bigotry against Arab countries.

From my perspective I find his wholehearted support for the invasion of Iraq insane, the work of a psychopathic killer, and unforgivable.

Did he not realize that there were innocent Men, Women and Children at the bottom of the Bombs we were dropping on Baghdad?

The Shock & Awe massacre of innocent Iraqi civilians was a tragedy beyond measure and Joseph Biden as Chairmen of the Foreign Relations Committee was a major voice pushing for the terrifying slaughter of Iraqi human beings that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with 911.

Why did Bernie see the senselessness of Shock & Awe and vote against it, while Killer Joe proudly voted in favor of killing innocent Iraqis?

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All you have to do is think of Biden as a 1970’s Republican.
Then it all makes sense.
He’s always been a Republican

It pays to research the author, and my suspicions were proven correct. Ryan Cooper writes for a right wing publication called The Week. It would only be logical for such a person to try to knock off the strongest Democratic candidate to beat Trump.

There was only one person in the debate who looked and acted presidential and that was Joe Biden. It’s no wonder Cooper favors Harris. She alienated every gun owner in the U.S. when she said that she would invoke executive privilege to effect gun changes. Then she made another gaff when she criticized Biden for not supporting school busing at the local level. Has school busing improved race relations in this country? It hasn’t. Anyone who believes busing is a racial solution doesn’t belong in the White House. Biden’s comments about white supremacist politicians wasn’t an approval of their beliefs, but rather an observation that they were easier to work with in Congress than the current lot there.

The main topic of this election is national security. Which candidate, including Trump, has the most national security experience at the executive branch level? Joe Biden. Which has the most experience in foreign policy? Joe Biden. Who will be the most qualified to lead and mobilize this country after Trump’s global mess? Joe Biden.