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John Kerry Facing Rebuke Over Assurance of No 'Legally Binding' Agreement From COP21


John Kerry Facing Rebuke Over Assurance of No 'Legally Binding' Agreement From COP21

John Kerry's statement that the upcoming United Nations climate talks in Paris will result in no "legally binding" agreement on emissions reductions is being met with rebuffs on Thursday, including a retort that the U.S. Secretary of State must be "confused."


WTF? Fox News supports a meaningless, non-binding agreement. If Kerry speaks for Obama, that's also what Obama wants. Your comment is nonsensical.


Both Dims and GOP have refined the art of faux confusion to give themselves cover in their continued assault on the 99%.


You know who's not confused? Jill Stein. From her Deputy Campaign Manager today:

The upcoming UN conference on climate change, COP21, is on the verge of approving a set of voluntary emissions plans that amount to a blueprint for climate disaster.

These plans are weak and unenforceable, and many would actually increase their nation's carbon emissions over the next 20 years. They abandon the goal of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius - which means they would open the floodgates to runaway climate change.

We need to send Jill Stein to COP21
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But here's the problem: we need to raise $9,000 within the next 14 days to get Jill to Paris along with a staffer and videographer.

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While in Paris Jill will speak before a major sustainability forum and meet with Green Party leaders from around the world. She’ll also meet with leaders of the climate justice and peace movements who are converging on Paris.

Jill was a founder of the Global Climate Convergence, which is helping redefine climate justice as a movement for people, planet and peace. She is a leading voice calling for a climate solution as big as the crisis barreling down on us, including emissions targets based on science, not on the short-term profits of polluting industries.

We have to make sure that Jill’s voice is heard at this critical moment in history - please donate today and help make it happen.

In Paris, Jill will call upon the nations of the world to cut wasteful spending on weapons and military catastrophes, and put those resources into saving humankind from the threat of climate change. She will challenge world leaders to trade mutually assured military destruction for global peace and climate security, simply by turning our warheads into wind towers.

The contacts that Jill makes in Paris will help her to inject climate security - and the interconnected issues of nuclear disarmament and demilitarization - into the US Presidential campaign. This is critical to counteract the influence of the oil, gas and weapons industries over the political establishment.

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Climate change is the existential crisis of our generation. Half-measures and
photo-op projects are simply not a substitute for immediate, deep action compelled by both science and moral necessity.

No one is better prepared to speak up for our planet and the people on it than Jill Stein. But first we have to get her to Paris. Please donate today!

Thank you for all that you do.

It’s in our hands!
John Andrews
Deputy Campaign Manager
Jill Stein for President


Kerry's stance is a reflection of the fact, that the US (and the corporate infected Obama administration) will have to be dragged kicking and screaming toward and binding agreement. Now that even master polluter China has signed on, even if so far just in spirit and intentions and Canada's new Trudeau government has declared itself clearly in the camp of climate savers, the US is standing pretty much alone in the attempt to destroy the planet for financial gain


The US, as every other nation, should be planning on creating a binding agreement in Paris. It should be brought before Congress to pass or not pass. Let's put it on the table during the 2016 election year.

A non-binding agreement is useless.


I think you got it right. Whatever you want to call the any final agreement it will not have to be approved by the US Congress. Everyone involved including the French has known that for a long time. If Obama needs Congress to approve an agreement it would be a waste of time going to Paris. I think voluntary commitments are better than no commitments. Certainly they give activists within countries something to hold the government to. I think these targets are minimal goals. In large countries like the US the central overnment can't completely control emissions reductions. They can only control a portion of the reductions and that is how they arrive at the target. If all states and most local governments as well as most of the population really goes all out the emission reductions in the US should far surpass the stated target. But that is a big if.


The CO2 content in the air has already reached dangerous levels, as witnessed by the melting of the Arctic tundra and the outgassing of methane. The zero degree C isotherm is still moving north and with the current atmospheric load of CO2, around 400ppm, it will continue to move north, melting yet more tundra until an equilibrium is reached. We have already passed one major tipping point.

Kerry is a bloody fool, to put the matter scientifically.

The notion that there remains a safe level of increase of CO2 is utterly delusional; there is already too much CO2 in our atmosphere.


Confused is polite French for "You must be joking, right? The rest of the world has stepped up apart from the US and Australia, We ( France and the EU) are giving you an opportunity to revise this rude and overbearing presumption that no-one is going to commit to anything, without losing face"
French was always the diplomatic language for this very reason. The sense of the language is subtle yet inclusive, and we could all do with a bit of inclusiveness at the moment. We ARE all in this together like it or not. Having a Major world player ignoring the rest of the world's plea for binding climate action is like having a family of ex- smokers where one member who says, sure, I'm with the rest of you on this and then keeps nipping off to the woodshed for a smoke, than chain smoking at the party. It's not on.
I would have thought Sandy's lesson would have shown the US that. Oh well...


Kerry and POTUS know (but aint sayin') any policy coming out of COP21 will be undermined by the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Spokespeople from twelve environmental groups recently acknowledged the expanded Investor State Dispute Settlement in the TPP would dismantle climate policy in order to protect corporate profits. We are so screwed. LINK: bit.ly/1lmmbQ6


Your leaders are my sociological specimens for observation.


Certainly Kerry doesn't think we haven't passed a safe level which seems to be under 350 ppm CO2. He knows the goal of staying below 2C is not going to save the world from serious problems related to climate change. Have you ever heard one of speeches on climate change? He is about as blunt as you can be about the possible consequences of inaction. I don't think anyone articulates the threat any clearer.


Treaties, agreements, commitments -- any and all such are almost always signed by the US in invisible ink. The US expects all other countries to operate by its rules, no matter what treaties say. If the ink is still legible after its negotiators exit the room, it is a mistake. Most of the so-called treaties solemnly signed with natives were abrogated almost immediately, often the same day signed. Internationally, it has refused to commit to most of what it signed, or reversed its commitments unilaterally.


It must be exasperating to be articulate at the top and be unable to do much more than attempt to mitigate the pain and suffering caused by a failing empire destroying the planet and democracy during a failing war.


Support what about Obama? What has he done for us to want to cheer him on? More wars, more austerity, less civil rights, more spying on us and our home land cameras everywhere, And who can be pleased that the cost of everything is going up but the Feds claim there is no inflation. I guess those experts don't go food shopping where I do. What can you buy with a twenty dollar bill?

Support President Obama? I'm still looking for the HOPE and CHANGE. I see no sign of any one in either of the major parties who will do anything but serve their corporate masters.

Maybe some independent will step forward with the promise to really do as the people of this nation advise. We want the wars to end. We want the rich to pay way more in taxes. We want our tax funds to be used to take care of our problems at home---and not for the Israeli military forces to kill Palestinians. We want real environmental regulations to protect our mother the earth so that our planet will support life.


Well, if he is passionate about the matter, he ought to be doing a damned sight better in the greater world of international diplomacy as he is in a reasonably powerful position as US Secretary of State.


What on earth is an "existential crisis"? A crisis is a crisis.


Don't you think Kerry did a good job in negotiating with China? Considering the past relationship of the US and China on this issue great progress has been made. I would give him high marks. Obama also. The US seems to be actually working with China on this. Four years ago that would have seemed impossible.


You have greater faith than I. I hope that you are right and that I am wrong.


When has the USA cared about legally binding agreements???