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John Bolton's 'Military Options' for North Korea Denounced as 'Utter Lunacy'


John Bolton's 'Military Options' for North Korea Denounced as 'Utter Lunacy'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid reports that he is being considered by President Donald Trump to replace Gen. H.R.


John Bolton denounced as being a gun-toting, NRA-loving, woeful (lugubrious) lunatic. Since he was rejected by the Senate and then received a recess appointment as am-an-ass-a-dork to the UN by GWB, he has set up a “touch-my-mustache-for-a-C-note” booth at the American Enterprise Institute. Like a bad penny, he keeps turning up.


A psychopathic lunatic whose every presence should be attacked in the most savage of ways. Best option: deport the son of a bitch.


Another bitch war monger who must have been born to wealth and comfort, running a war from an armchair in air conditioned room thousands of miles from the epicenter.
Nether Iran nor NK wars will solve anything except cause enormous mayhem and catastrophe for the entire planet including the USA. Either war will spell the end of America as we’ve known her. It will sink the wall street casino economy like a 10000 pound lead ball not counting the 100’s of thousands dead and millions more made homeless refugees. All we have to do is look at the outcomes of recent and current American stupid misadventures around the globe.
Someone ought to tell this asshole that if he messes with either Iran or North Korea it will be game over for Lockheeds, Raytheons, GE’s, Boeings and General Dynamics. In a way i think that until America gets a hard kick in the ass we are going to have these mother fuckers try to throw us all into the inferno.


There’s not a single politician that’s being honest about this. North Korea does not want war and never has. They’re pursuing this because they’re afraid of The United States.

So instead of talking to Kim directly on North Korean soil the U.S. is talking about using nukes, first strike, etc. This would set off a chain reaction that is uncertain except for the fact that the death toll could be in the millions or more.

I’d say this Bolton fiend belongs in a padded room but it seems he’s already is.


Unfortunately as long as they can run off with the spoils, I don’t think any of these warmongers gives a rat’s ass if the country burns to ashes. “Fuck you I got mine” seems to be the default mentality of those ‘leading’ us.


Bolton and all of the other gungho warmongers including cowardly Donny and his of age spawn should all be required to serve on the front lines of any/every war for profits plan they push. That the media constantly gives these jackwads print or air time is a huge disservice to the entire world that is just as dangerous as allowing constant lies to be spewed by any/all r/tp/con zealots without calling them out for every single lie.


OMG! Not this lunatic again! Trump seems to instinctively propose exactly the wrong person for exactly the wrong job!


Just like a turd in the punch bowl!


Riley, you are exactly correct! North Korea has ample reason to be paranoid. After all, we made them that way. Ditto for Iran.


I simply don’t understand why this former recess appointment to the UN, who turned out to be the most ineffectual American ambassador ever, should still have a lectern to preach his disastrous ideology from. Why is that? He’s a nobody, never did anything positive in his life and is a foaming at the mouth warmonger! Who is he pandering to?


This guy was even extreme for Bush, which makes him perfect for the Trump admin.


Bolton, what a Nazis.


North Korea has every right to defend itself from the USA. Why do Americans continue to cower in fear over NK having nuclear weapons when Russia has aimed nukes at every major US city for the past 60+ years? America and the west brought China, Vietnam, and other communist nations into the capitalist world, why can’t it do the same with NK?


We cower in fear because Americans have the perception that Kim family are insane and would use nuclear weapons as soon as they get their hands on one. This is a mindset that will create a self fulfilling prophecy.


Bolton is the hard-core, right-wing asshole who once claimed that if you removed the top ten floors of the UN Building it would make no difference in the way it worked. Such is his disdain for this organization. This is the kind of reckless, fact-free crap that characterizes an extreme neocon that Bolton and his ilk, like Eliot Abrams, are. There will always be a place for him to inject his appalling sense of diplomacy and foreign policy as long as we have a “Republican” in the White House. That is especially true of Trumpo the Klown as his appointments and nominations have been the dregs - the worst people I have ever seen in an administration.


That’s easy - we need to keep creating “enemies” who are a threat to us. That became a top priority after the Soviet Union fell and we substituted “terrorism” in the Middle East and elsewhere to replace the Commies. You have got to have a way of scaring people into accepting huge “defense” budgets and allowing their civil rights to be abolished in the name of “national security”. Our aggressive foreign policy usually seems to favor the advancement of investment capital in other countries from our corporations as well. All part of the overall strategy of “Full Spectrum Dominance”.


Bolton is a Cristian Dominionist nut job, and that 80 million plus grouping is the reason he is still walking aisles of power.
Under Bush the minor Bolton began pushing aside any but Jewish and right wing Chaplins. Including mitary recruitment.
A force behind the Christian Embassy that hae office in Pentagon aboard ships and on foreign militRy bases. In Iraq the group handed out kill all infidel coins, imported and forced distribution of Bibles and dominionist literature.
The Embassy members were food distributors and used GI’s to aid them.
If a child wtex a meal they had to first set through Bible preaching anx at schools only Bibical literature were the text books.
The staffs were paid through some fn hole in cultural exchange programs.
When Bush said G… told him to invade Bolton and his whackos believed him.
He used stateside Spec Ops and military equipment at right wing bible camps, and other religious gatherings.
Very common theme was kill all infidels, and the buying of military equipment dependex upon religios affiliation
US ACOP scoprs were supplied by One of Pdinces’ Christian friends and had christian logo and versus on them.
Biggest backer of getting his right wing christians free money through Homeland Security, and so cLled charity fundi g.Christian Embassy personell havesamediplomatic immunity as a sovereign nation. ALlso group chosen by FEMA as first responers for foreign and domestic catastrophies.
Hell the recieved tons of food blankets tents. Medical supplies, of course Bibles ad religious coins for food, all to be distributed when Fidel Castro died in Cuba, but not to Catholic Papist.
How this fn nut case can be looked upon as anything but a Whacko shows just how far out of touch americans ard to reality
When Russia first entered Syrian conflict Bolton was upon church pulpits and Right wing Bible Belt buisness forums, stumping to bomd thebRussians even if it took nukes, he hS not changed since them.
His religion is so pro Israel that many of his 80 million supporters , including many Mason Dixon Militias sport star of Israel and cross on their patches.
One must remember he is a very close associate to VP pence, and all tof his fundy backers


I am concerned by his appointment, because of all the fantical baggege of supporters he will bring with him.
As well the numbers of military fruit case junior officers who will seek easy promotions acting just as he is.
Military has its political cliques just as in any huge industrial/ Financial enterprise.
Many were participants in the mandatory prayer meetings in Pentagon and sea or land based.
lets not forget those other whackos of Bush era who still sit withing gov bureaucracy and those penut or Penis PNAC that sit on mant thinktank and University jobs.
Scary times, but interesting as all get out.


Too right,
I thought he’d gone along with Dubya, but no such luck. Sadly ignorant losers in power attract their own kind. I’ve often wondered when he would resurface to jump o the train of ignorant old men who are ruining America.