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John Kasich is a Nitwit


John Kasich is a Nitwit

Diane Ravitch

During the Republican primaries last year, many friends of mine considered John Kasich the adult in the GIP field. When I explained his demonstrated hostility to public education, they thought I must be exaggerating.

But now the proof is there for all who are willing to learn about it.

Kasich wants all teachers to spend some time visiting businesses so they know how to prepare their students.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports:


"Here is a better idea: How about if business leaders commit to teach for one full day in the public schools? Think of what they might learn by doing so."

I will just say what most are thinking and change one word: Here is a better idea: How about if political "leaders" commit to teach for one full day in the public schools? Think of what they might learn by doing so.

They might also submit to mandatory drug testing and tests on government knowledge (failing bodies will be shut down or public funding eliminated, etc).


"During the Republican primaries last year, many friends of mine considered John Kasich the adult in the GIP field.

Diane, I think you have a typo; "GIP" should read "GYP".


For once I agree with Diane Ravitch!


Over the last 50 years I have spent 20 years teaching in universities and later, after retiring form 30 years in business, in high schools. There are good reasons for teachers to have as broad an experience of the world as possible. Teaching can be cloistering.

But, and this essential, such experience benefits the ability of teachers to relate to students and their families, not as tools to aid in training children for the work force. Teachers should be compensated so that they can take time off and travel, yes, and to experience other occupations -- and to pursue personal interests. These are presented as ways to make better business people; such opportunities would also make (and attract) better teachers.


Students should learn about civics and being good critical thinking citizens before they receive any indoctrination into the current American business environment.

Let's help students enter the world with their eyes and minds wide open and capable of making good, independently derived decisions.


Article written by the person who, if the People's interests were actually to be served, should be Secretary of Education.


John Kasich IS the intellectual giant of the republican party, and John Kasich IS a nitwit. At least he's trailing the republican pack in their race to utter ignorance, greed and stupidity, and to turn our country into an anti-Christian hate-fest. That such a small man towers above his party speaks volumes about the rest of that ignoble herd of know-nothings, now led by a man whose brain cannot cobble up a coherent sentence. I guess that's the price you pay for a private school education.


Kasich is the Candidate who, during the Primary debates, followed Trump's sacrilegious calling out of the invasion of Iraq, as a terrible decision, by looking around the crowd during his turn to speak, and trying to quiet the shocked hubbub with a grinning, conciliatory take, on the order of "...what's he taking about?...he's crazy, right?...he can't be serious!...what?..."


"When the school is liberal, when it trains individuals in the liberal arts that are the arts of learning, it is preparatory. Those who are liberally trained to read and write, speak and listen, measure and calculate, have acquired the skills to go on learning after they have graduated, but unless they continue to learn year after year, they are likely never to become generally educated human beings."...Mortimer J. Adler.

Kasich, and his ilk, would have a nation of Babbits.


Amen to that.

Many years ago one of my first jobs was with a small company run by a conservative Republican business man at a time when Republicans cared about education and valued workers who could think.

When high school students came to him for career advice, wanting to know how they could be qualified to work for him, he invariably told them: Get a good liberal arts education. Learn how to speak and write coherently. Learn how to think. I can teach you the specifics of my business after I hire you.


He gave excellent advice.

Today, his contention, that a business does its own training, is under attack.

College degrees were taken as a sign that you could, and would commit, and could be then trusted, with the time spent to train you, usually backed up with an employer's commitment of secure employment.


So, the imbecile Kasich plan is to have the teachers learn how to instruct their students on how to say, "would you like fries with that?" as those are the only sorts of jobs availiable in John Kasichs Ohio.


Teaching those things is exactly what the corporate powers and oligarchs DO NOT want, at all. They want a bunch of unthinking sheeple who will do their bidding and not pester them about things like benefits and a living wage, you know, Puzder's wettest of wet dreams.


"Here is a better idea: How about if business leaders commit to teach for one full day in the public schools? Think of what they might learn by doing so."

Ha! Those 'business leaders' would run, screaming, from the classroom after 2 hours of being clueless about what to do with them!


You mean GIP doesn't stand for Goddamned Idiot Party???? :smirk:
Ooh-ooh, or how about Grand Imbecilic Putzes??


Amen! You said just what I wanted to say.

Further, learning about art, music, philosophy, literature, writing, etc., expands the mind. It opens pathways to the imagination and creativity. It allows for the individual to think for his/her self. This of course is exactly what a Fascist, corporatist system does not want! They want automatons. They want people who are dumbed down enough to be cannon fodder and labor slaves who will work for a pittance and never complain.


She makes more sense when she backs away from the scapegoating and denial-ism that underlies her apologetics for education's failure to turn out individuals who can think and who have a modicum of curiosity. Of course there are great teachers and a few great schools, but where, after all, did the Trump voters--both old and young--come from? Our schools.



If we don't reverse the trend and get it back into the hands of teachers corporations will begin signing "promising" looking grade schoolers to work contracts which place them into educational tracks tailored only to create pigeon-holed company slaves have been reaching further and deeper into our educational institutions.

Yes they'll have jobs when they finally "graduate" for corporate college, but they'll spend the rest of their lives contracted to pay off their education, and be destined to ignorance about how to actually think for themselves and live a life of meaning.


I was going to suggest the same thing! But one day isn't enough. A few weeks ought to do it.