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John Kasich, Who “Made Life Hell” For Women In Ohio, Drops Out of Presidential Race



And HRC is the only candidate who supports women's rights? Please Planned Parenthood. I know you endorsed her for lord only knows why, but as a woman I feel much safer with Bernie at the helm. I know she's pro-choice, but so's Bernie. Maybe I missed the news coverage, but I somehow doubt her wall street speeches were about the need for income equality and for keeping jobs at home for mothers and fathers alike. And what about the women and children who die and/or suffer needlessly due to her insane compulsion to bomb anything that moves?

As a woman and as a sentient creature, I'm insulted by her notion that she has earned the presidency, that her gender entitles her to my vote, that she thinks me too stupid to see her "experience" for what it is- the grand fulfillment of the neocon/neoliberal
wet dream.


“Today we bid goodbye to John Kasich, a candidate who has repeatedly
insulted women on the campaign trail and advocated for policies that
punish women for seeking an abortion. Unfortunately, we’re left with a
presumptive nominee who has carried the same platform. Women in this
country need a candidate who will stand up for them, not insult them at
every turn. It’s more clear than ever before that Hillary Clinton is the
champion we need in the White House.”

Rubbish. 'John Kasich is a misogamist, a "keep the wife in the kitchen and pregnant" kind of guy, therefore I must vote for Hillary Clinton'. That is a non sequitur. Me personally, if Sanders looses the run for the presidency to the Queen of the Darkness (called just as I would Henry Kissinger the King of the Darkness), I will most probably vote, as I did last time, for Dr. Stein of the Green Party. I firmly believe one (a USAin) needs to vote - even if the process that she/he is subject to is mostly a scam, it's one of the few freedoms we ostensibly still have.

Oh, and the statement here that appears to be an official dictum of PP which states "It’s more clear than ever before that Hillary Clinton is the champion we need in the White House" is one great pile of horse shit. Are not Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein champions of a woman's right to chose? Is this an official endorsement HRC? If you endorse the Greens, you might get a two-for if Honkala gets selected for VP.