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John Bolton and Liberals’ Irrational Hatred of Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/21/john-bolton-and-liberals-irrational-hatred-trump


Evil is evil, I don’t think there is a standard measure for it.
Bolton is evil and Trump is evil. Long article for this message.



…or rational hatred if you prefer…


John Bolton is a traitor to his country. His inaction has caused immeasurable death and harm.

He must be treated like the traitor he is.


The Democrats have also embraced George W Bush,John Brennan and Dick Cheney among others simply because they have critiqued Trump. This shows clearly that the Democrats and those “Liberals” that follow along have no principles whatsoever. They are political opportunists and nothing more.


“It’s irrational to invest someone like John Bolton with credibility, when Bolton lied and deceived us into war.”

Couldn’t a similar thing be said about Biden?
Maybe he did . . . I skimmed the article and perhaps I missed it.


Once Ellen DeGeneres danced with the mass murderer we should all have known something. In the meantime here is what they all are hiding:



That has to include all of his enablers from WH to the Halls Of Congress to Wall Street. They are all Traitors


Anyone claiming that hate of Trump is irrational at this point, just doesn’t want to believe it and they’re in denial. I don’t care how finely you want to parse the word “irrational” because anyone that lets hundreds of thousands die for fear of doing the right thing because it may hurt his election chances has truly earned people’s ire. I don’t need to list all of the atrocities Trump’s blundered into in our name, because you’re just not ready to listen.


Yet another demonstration that whoever might be the “Assassin-in-Chief”, the “Groper-in-Chief,” the “Psychopath-in-Chief,” etc. is unrelated to the dim shading difference of his corporate politics. The use of “Resistance” by neoliberals is an obvious clue that resistance is not part of the plan for the future, the plan being more of the same lies, deceit, graft, classism, racism, militarism, imperialism, capitalism. Does anyone really think that if Biden were to be elected that we’d dramatically get the “Rose Garden” back? Democrats are simply as, if not more, devious than the overt psychopaths in the other corporate political wing of the national velociraptor of corporatism that continues to lead the charge into life’s oblivion. “Resist” what? Actual effective action on climate change? Nuclear disarmament? Withdrawal of military bases from other nations (to say nothing of domestic bases)? An end to illegal, ongoing humanitarian crimes such as economic sanctions? The dissolution of the corporate welfare state? Support for heinous, apartheid, genocidal governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia? The continuation of militarizing the planet, including domestic military forces calling themselves police but truly nothing more than corporate-betrothed thugs and goons? Ending the U. S. government’s ongoing leadership in promoting and perpetrating acts of terrorism? The provision of housing, health care, healthy food, community-wise, socially redeemable work for all? Ha-ha – joke’s on you if you buy this fabricated, corporate-managed, capitalism-must-be-defended-at-all-costs “resistance.” The “Resistance” stands for nothing more than resisting change for the better. Adopting war criminals and psychopaths and other scourges to life and the living as “truth”-tellers or otherwise “socially redeemable” (i.e., politically expedient) is yet another brick in the grand façade of lies and deceit that the imperial class and sycophantic mimes in corporate media use to co-opt a word for their deceitful aims and to divert people from true resistance. If you vote for anyone in either of the two corporate parties, you’re part of the problem.


Your analysis is spot on. No, we won’t get the ‘Rose Garden’ back in this country, not for a long while and not without a Grass Roots revolution that will remove all fascist elements in society. People need to understand that even with a Biden at the helm, the fascist character of the US government is going to continue…


The GOP has functioned as an organized crime syndicate at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago.

The Bolton / Trump drama is simply rival mob operatives fighting for turf. Such fighting always results in bystander “collateral damage” (a media euphemism since the Gulf War).


I would agree with you to an extent, but I think the author’s essential point is that the politically contrived “redemption” of detestable criminals, by other politicians, the corporate media, the “Resistance” [sic], as “believable,” “honorable,” “truth-telling,” etc. deserves condemnation. Trump clearly represents a nadir (we might hope, at least) in personal conduct, political accountability, and general humanity, but would you be willing to take an honest look at the millions around this Earth who have suffered death, disease, disability, starvation, injustice at the hands of the U. S. government, operating under the policies and directives of the U. S. president, its Congress, its military, its corporations, over hundreds of years? As horrible as Trump might be at this moment, he has come to power because those who preceded him, to one degree or another, provided him a foundation. That goes as well for a good many people who are likely your neighbors, local government “officials,” law enforcers, business owners. Trump is the USA, sorry to say, but espousing the virtues of other psychopaths and killers to condemn any one person – especially when those others carried out an agenda for that person – sounds a lot like believing the words of snitches during an inquisition to me.


The Trump bots are again writing articles and getting them published in traditional left-leaning media,…it must be getting close to election time.


Trump’s wasnt the Administration that put a loaded time bomb under Social Security and Medicare in Geneva on February 26, 1998


I’m no friend of the Democrats, but I have seen a large number who have been careful about embracing the “Never Trump” Repubs. That’s been especially true with Bolton.

On the other hand, there are a lot of pragmatist d-party honchos and rank-and-file voters who will go the “any port in a storm” route. They suddenly loved John McCain a few years back. Damn.


That also goes for the Republican, senate who exonerated and failed to impeach Trump. The Republican, senate became traitors to America. And especially guilty of treason! Is Bolton because he refused to testify in the impeachment trial of Trump. Bolton sold out his country because he knew he could make millions of $$$$$ off of his forth coming book.


I agree. All the men listed in this piece are the worst of the worst humanity has to offer IMO. Also, trump may not have killed one million people yet as the author says bolton has, but give him another four years and he most certainly will just with his sanctions and failed coronavirus response alone.


Are you really saying that it is irrational to hate Trump. What, please is to like?



Eskow does not claim that “hate of Trump is irrational.” Here’s a cite directly from this article:

“That’s not to say there aren’t rational reasons to hate Trump. He’s clearly corrupt in a variety of ways, both personal and professional. That makes it even harder to understand why the Democrats’ chose to base their impeachment efforts solely on Russia and Ukraine. What happened, for example, to Trump’s support for Saudi Arabia and the potential conflicts of interest there (which we reported on for The Intercept)? What about the emoluments clause and the many signs of corrupt profiteering? Or the potential campaign law violations around the Stormy Daniels payoff?”

Eskow asserts that, for “liberals” to love an evil person like Bolton (or Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson et al) just because he’s dissing Trump, is irrational, and is evidence of irrational hatred. Eskow is correct.