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John Kelly Is All Of Us


John Kelly Is All Of Us

That terrifying, bombastic, moronic, incoherent rant that was our Buffoon-In-Chief's speech to the U.N. elicited the horror and flood of Rocket Man jokes it so painfully deserved. It also prompted some memorable visuals in the often-stunned faces of his listeners - no more spectacularly so than that of John Kelly, evidently lamenting some of his life choices.


Just beautiful, just… terrible. What a horrible time to care a/bout the global liberal order of rulers and their televised buffet of us.


Not a lot of pity for Mr. Kelly. He took the job, he’s staying where he is. Anyone associated with this evil, criminal, and ridiculous regime is guilty by association with all that it does and all that it represents. If Kelly has a conscience - and judging by all of the photos of his obvious discomfort at Drump’s words, he does - he should quit. No clue why he stays if he hates his job so much.


if Stephen Miller wrote that piece of crap, then he needs to be co-pilloried. That rat-faced snot-nosed little weasel is a gross example of how little monsters and creeps manage to get into prominent positions by scrabbling up the pant legs of the wealthy.


Ah yes, there’s little Donny in a time-out in the ‘big boy’ chair …


Makes me wonder if Kelly, as a military man, just won’t quit the “mission” no matter how horrific the losses.


Mr Meuller,

Time is of the Essence.

Mr Kelly,

What price for your Soul


power is so intoxicating…


Gen. Kelly has now joined the club of Gen. Powell. Good luck with that.


From his body language, it looks to me, like John Kelly is very embarrassed by the rhetoric of his boss. But if that is true, may I ask: why doesn’t Mr.Kelley resign?


Good Question

A person’s Entire Life Purpose lies in the answer to that simple question


Absent Kelly, just take a look at the face on Melania. She always knew she married a mentally ill douche bag and is now horrified that the rest of the world knows as well.


You are so right – she looks so sadly uncomfortable, I truly do feel sorry for her and Barron.


Been thinking the same regarding Pruitt’s “bodyguards”.


And undoubtedly she will not divorce him.


He should not quit. He should be thanked for staying. Do you want Trump to sub in someone like Bannon? Or his son? Or his neighbor? Another business associate? The choices here are grim. The world needs Kelly to serve his country, now more than ever.


That’s an interesting point. If he is, indeed, somehow ameliorating the worst impulses of El Douche behind the scenes, then you might be correct.


Those of us who know sign language might recognize the way he is holding his hands… hint: it starts with V and ends with A.


oops, sorry, not clear. I’m referring to D’s hands.


I see Kelly and think… Ah, Soul!