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John Kerry Reportedly Weighing Joining 2020 Race as Establishment Panic Over Sanders Reaches Full Meltdown

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/02/john-kerry-reportedly-weighing-joining-2020-race-establishment-panic-over-sanders

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his position on the board of Bank of America.

Do we need to know anything else?


In 2004 Kerry caved here in Ohio when Ken Blackwell stole many thousands of votes. Yeah, sure, I want that kind of fighter.

Get yourself a pantsuit, John Kerry, and tell us again how you deserve to be elected.


Perhaps if he were to choose Hillary as his VP, it would help his campaign.


“John Kerry, you had your chance,” “Please take a seat.”



More Proof that they KNOW ByeDone is done done. It also proves that the DNC and Wall street will try any stupid thing to stop Bernie and the Will of the Base

LOL - Imagine what Biden is saying privately now!

As has already been stated in this thread - Kerry (and GORE) both took a dive. Neither were fighters. They both folded like the empty suites they are.


Really? This hack is the best the DINO frauds can come-up with!?
Another corrupt fraud from the Clinton-Obama DINO wing of shills for the two-party kleptocracy; HRC 2.0.
Kerry is afraid of “Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party” !? Got news for ya dumbass, the Clintons, and Obama, Perez and the DNC corporate whore sellouts have been doing that for decades!

The most rigid stuffed-shirt impresed-with-himself looser of any current candidate!
SCREW John Kerry!
Where has this clown been for the last years? nowhere is the answer except kissing Clinton Camp ass!!

The nation and planet need the wisdom, integrity, honesty, and dedication to the Common Good, Bernie Sanders represents, not another stooge for neo-liberal corporate parasites, Israeli subversion, and for-profit warmongers!

BERNIE All The Way!


Is there ANYONE in the DNC brain trust who can step back and take a look at reality – and see that not only is Sanders the most popular politician in the USA but that there are very good reasons for that – and maybe decide that taking looting-class bribes is actually NOT a good “strategy” for the Democratic Party?

Or good for the USA?



Well said David. Your way with words really has me guffawing.


Lmao!! The Dems in a panic. GO BERNIE!!!

Bernie 2020!!!


Clinton obviously wants to jump in. Kerry actually lets himself think about it. Next former loser up:

Al Gore!


But he would have to give that up n’est pas?


“Kerry would have to disentangle himself from a number of committments in his private life such as a lucrative speaking career and his position on the board of Bank of America.”

Are you sure this story is from NBC and not, say, The Onion?


The Blue Dog Wimps have a yellow streak when it comes to elections. Don’t forget your wet suit and wind sail.


Kerry, you blew your chance the minute you opted to walk onto that convention stage in a suit and say “John Kerry reporting for duty.” In that moment you told everyone watching that you were not the gutsy whistle blowing young lieutenant who fought in a corrupt war in Vietnam who came to see the war for the crime it was and returned to expose it. If you had stuck to your no-guns and came up on that stage in your old “grunt” fatigues and said, “Vietnam War veteran and anti-war activist reporting for duty!” you would have run away with the election. Instead, you’re a little footnote in history. Stay home and watch the fun. If you decided to run, you’ll gain a new spot in the historical record: wrecker. All you’ll do is undermine Bernie, and leave the Democrats, whoever gets the nomination, a smoking ruin.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening(dot)net


I no longer feel that Bernie can win from within this corrupt system… I hope serious discussion is happening about Bernie for President going Independent.
They shoot horses dont they?


Of course said with sarcasm… Fook… imagine the real swamp… Hillary and Kerry


Pretty AAmuusing ! ha ha ha and tut tut too

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This is the man who referred to the coup in Egypt as “restoring democracy.”


Another pathetic loser. This shows how little concern the corporate Dems care about quality.
They’d probably try to draft Hillary except she has already made a fool out of herself accusing Bernie, Tulsi and Jill Stein of being Russian assets. To take the Hillary meme further her delusional state might have her saying she is running against Putin instead of Trump.