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Johann Hari: Everything We Know About the Drug War and Addiction is Wrong


Johann Hari: Everything We Know About the Drug War and Addiction is Wrong


But how will we support right-wing militias, dictators and other allies if we can’t shovel money at them through the war on indigenous people drugs?


Please don’t confuse me with the facts - my mind is made up. Get tough on crime - the people have no respect. Obviously written tongue in cheek - agree or disagree with Johann Hari - try convincing yourself that our present policy is working. It isn’t, and it is flat out insanity to keep doing more of the same expecting a different result. P.S. Just saying, the war on terror is just as counter productive, and due for failure. Holding workers wages down - decreases profit it does not increase profit, and wise spending on the nations infra-structure, builds wealth, it does not bring down an economy. Almost every debate in our congress is focused on the wrong direction - taxation/health care/education/unions(workers rights)/military spending - you name it, we debate it, and the people rejoice when we make the smaller mistake of our two choices.


I think of all the addicts I have loved and lost, all of them vividly oppressed way before discovering drugs, and I just want to weep and yell with fury and grief. One street addict told me. "Sometimes I wake up in a (shooting) gallery or squat and all these people are sleeping on the floor around me and I say out loud:
“Please free my people.”

I also want to pay my special respects here to Mitch the Bitch, long dead from a heroin OD, who billed himself as “the oldest punk, the poorest Jew, and the hardest working man in show biz”.

Hey M.T.B: