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John Lewis Is a True American Profile in Courage


John Lewis Is a True American Profile in Courage

Bill Moyers

High from his gilded throne room in midtown Manhattan — like Zeus from Mt. Olympus — Donald Trump has been hurling tweeted spitballs at Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.


Wow. Don't hold back, Bill. (And that's in gratitude, not mockery.)


Never elected bush/cheney, and now trump, on the throne from stolen elections; Resist, Revolt, Rebel, in all way non-violent!


John Lewis has been something rare for a long time -- consistently, a man of genuine integrity.

On Trump legitimately being president, however, maybe that depends on how one defines "legitimate." Here, at the tail-end of the American Empire, the gods of US politics picked two people who were deeply opposed by much of their own voting bases. As a result, roughly half of all voters voted third party or withheld their votes. Clinton won the majority of the popular vote, Trump won the Electoral College vote, and that's how our system works.


Yep, we've been calling for that since Reagan was elected in the 1980s.


De acuerdo, Now the call is very big; we must not give up!