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John Bolton and Liberals’ Irrational Hatred of Trump

He pretty much already has with his bullshit non-response to the Covid-19 pandemic – they (we) all have not died yet, but they (we) will, and it will be largely Trump’s doing.


This is such a bullshit response. Eskow is the furthest thing from a “Trump bot.” You appear not to have even read the article, which is about “liberals” love for John Bolton, who is a mass-murdering insane war-monger.


I despise John Bolton - and the fact that he finally spoke up about what he saw in the White House (in a book, to make a lot of money) doesn’t make him one iota less despicable. If anything, it makes him MORE despicable for not sharing it during the impeachment hearings…and saving it for something he can profit from. Typical GOP (Greed Over People) member attitudes and actions - always placing their own interests above that of the country.

It is sad, actually, that a gullible dumbass like Dubya, an evil and manipulating sociopath like Cheney, a vile racist and criminal like Nixon and a deteriorating dementia case sock puppet like Reagan can actually begin to look “good” in the context of this raging Kakistocracy of an administration, led by malignantly sociopathic narcissist demagogue like Drumpf. I weep for our nation.


I don’t have an irrational hatred of Trump. I don’t particularly care for Trump or Bolton. Like so many Americans, I knew that Donald (the con) Trump was not a great businessman. He was a pot stirrer and stuck his nose into many places where it didn’t belong. I know he is a pathological liar and was so long before he took office. I would even stretch to say that he is probably at this point not even aware at how many lies he tells a day. That’s just who “Don the Con” is. He is also a bully. He uses the judicial system as his own way to win battles against perfectly good tradespeople so he can badger the into settling for dimes on a dollar. There is a long history of that and it’s available to anyone that wants to spend the time combing through the thousands and thousand cases he either files or that have been filed against him. He took a very hard stand on illegal immigrants while hiring them to work in his many properties. What repercussions followed when this came to light? He does what he always does and lies. Lying is a large part of his vernacular. How is it that everything he thinks or does is continually better than every other person on the fact of the earth? Also, why are so many of his brain cells filled with such hatred of Barack Obama. He continues to blame the former President in spite of the fact that Trump has been deemed president for three and a half years? When will he take responsibility for ANYTHING of real significance? I know that every idea implemented by former presidents were not always the right thing to do. Trump made serious campaign promises that he failed to either start or complete. When that is brought up, it’s always somebody else’s fault why this or that didn’t happen. He never will own up to something not working out. It is not in his genetic makeup. Why does he say these wild things like I will never play golf because I will always be working. We are all getting reports of just how much executive time he spends in the residence where is isn’t under scrutiny. I could get writing, but I’m sure by now you all get the idea I’m putting forth. I don’t hate anybody. I wanna see somebody in office that at least can pretend they are defending our Constitution and not thumbing their nose at it. I wanna see somebody in office that doesn’t believe that he is above the law. I wanna see somebody in office that has enough decorum to keep the United States of America from being the laughing stock of the world. Trump had zero experience in politics. He tried to run the country like one of his failed businesses, and he did. The country is failing as I type this. We are in a recession, the country is as divided as I have ever seen. There are more food banks making food available to a whole different working class of people in ways I’ve never seen before including the Great Recession. I have never less trusted the word of a president the way I do now. More people have died in such a short amount of time than we have lost in wars and he can’t even get a caring “fireside chat” to give us hope. All I hear is fear and the need for continued adoration for a man that is failing miserably at his job. We will always have those that support and vote straight party lines. I don’t understand that. So no, I don’t hate Donald Trump. I do think we can all do better than him at the next election. I think we shouldn’t have a man that is willing to try to cancel the next election or shut down polling places to skew the outcome. We must not let our sacred elections become just another victim of Don the Con’s bullying tactics. My final comment is to everyone that has made it this far. I can’t believe in this day and age that with all of the qualified people out there to be president, we ended up with two old white men to choose from. Shame on us.


Richard, please, stop calling the DNC people “liberal Democrats”. It really confuses people. The Clintons, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi etc. are not “liberal Democrats”. They are right-wing corporate Democrats. Everyone should say 'the corporate Democrats do such and such…".I realize the word liberal has been taken over to mean not-liberal, but this is just becoming unbearable. I want everyone to repeat after me… they are “corporate-owned Democrats”, and definitely not “liberal Democrats”. I am a liberal (progressive) Democrat and I have been screaming at people to stop listening to creeps like Bolton, on any subject., and stop using them to make a point for you. Quote someone honest and respectable, not a war criminal. And that is me speaking as a liberal Democrat.


Please explain. I’m seriously interested and not trying to torpedo you.

Who are those liberals that are embracing Bolton? Seems like false premise click-bait. I haven’t met talked to anyone, nor have I heard any on TV embracing Bolton for ratting out Drumpf. I don’t get cable and get most my TV news from Colbert, Meyers and Kimmel and they certainly have called out Bolton.

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Has he started a war? Despite, as the author points out, being encouraged to do so?

How about reaching out to NKorea?

I’m no Trump fan, but damn, he’s better than Bush/Cheney in many respects.


That makes it even harder to understand why the Democrats’ chose to base their impeachment efforts solely on Russia and Ukraine.

Not really that hard. Pelosi is the best friend Trump has in the Congress just as she was for Bush. (Who can forget, “impeachment is off the table”?) She protected both, and has Trump’s back just as she had Bush’s. She was bound and determined NOT to have any impeachment proceedings until Ukrainegate dropped in her lap. It was the weakest and stupidest shit thinkable, and so served her purposes: She could throw it to Schiff and the rest of the snarling dogs with no risk it would go anywhere while keeping her “cred” as anti-Trump. (A couple of phone calls, really???) If the Dems detested Trump so much, they would have backed Bernie, the only politician in DC who could have beaten him.TWICE! No, they, with Pelosi leading the pack are fine with Trump but showed their real purposes by making Bernie their bitter enemy, per the donor class they serve. Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along…


Sure. In 1995 a trade agreement went into effect, part of the WTO on services, but it was still incompete on financial services. Over the next few years finace ministers met in Geneva to work out the rest of it and they produced a bunch of different documents which were added to the services agreement in 1998, their effective date is February 26, 1998, one of them basically puts conditions on Social Security and Medicare that it seems they have been trying ever since then to break. They want to privatize them very badly, its an ideological issue. They are against them on principle. Also most other public services.

if we break them then Social Security and Medicare are deemed unfair to finacial service providers and have to be privatized. Basically then the argument is that they are then deemed to e covered by the GATS regulations which are designed to make subsidized services progressively more impossible. Also they are supposed to have continuous negotiations to replace them with market based services like annuities and commercial health insurance. Also they would be subject to restrictionsthat they be as minimal as possible, and only available to the smallest group possible. The two main documents are the Annex on Financial Services that is where the problematic alternative definition is- start there. and the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services. You can find more in a European law library (Or a US law library with substantial coverage of European law because the constructs they use in these WTO documents are mostly based on European law. I’m not a lawyer or a trade expert but I would caution you in that most people with that kind of knowledge work in industries that have a vested interest in the GATS and its destruction of public services. And the rest are EU law profesors.
Krajewski seems to be the person who has written on this clash the most.

I only know of a very very few people who are knowledgeable on these issues who are not legal faculty in Europe, and it seems they are very busy trying to save their public services from us. (the US) See Markus Krajewski’s work (against GATS) Also see Rudolf Adlung (WTO official) Also I found Bart De Meester’s law thesis on the differences between EU law and WTO law (I forget its name) interesting and helpful in understanding the context these deals are in. Your time would best be spent with Krajewski though. He has written a good short essay for CIEL entitled Public Services Scope. pdf Also/especially read an essay by Patricia Arnold on the Public Citizen web site on the deregulation of financial services and an essay by the govt of BC, Canada on GATS and Public Service Systems - now archived at at IATP dot org.

Make sure you read the footnotes of both!

So we are likely a low prioriity.

I have a web site which you will likely come across but its woefully inadequate to this particular subject, and its been impossible to resolve but trust me they are not our friends, now that jobs are going away they fully intend to get rid of the safety nets globally, we’re on our own and its not a pretty situation. the neoliberal cabal (thats what it i, its like a cult) also want to offshore/outsource our jobs to increase profits.

If the choice comes down to US families or US businesses having to lose big, they will basically throw us under the bus and keep the bsusinesses afloat by giving them a way to cut cost by 60-70% - replacing workers with foreign temporary subcontractors by means of a system that GATS sets up. Its been held in limbo by restrictions which have basically been there to keep it ut of the news while they negotiated terms. But there is a WTO dispute quietly waiting to be decided. A descision giving the WTO the right to control work related migration could wipe out the middle class as we know it today and turn it into precarious labor. That would mean that most US workers would within a few years be temporary workers and would not want to be paying into a Social Security system they could not use. So Social Security would likely be privatized. Along with Medicare. Dont forget those systems are focused on workers and past workers. If Americans dont usually get to work, - they are likely not going to be maintained, people will be on their own. GATS generally does this to all public services. It frames them as trade barriers standing in the way of commercial services provision.

the US is the big target. they think we are all paid WAY too much. they want to outsource jobs to prop up 3rd world authoritarian countries.

They EU trade activists will likely feel is poetic justice since we inficted this war on them, for us to be caught in its trap ourselves. And indeed the neoliberals who put this all there are likely counting on that little problem to help them privatize all our public services, including the aforementioned.

Thats my perspective as a person whos been trying to sound the alarm on this for years. If you plug those names into a search engine, you’ll find a lot of stuff but you’ll really have to dig to find any quality information on these agreements, and certain questions you’ll find still have not been answered, also lots of people want very much for people to not know this because its horrible. Its horrible that they would do this and still ask for our trust.

So, you start out with the General Agreement on Trade in Services, and then you zoom in on the documents put together by the Fu Lung Group in Geneva, (name of restaurant they met at, not any connection to the Chinese, its just that they have a love of obfuscation, ) specifically the aforementioned Annex and Understanding. they provide an alternative definition of the “services provide as an exercise of governmental authority” for use when government provided financial services in particular are involved. Social Security systems in particular, (Medicare is treated as part of our Social Security system since its only for retired people) The trap is if it was expanded to cover non retired people it would then be in competition with commercial vendors - See GATS Article I:3 b + c the definition of services supplied as an exercise of governmental authority- which you can also find a fair amount on. Its also called the “governmental authority exclusion”.


I agree. Use the word “Liberal” properly. Corporate Democrats are NOT Liberals.


they hate Trump but like war criminals like George W Bush whom they call honorable men whose endorsement they seek

The Democratic party is NOT on the side of the people of this nation. They are just better at masking their contempt. Pelosi is just as much a contemptuous, deranged sociopath and parasite as Trump, she just keeps it under wraps. They hate Trump cause he doesn’t!!


Funny Jimmy Dore show with Max Blumenthal discussing Bolton.



They created a new law for economic governance organizations to administer above our own national laws and its job is to limit nation-states jurisdiction to the political, taking the world of finance etc of concern to corporations out of the hands of the fickle voters. Thats hard for people to accept (to put it mildly) because its so alien to what we’re told.

Otherwise with these key issues like healthcare “we would have just voted to fix it” as I had put to me by a trade expert, a few years ago. And its true, we would have been able to vote to fix things, instead we get the flimflam scam, we get the run around. And we still cant grok the facts. the reality is pretty horrible and likely to get much worse, its just too distressing for people to get.

People dont understad how little of their expectaions has ever been finalized or formalized (only the bad parts seem to be ) All the good things have been formally recognized in international trade deals but those rights, like a right to seell services, seem to have been given to bsuiness entities, not to people. So when Bernie sasys “healthcare is a human right” he really should be saying “Health care shouldnt be insurance and should be a human right” "but currently its been committed to be private and for profit and the loger we delay tryiuing to get it out of the GATS the less chance we’ll be successful because the cost will rise and all the incentive is to make it impossible, even if its only to hide whats been done.

And there is zero chance that either Trump or Biden will change this and also there is likely near 100% that they will as soon as they can, do what it takes to make it impossibly costly (if they have not already) to EVER buy our freedom back (See Article XXI of the GATS) fairly soon, in fact it already may be too encumbered due to Obamacare hiring a UK company to manage it. Its clear that some kind of scheme wa afoot because despite having a much smaller number of people apply for Obamacare than expected (people cant afford to buy insurance they cant afford to use) the firm kept a lare staff on people in their multiple facilities doing nothing, and the emploees were going crazy, and a St Louis TV station KMOV did a whole series of stories on it trying to figure out what was happening, knowing thats some hijinks must have been afoot, but of course they never did.

Also India has brought a WTO dispute against us - in March 2016, case # 503, which could radically change the future of the whole worlds middle class in countries that made GATS comitments (decisions binding on all WTO members) but then limited the numbers with quotas, which seems to be against GATS’ oh so insanely circular language saying that countries were allowed to regulate just not allowed to impair the benefits of the GATS.

They are also challenging our right to require that they pay a specific wage, among other things, it seems, GATS does not allow countries to limit the size of the transaction. (limit profit too it seems, as having to pay their engineers and programmser a legal or prevailing wage is they claim a violation)

So now maybe you see thats the system is seriously rigged (and has been for a very long time, more than two quite possibly even three decades) or maybe you dont, but at least you have some idea of what I think the situation MAY be, remember I’m not a lawyer just a person who thinks real not fake democracy is essential to having a democracy.

Coincidentally that real democracy is EXACTLY what these deals try to make impossible, wouldn’t ya know it?


Bolton was right on one thing in that the chance that North Korea would ever disarm was and remains nil… Both countries are increasingly similar in disturbing ways, run by entrenched non-democratic amoral regimes that really dont care much about public opinion at all, as shown by our actions.

Super well written, welcome!

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Ya think? What has he done for the people?

No he is not correct because no liberal claims to love any of the people you mentioned.

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Democrats: “They enemy of my enemy is my friend, especially if they are a warmonger, but never a progressive”


It’s irrational if it makes you forget the terrible things Liberals and Bolton has done. Don’t throw stones in glass houses and all that.