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John Oliver Condemns NRA's "Bleak Vision of America" as Transparent Plot to Sell Guns

John Oliver Condemns NRA's "Bleak Vision of America" as Transparent Plot to Sell Guns

Julia Conley, staff writer

As gun control advocates call for streaming services to end their relationships with the National Rifle Association's (NRA) firearm-focused channel, NRATV, John Oliver used his HBO show Sunday evening to draw attention to the "bleak vision of America" offered by the network.

"It’s the dumbest most transparent thing it does," said Oliver, of the organization's highly choreographed effort to make Americans fearful. "It's just a vessel to sell America guns."


The best part is that the NRA plays the victim card so often (the gubmint is a comin for our guns), so buy early and buy often. Their official flag should be Ted Nugent’s soiled undies as proof of their character.


Darn it, I thought I’d be the first to comment.

Oliver nails it, as usual. The NRA used to be an organization that promoted responsible gun ownership and safe use. Now, with the ravings of nutjob Wayne LaPierre and this soulless new spokeshack Dana Loesch, the NRA has finally come out as being little more than a front organization for the gun manufacturers. Their chief tactic seems to be whipping up paranoia among gun owners that the liberals are going to take their arms away so they can’t defend their families against all those evil terrorists and “illegals”. They also make preposterous claims about the 2nd Amendment which they conveniently misinterpret to bolster their loathsome agenda.
Well, they have succeeded. There are now more guns in the U.S. than people! Yup, the latest tally I saw was 360 million guns in the good ole US of A. Every time we have a school shooting or a massacre these loathsome assholes at the NRA and the whore politicians in their back pockets tell us that it isn’t the right time to talk about gun control because we are still “emotional” about the tragedy. BTW, none other than John McCain has received more than $7 million from the NRA over the years. There are many others in Congress who have been supplied with big bucks to keep their traps shut. And then, we have the media and its whores like Bill O’Reilly who said, in that appalling way of his, that the Las Vegas Massacre, the largest massacre in U.S. history, was “the price we pay for our freedoms”. The vileness of such a statement is hard to measure and that pile of shit should never be allowed near a microphone ever again.
My Gawd, a country like Australia was able to pass a comprehensive gun control law after a massacre in 1996. It was even supported by their conservative prime minister. If you ask Australians now if they still support it they say yes. There have been no massacres there in 22 years. We shame ourselves as a country in comparison.


I like Oliver, but I don’t agree the NRA’s fearful vision is mainly a way to boost gun maker sales.

The 5 mil NRA members are extreme representatives of more pervasive right wing views hostile to welfare state government, which they claim favors poor minorities and foreigners.

I rarely read Krugman anymore because of his right liberal attacks on progressives, but a recent piece gets the right’s dystopian, Social Darwinist vision.


NRA members , indeed all Americans, have more to fear from wealth inequality than they do from the 'grints and the turrr-urrr-ists! now how do you focus the NRA on spreading a progressive economic message and the concept of freedom meaning freedom from debt servitude?

Wow, I noticed Krugman’s rightwing shift too. He was once one of my heroes. I guess he sold out somehwere recently. I noticed he has lost a lot of weight. Stress?

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baska –

Wonderful comments.

But very much agree that this is part of a larger right wing agenda: Koch Bros./
John Birch Society has been very involved in overturning old regulations on gun
ownership, using their ALEC organization.

Koch Bros. family has worked for more than 100 years to overturn democracy in
the US. Koch Family was involved with founding of the John Birch Society, for

With 5 million NRA members, the power the organization wields seems totally out
of balance with the effect they’ve had on legislation and gun policy/gun control.

For decades, beginning in the 70’s, we saw very precise targeting of liberals and
moderates in both parties which has resulted in total control by right wingers in both
parties. Koch Bros. and other large corporations have owned both of our national
parties for decades now.

The CIA has certainly profited from the NRA’s targeting of members of Congress.
Those very liberals and moderates were the ones who were running investigations
of the CIA. No one has done that since the 1970’s.

Looks more like the CIA’s NRA.


But, but, but… censorship!

Yeah, I hear that NRA canard over and over and over and over again. What is so asinine about that statement, is if the government ever really came for their guns they would have no chance!


“With 5 million NRA members, the power the organization wields seems totally out of balance with the effect they’ve had on legislation and gun policy/gun control.”

This article argues NRA strength is due to its highly activist membership and that the left needs a post-union-era counterpart - I’ve argued elsewhere, healthcare could be the issue that widely engages progressives…if it can engage the often non-voting-poor that poll as its strongest supporters.

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baska –

True about dues paying and unionizing, but I don’t see that happening because liberal
organizations all insist on fighting for the same liberal one $$ bill.

But if they’d pay a bit of intention to an organization like UNITING LIBERAL where all liberals
would give to the united causes, we might get somewhere. :slight_smile:

And, agree – the issue of National Health Care/Medicare for All – would be exactly the
kind of battle to unite around and concentrate on. We don’t have to knock down this
fascist wall all in one blow – and the fascists well understand that they can allow NO
break through at all because it will erode that wall in the end.

Across the right wing fascism there is a never ceasing effort to advance – and they are
nosy and ACTIVE. Easy to see how it happens that eventually you find they are in control
of too many issues.

Actually, I stopped voting in 2016 because of what I see as the total corruption of our system
of elections – and, of course, the corruption of the candidates being put forth by criminal Elites
and corporations. I think Trump and those he’s brought along with him in the White House and
in government – and with family! – are all proof of that.

I’m still, however, not sure about not voting – it seems to have raised a large rock under which
the criminality of government can be seen very clearly. And I very much think that message is
getting out to the public.

But, there has certainly also been a lot of damage done to everything and all of us – especially
the most vulnerable among us. Of course, the Democrats have shown us how much damage
they can also do in aiding the GOP as junior partners. Both are following a corporate-fascist
agenda. I continue to feel that NOT voting for the lesser evil is the best way to bring down the
evil doers.

PS: Haven’t gotten time yet to look at all of the new liberal organizations which have cropped up
since the Trump election.

But have never understood why when NAACP turns out that Women’s groups don’t turn out …
and Environmentalists along with them – and every other liberal group – and vice versa.

ACLU also has a new group –

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