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John Hickenlooper Is the New Joe Lieberman

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/27/john-hickenlooper-new-joe-lieberman

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The Democrats are a corporate, center right party. The few leftists in Congress are drowned out by the conservatives in their own party. We need a truly liberal third party that will caucus with the Democrats when it makes sense, or refuse to pass the watered down corporate-friendly shit legislation (like Romneycare) that they typically put forth.

Meanwhile, watch Colorado elect Joe Manchin’s twin brother by a different mother after Frackenlooper attacks the progressives he’s running against as job-killing hippies. Yeah, he’ll sound just like a Republican – because he is.


Good article, badly in need of an editor though.

You know the deal to back Frackinghooper for Senate was made before he dropped his presidential campaign. They may have replaced the cigars for vape pens but the Democratic leadership still operates out of sight of the voters. The DNC is filled with Smeagols who see progressives as nasty Hobbitses that need strangled.


We, Colorado Progressives, can’t stand Hickenlooper. He is a “hard no” for me.


The DISCO DOODOO DC CCC tried to find A. Joe Bootlicker … but hey … twerpy gigs and flubadubs will simply hafta doodooo.


The DNC thinks its digging an oil well but it’s really digging its own grave. Besides Lieberman another name comes to mind - Zell Miller. He was another rabid right wing neo-liberal from Georgia the DNC let in their stinking big tent. The DNC needs to be putting in Democrats who will support the initiatives of President Sanders not some oil company or lobbying firm on K Street.

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Really, it is more obvious each and every day that as Chris Hedges observed, the Democratic Party IS the Republican party of the Reagan years.

That is NOT progress.


Hypocrite Dems had no problem with an independent when it was convenient.

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With brain spirochetes, maybe? I mean, say what you want about the tenets of fascism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos… the Democrats are so busy viciously playing whack-a-mole with any actual Democracy: that Katie McGinty he mentions, as handing Toomey another term, was MSDNC’s Ed Rendell’s Energy in Death evil pantsuit lady. Gavaging radium flavored fracking brine into HUNDREDS-of-thousands of folks, fracking reservoirs, schoolyards, state parks cemeteries, giant 45yr old fission reactors; spraying the carcinogenic brine on snowy roads, dooming thousands of children to obscure new blood cancers, ordering her inspectors to not even record reported explosions, blowouts, leaks, poisoned wells, or now lethal streams or aquifers. Democrats have become stereotypes of, well… inbred, corrupt, nepotistic, wet-brained, kleptocratic… Democrats?


PS, this just in (bad cop, worse cop, KILLER cop):

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EVERY Democrat, in the end, turns out to be a Liebermann, sooner or later, & always when we really need the opposite.

The fundamental principles of the party:

Bait & switch.

Sell out.

Throw your constituents under the bus.

Serve as handmaidens to the Republican agenda.

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Barack Obama has said that he is a 1980’s moderate Republican.