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John Bolton’s War: A Question Of When, Not If?

John Bolton’s War: A Question Of When, Not If?

Bill Law

When George W Bush was weighing up his options on whether to go to war with Saddam Hussein in order to effect regime change, John Bolton was right there with him.

As undersecretary of state for arms control and international security from 2001 to 2005, he pushed an agenda of harsh military response to perceived threats to American security, no more so than in helping shape the narrative that launched the Iraq war.

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It is clear that the US will wage a massive war. It is incumbent on those of us who support peace and justice to get into high gear, now, to build an anti-war resistance movement.

It is also clear that, as critical as they are of Trump now, the US media will fall in line with the war. We need to beef up means of communicating truth and combating the inevitable pro-war propaganda.


Bolton should be strapped to the tines on a forklift and pushed through minefields until there is nothing left of his warmongering corpse.


You are correct. It WILL happen. Iran, or Syria, or N. Korea - going to happen. Trump MUST launch a war, and he can’t wait much longer, because it is the one guaranteed way of shutting down almost all opposition to him. And it will need to be a big war, not just some little bomb-dropping exercise like we usually do. The Mueller investigation - ANY investigations or criticism of Dear Leader Commander In Chief during a massive all-out War - will be seen as tantamount to treason, when all Good Germa…er, Americans, need to line up behind the President as he Defends Us And Our Freedoms ™ against The Enemy. Trump is firing everyone who is not 100% loyal to him and his agenda. Republican Congressmen who are not 100% loyal to Trump are retiring en masse. Swiftly the ranks are being filled by sycophants and Fox News is following on the propaganda front as well. The entire government and its mouthpieces are going full-bore ultra right-wing authoritarian Trump-backers. There is very little opposition remaining. A war will be the final touch. A bonus would be a terrorist attack on American soil - then Trump could declare martial law, suspend most of the Constitution, and there would be nobody to stop him except a handful of truly progressive Democrats, would would swiftly find themselves in jail, or at minimum removed from power.

Just a question of who he will attack, and when.


The US-left really needs to put a kibosh on this “regime change” buzzword. I dearly hope that everybody on the left agrees that the blood-soaked dictatorial or monarchial, or veneer-of-democracy-fascist regimes in the middle-and-near-east - Assad, Sisi, Erdogan, the Saudi medieval royalty for beginners, need changing right?

The issue is that the USA has zero credibility to do the changing and virtually none of the victims of these regimes would want the USA to have anything to do with the regime-changing.

But I look forward to any popular uprisings and armed people’s insurgencies against these brutal dictators - like the Syrian uprisings and the Free Syria Army, being dismissed by the left as just a “CIA Plot against a ‘legitimate’ government” blah, blah…

I’m not willing to give Bolton wiggle room like Mr. Law has done in his article. Capt. Scott Ridder, USMC, who was a leader on the weapons inspection team for the UN leading up to the Iraq War, made it very clear to Bush and all leaders of the US (including Bolton), that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior to the invasion. There was no possibility for fake news.

The second point is Bolton wants to replace Iran leadership with a once listed terrorist group (MEK, taken off the list in 2012), this is the same group that helped install the Khomeini régime in 1979 and took US hostages. It’s my understanding Bolton receives a salary from this group.
I’m not sure if this is treasonous, but if it’s not, it surely walks right up to the line. Bolton needs to be firmly told that if he does this, he will at a min. be charged with a war crime.
Source: Press TV, posted at ICH.


With the current crew being Trump’s staff, it looks almost impossible for war with somebody to be avoided. The question is With Who? The current group has had it in for Iran ever since the Shah got yanked out of there and the Ayatollahs grabbed up the hostages, but there’s an awful lot of anti-Russia propaganda currently going on that could make it be the leading candidate for somebody to have some war with. They’re talking about a “new cold war” and Russia under the newly re-elected Putin is supposed to have recovered from its collapse of Communism malaise. And North Korea could still get itself moved up to the position of First Enemy — Bolton is said to be eager to bomb them just in case their willingness to sit down and talk in person with Trump were to hit a snag. China could still manage to become Top Foe. Many people in positions of power here are afraid of their economic success and think a bit of war with them might just be just the thing to cut back their growing economic power. So many enemies, so little time for thinking about how to achieve “peace,” whatever that is.

Yes, but so were almost all of the MSM! The Cable news shows had military brass explaining ad nauseum what was happening, but never: WHY IT WAS HAPPENING!

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Trumps “Generals” are all but gone, so his attacks on the Deep State is probably not sitting to well with the Military Command as well.

Assuming that they will agree to the start of another $Trillion debacle is not completely logical.

John Bolton has always been an extremist warmonger, fomenting wars and preemptive attacks; supported the Iraq war and destruction of Libyan society; a strong NeoCon hack blind to civilian casualties of his policies. His focus has been to support Israeli interests instead of American in public office, as American Enterprise Institute (AEI) “senior fellow”, and as Faux News talking head propagandist. Does his history, war for Israel stance make him a de facto Israeli “agent” or just a treasonous stooge and warmonger?

AEI and Bolton strongly supported the US embassy move to Jerusalem, have pushed Israel to attack Iran, advocates a US preemptive strikes against Iran and North Korea, created false, fabricated “intell” and documents, and misleading BS against Iraq and other nations to provoke war, and has been a right-wing loony all his career. Bolton’s appointment to national security Advisor cements Israels extremist influence over US foreign policy within the trump funny farm regime.

Bolton is a grave threat to world peace!



American military adventurism began with the revolutionary war, then spread across America under manifest destiny, and now encompasses the entire world, all seven continents, and the near space environment.

The dragon has grown very very large, and requires constant feeding.

To think that trump, or bolton, or obama, or the bushes, etc…, were ever in charge is I think a misreading of the situation.

What is more powerful than the American dragon?

I think the exit from the Holocene - climate change, the crashing biodiversity, overpopulation, and the near certain pandemic diseases that are coming.

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Pre-emptive war is a polite way of saying armed aggression. Armed aggression is the ultimate war crime! We must get back to the understanding of this!

Fact: Iran has attacked no one.

Fact: The U.S. in complete disregard for the Geneva Conventions, has attacked and invaded and occupied Iraq and several others.

Fact: The U.S. is the only nation that has used a nuclear bomb on a civilian city.

Question: Who is the greatest threat to peace?


Thanks very much!

I will get the word out among folk I work with.

There should be an International arrest warrant out for this war criminal.

the sudden departure of Phil Donahue was due to his “questioning” of the reason for War .

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Look at the people chess going on now.

Trump is hiring and firing - yet has left many Clinton Crime Syndicate players in - like Comey, for over a year - which greatly hampered Jeff Sessions’ efforts to make more arrests and be sure that Comey would not interfer - of course he would interfere! He is a Satanic Pedophile who raked in millions for belonging to the Clinton Culture! David Zublick has shared information on Comey which is so compelling, I am certainly convinced. His behavior is as obvious as Joe Biden’s behavior.

So what is happening? Emergency Immunity! Obviously someone - probably (son of Heimlich Himler) Rod Rosensteing (who grew up in PA supposedly, and btw, Rosicretian Secret Society is headquartered in PA - they stem from the FreeMasons, a Secret Society created specifically for a USA agenda = New World Order)

Michael Pompeo probably not only made the drones that were “flown” into the WTC buildings, but he probably operated them also. Thus reason for a time lapse between hits!

John Bolton probably got the military explosives that the planes were filed with - which is why they managed to even smash through the steel buildings. It would not have been possible if they were not filled with explosives. The planes may have dangled at best - and then reveal to the public that they were drones, not airline passenger planes.

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org - I got the list of HRC emails from a Zero Hedge YouTube video/article. I informed them I had created this link. They were okay with it. At the beginning of it , I emphasize the evil secret societies, Satanic Pedophiles, and hero Ted Gunderson who invested his time, talents, and even tens of thousands of dollars of his own money - to break the backs of the pedophiles. He was poisoned.

Well, you must realize that we are being fooled. Trump is even changing cabinet members - yet was loyal to Comey - notice that? I voted for him and have been a supporter, but when he fired Rex Tillerson and lied about why, that was a wall that Trump built. I shared a lot in my blog if you care to look at it but this link will not let me actually share the link so I have to break it up. www & appleofmyeyes & org - there is a Table of Contents link on each post so you can check out those links and easily access them. I don’t make money on this. Share what you want. God bless.

LOL, Bolton dodged the VietNam war and was in the reserves, so I don’t get why you call him a “war criminal” He is very likley a September 11 domestic terrorist, supplying the military grate explosives that filled the two drones that hit the WTC buildings. Boeing 707 planes are wider than the former WTC bldg 1 or 2. Yet all we see are small planes going into the big building which probably would not have even fully penetrated - not even the airline passenger - due to its light materials used for flying to its maximum capability. But these were definitely drones and Mike Pompeo’s company probably made them.He went into the Reserves, similar to his Yale buddy George Bush. I bet they are both Skull & Bones members and Secret Societies should ALL be criminalized, taken down. Bolton was undersecretary of fire arms when September 11 attack occurred. Not caused by Muslims - but caused by Americans. Probably funded in part by Saudi Arabia but no doiubt they made mone hand over fist on Wall Street also - with put options, etc. - fulliy knowing that the WTC buildings would collapse.