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John Bolton: A Drum Major for Regime Change Gains Inside Influence


John Bolton: A Drum Major for Regime Change Gains Inside Influence

Jon Rainwater

Candidate Trump appeared on "Meet the Press" in the summer of 2015 just weeks after announcing his run for president. When Chuck Todd asked him to name his top national security advisers, the first name that rolled off his tongue was John Bolton's. Trump praised Bolton as “a tough cookie, knows what he's talking about.”


If you look across the Political spectrum in the USA you will find it being run by psychopaths. This is also true in other Western Countries. The closer their economies modeled on Laissez-faire Capitalism and that thing they call “The Free Market” , the greater the preponderance of those sociopaths and psychopaths in the halls of power.

This because that system DIRECTLY rewards that type of behaviour. The less empathy for others , the more wealth and power that is garnered. The greater the focus on wealth and power, the less empathy for others. The system just reinforces itself to the point where it devolves into a “Your Fired” Donald S Trump “Reality Star” in power.

There an interesting observation made by an author in a book I once read some time ago (and I wish I could remember its name) and that was of the first interactions between Europeans and the First nations peoples they encountered. This was in regards to how the entering into treaties was seen by both sides. The Author ackowledged that the various tribes warred on one another but after such wars became too great a stress on a society would sit down with one another to arrive at some sort of peace. The difference in their model was that in order to arrive at that peace BOTH sides had to see a benefit and both sides should be able to prosper after the peace. The European model of peace treaties was one side deemed the “winner” and the other side deemed the “loser” and the “Winner” would dictate all terms. The First Nations tribes felt that this lead to enimity and would only perpetuate conflict and that it would not encourage a harmonious relationship between the groups.

Capitalism is part of this “winner and loser Model” which fuels Militarism and conflict. This is one reason the USA has been at war for 90 percent of its history and puts forth as leaders peoples like Bolton.


Dolt 45 believes that Bolton will deliver him from Muellers scrutiny and find him a war were none exists.

We the People, along with the children to lead us must insure that guns and war no longer define us as a country.


If it bleeds it leads.

Good news makes bad copy.

Be scared, very scared.

With such negativity everywhere, how can things improve? We just spent an hour watching graphic youtube videos of shark attacks, courtesy of a young man. Now the news is that big fucking nuclear wars are suddenly imminent thanks this new neocon moron.

What would happen if the MSM stopped scaremongering and balanced the bad news with the good? I guess it would lose subscribers.

How can we have peace if peace isn’t cool?


Look up evil in the dictionary, and this POS’s picture will come up. Him and his PNAC buddies, the real 9/11 perpetrators. They all need to be shipped in a pine box to Israel, that’s where their allegiance lies. Couldn’t be less of a man, chasing a woman around a hotel throwing things at her.
You want to wage war for Israel Bolton, dust that Vietnam era National Guard uniform off and lead from the front you cowardly chicken hawk.
President Bone Spurs and The Cowardly Lion a perfect fit for each other, disastrous for the world.


with the “Super White Supremacist” leading the government of the us-a and major media outlets allowing normalization of the same
our world is truly about to implode


Bolton is always brought in when the sclerotic strictures of “laissez faire” (which is PRECISELY the opposite of what it claims to be) begin to consume themselves. His sinister bludgeon is making the return to consumption of ‘others’ palatable to the media again via ginning paranoia. This insures socialism for the predators and capitalism for those to be consumed. Think skull and bones- why?


And that mindset, during and after the First World War, made the Second World War inevitable.
It also, through the Sykes-Picot agreement, carved up the Middle East in such a way as to guarantee generation upon generation of instability and turmoil, the price of which we will be
paying dearly for a very long time.