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John Bolton: The Essential Profile


John Bolton: The Essential Profile

Mitchell Plitnick

After weeks of rumors, President Donald Trump today replaced National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster with former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton. Many foreign policy analysts and advocates immediately expressed deep concern and dismay at Bolton’s appointment.


Bolton is a vile lynchpin in the Project for a New American Century conspiracy to ensure that certain interests come out as winners for the foreseeable future. What interests, you may ask? Rest not assured as you and anyone or anything that you hold dear are not on the list. Bolton is evil incarnate and probably worse. The thought that he gets another chance to reveal himself in an official capacity scares the hell out of me and those who also have had this ghoul on their radars. It is only seven-and-a-half months before the midterms, which while they can’t touch Bolton directly might neuter him a bit if Congress ever chooses to do its rightful job and check Executive power.


It is so easy to fall back into habits of hoping the next election will change things. It’s kind of like preying to God as the shells land around your foxhole. You fall back to what was programmed into you as a child as you seek some form of shelter in a world gone mad. WiseOwl no election is going to change this madness…we have gone off the rails and there is no going back.


America is like a drunk madman doing a dance in the middle of a mine field. All rational thinking has been dispelled. The insanity of greed and hate, ignorance and fear is layered like an onion each built upon the other in a systemic clusterfuck of immense proportions. Truly, the sane man in this insane world has become the one labeled insane…Orwell smugly looks on from his resting place saying I told you dumb asses…

Bolton, probably the only person who would actually take the job…a rogues gallery that would make Hitler cringe. And America starts another day, like a dog with rabies that needs to be put down.


An awful lot of very disturbing truth and mentally crippling/incendiary worry/anger to wade thru, Mitchell, but better to be informed than not - an uninformed public is a public ripe for picking by thieves, liars, and madmen…as we are witnessing daily.

The inmates have taken full control of the asylum for true, and we will be lucky to survive. Either roll-over or fight!.

“Just find a place to make your stand and take it easy” - keep your friends and loved-ones close.



Will someone please kill this fucking monster.


Wait. I thought we were relieved the 2016 peace candidate won?


That, in my view, is the biggest con of all! Elections for POTUS, are like a horse race where all the horses are owned by the economically,criminally, insane, elite.