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John Lewis, a Founding Father of American Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/21/john-lewis-founding-father-american-democracy

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“Show horses preen to win the blue ribbon and the applause of the crowd. Workhorses pull the wagon — and get the job done. John Lewis with his quiet courage and his forceful moral vision pulled people with him.”

Agree to disagree, Jesse Jackson. We need strong, forceful voices now more than ever. Silence today means complicity.

Not to take anything away from John Lewis’ accomplishments and heroics in his youth, but his entire political career seems to have been one of being a “work horse” for the establishment Democratic Party, not for the people. I don’t remember even one occasion when he went against the grain of the neoliberal majority and dared to ruffle their feathers. I don’t think any of us progressives (“radical” liberals) would have thought of him as “preening” if he had been more forceful in letting us know he was on our side and not the side of the oligarchic establishment.


“America was not yet a full democracy.” – Jesse Jackson.

I am sorry to say, it still isn’t. Rhetoric isn’t substance.


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