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John Oliver 1, Big Chicken 0?


John Oliver 1, Big Chicken 0?

Vanessa Rodriguez

John Oliver, comedic anchorman of HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” made feathers fly when he took on the poultry industry in a May 2015 episode. Last week, it became clear that his gripe with Big Chicken had echoed all the way to the Capitol.


Anyone who makes a living by slaughtering sentient beings needs to find another line of work. People don’t need to eat chickens or any other animals. I have no respect for chicken farmers and if they have an income below the poverty level, why don’t they find work that does not include killing healthy animals? And why would any intelligent person eat a dead body?


Possibly they’d eat a dead chicken because since 1st grade they’ve been programmed to? The school lunch, and breakfast possibly weekend programs, are hardly what is referred to under the term " school choice ". Of course, you are an adult. I think the story had at least 3 currents; slave wages, corrupting $$$ influences and, activism winning one. Good for them and hopefully good for poor farmers. Now about those jobs your offering to the " meat endurtured " clueless souls; do they support and reflect Fight For $15, values?. Do they file an online application with you, personally? Just wonderin’.


My Kale Lentil soup is better than most pharmaceutical medicine.


Getting real news from a comedy program?


In the words of Joni Mitchell, " laughing and crying, ya know, it’s the same release. Oh, I wish I had a river, I could skate away on. "


It’s been known to happen. Way to go John. We need those of you that have a platform to stand up right now.


Recently watched two of my old VHS recordings…one a tribute to Joni Mitchell and the other one of her concerts. I shed a tear every time .