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John Kasich Doesn’t Belong Anywhere Near the U.S. Department Of Education


John Kasich Doesn’t Belong Anywhere Near the U.S. Department Of Education

Jeff Bryant

Some Very Serious People have decided Governor John Kasich of Ohio is the latest personality to emerge from the field of presidential candidates in the Republican Party as a genuine bona fide consideration.


He doesn’t belong anywhere near any department of the government. He was one of Newt’s boys, a voice of reaction, clothed in the Contract on America.

Addendum: For the youngsters on the site, who might not know, it was officially called The Contract With America.


Excellent investigative report, Mr. Bryant.

Following the adage: Cui bono? It’s clear that 2 primary groups favor Charter Schools.

They are the financial interests that profit from test scores, buying up former public school real estate, and commandeering funds previously earmarked for public schools.

And also the Religious right.

Under the guise of “individual choice,” both of these entities succeed in RAPING The Commons and destroying the bedrock of Democracy while also taking sledge hammers to the important wall in place to separate church from state.

These same creeps are also behind:

  1. Gerrymandering voting districts to ensure that fewer Republican-voting citizens gain more voter clout
  2. Pushing for shorter voting periods at more difficult to access locations
  3. Pushing for voter I.D. laws
  4. Removing WOMEN’S right to choose–ya’ know, that all-important CHOICE thing–when the matter refers to their own bodies!
  5. Pouring dark money into campaign coffers of particularly disgusting human (if they could be called that) beings. Scott Walker?!
  6. Hiding their actions–as in the case of keeping lousy Charter School performance tests OUT of the public’s eye
  7. Blaming anything and anyone but themselves in strained attempts to avoid any forms of meaningful accountability

In short, these people CHEAT to get their way.

They have zero respect for anyone outside of their circles whether those circles are financially elite ones or those of right wing Christians who don’t like Feminists, gays, Latinos, Blacks, or anyone who isn’t made in their cloned image and likeness.

They also STEAL public funds in all sorts of ways. One example is the Big Money gets behind these right wing lunatics because supporting these fools paves the way for industry to pollute and poison without any legal inhibitions. The right wing Christians identify with these buffoons because they go to church, talk about “family values” and fit “the brand.”

Money channeled disproportionately to Charter Schools is a THEFT to the commons, and the Public Good.

From the article: “Charter school funding has increased by 27 percent, and charters now receive more state money per pupil than do traditional public schools.”

The rich side of this duplicity equation also bends law to allow for all sorts of should-be illegal acts starting with the fraud that’s now up into the multiple trillions and has tainted the entire global economic system.

These people don’t court Armageddon. They ARE it!


It’s a Mafia-style Contract… more like a HIT on America in terms of gutting all of its public infrastructure and converting it into private hands!


Ya’ll may remember that as Texas Gov, before W ran for president his administration pioneered the now well-established war on public education, using some of the same underhanded tactics now seen here in Ohio. It’s not just Kasich; the Ohio legislature has been dominated by R’s for at least a decade now. The State has consistently failed to devise and implement a fair public school funding system, despite being ordered to by several courts and boards of inquiry.

The rich white folk in the legislature don’t want to pay for no black folks’ schools. Period.


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