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John Bolton's Terrifying First Day in the Trump White House


John Bolton's Terrifying First Day in the Trump White House

Phyllis Bennis

The fanatic war supporter John Bolton is taking office as National Security Adviser at an extremely perilous moment for international security. The volatile situation in Syria significantly raises the danger of a major intensification of direct U.S. involvement.


So let me get this straight:

Putin helps Trump win the election.
Trump installs warmongers who wants to take out Putin/Assad/Iran.

Yep, makes perfect sense. Because it’s all a twisted plot to deny Hillary her rightful throne.


Trump is making these noises right now in order to:

1)  Distract attention from the noose Mueller is tightening around his international business dealings, including money laundering and egregious violations of the ‘emoluments clause’.

2)  Silence those criticizing him for excesssive kow-towing to Putin & being lax on implementing the sanctions on Russia demanded by congress.

I expect there may be some theatrical “show of force” against Assad, but anything that might directly affect Russia will be scrupulously avoided.  And IMHO, the only throne appropriate for Hilliary is immediately to Beelzebub’s right.



The distressing sound made when your own government sucker - punches you in the gut. Behind the scenes the oligarchs are making divvy-up deals and stealing land under the guise of ‘national security’.
“Sanctions” are among the pawn pieces in sleights of hand among a long string of legacy lies and tropes hauled out when the human beings of this planet connect dots and recognize their undoing by these powers.

Bolton is the trump black knight to take the other pawn(s) ___ . This is the board game ’ re-set’ equivalent to the Hillary button. Same BS, different players. The pentagonal sword is unsheathed and already bloody.


interesting. as a child I always referred to the toilet as ‘the throne’.


We are so amazingly fucked. Our fuckedness is like layers on an onion, each built upon the other to assure the maximum potential of fucked. We are just too far down the rabbit hole…


“The PORCELAIN throne”, IIRC.


Ah-Yup.   Unfortunately, the wind which the M-IC and our other Multi-Nazional Korporations have sown is a whirlwind that will strike most viciously at those who have been bypassed – or duped – by those making the decisions.

Was it Tom Lehrer who sang, "Oh, we’ll all go together when we go — fused in an incandescent glow . . . " ?


I haven’t seen him worrying about his obvious kow-towing to Putin thus far. Why would that suddenly matter now?

Since 2015, long before the arrival of Trump on the scene, Russia and the US came to an agreement on terms of engagement in Syria. Nothing appears to have changed–tough talk such as ‘Assad must go’ remains an empty threat, the US/Saudi-backed rebels are defeated pawns, the Kurds are once again thrown to the dogs, the US won’t give Iran a seat at the negotiating table where a ceasefire and deal to replace Assad could have happened long ago. Russia will agree to a permanent US presence in Syria, kabuki battles against ISIS will take place, Israel will be given latitude to occasionally attack Iranian/Hezbollah forces.

In other words, the status quo that keeps everyone happy remains in place–especially the MIC. Trump does have a soft spot in his heart for Vladdy, that’s for sure. To quote him from an interview:

“Look at Putin—what he’s doing with Russia—I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done—whether you like him or don’t like him—he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period.”

That interview was from 2007.


While everything that Bennis says about Bolton makes sense, the practice of focusing on personalities - even clearly fascist ones - is highly flawed. Individuals are infinitely replaceable. We must organize to build power to: 1) survive; 2) to clearly define the tripartite systems of patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism that pretty much own/control the whole ball of wax. Grandmother Earth is getting less patient.


We could wish that the worlds oligarchy were the first targets in WWIII but it has the means to prevent that today. However, the oligarchy is weaponizing Artificial Intelligence machines who will decide who to kill.

How will the oligarchy be able to keep such omniscient machines from killing them, the most responsible for destroying the world that built them?


Let’s also not overthink Trump, either. The man is an inconsistent moron who only cares about himself. Mahablog captured his massive inconsistencies perfectly on Syria:

I suspect there is no plan, except for his fear of what will happen to he and his businesses if things go south. And as you note, he’s obviously lashing about as Mueller gets closer (hell, we know now that the campaign was in contact with a GRU agent per Gates and Van Der Swaan). With Bolton, we have a true war whisperer in his ear now, very scary.


Seems to me that there are a lot Kurds that are very unhappy with the status quo.


I worry about the so-called status quo with Bolton in charge.


I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Trump told Putin in a phone call that,
’I need to look tougher on you, but don’t take it seriously. We’re still good buds’.


I feel terrible about the position the Kurds are in. But they’ll trust the bait-and-switching US next time around, too. Who else can they turn to?


I thought Putin was in charge.


Let’s not forget that Trump is the only US president (so far) who has been inducted into a pro wrestling hall of fame. Trump is the “face” (hero) and Putin is the “heel” (villain) in a staged confrontation.

Remember when Boss Tweet stumped the internet with his odd term “covfefe”? It looks and sounds similar to the industry term “kayfabe,” which refers to the staged confrontations between the antagonists and also to the maintaining of the fiction that this is “real” and not staged or preplanned.


Reminds me of all of the twisted logic of the alt-left that insisted Trump was the peace candidate and other such fucking lunacy.


Pretty sure the alt-left that you and Yunzer are so worried about were comparing proven warmonger and Kissinger BFF, Hillary, to Trump.

Now then, are you insinuating that HER would’ve been any less a tool of the Israelis and Saudis than Trump? That she–who said ‘Assad must go’–would’ve been a seeker of peace in Syria?