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John Oliver Leads Net Neutrality Fans to Crash FCC. Again


John Oliver Leads Net Neutrality Fans to Crash FCC. Again.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

He's done it again.

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver on Sunday issued another powerful rallying cry to save net neutrality protections, and, repeating the outcome of his 2014 plea, his viewers flooded the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) site, causing it to temporarily crash.


I was unable to put my state in the *required field, so I cannot participate. Anybody else having this problem? Seems like a conveniently broken site...


Yes! Is the FCC stopping us from post our comments? It's just like the GOP, they never answer their phones for comments either. Retry website again and enter State 1st before filling out anything else.


You DO have to punch the "done"button after you've selected your state on the dropdown.
I didn't have a problem. Be sure to insist in your comment to leave it under Title II.


Couldn't find a pie to throw at the FCC chair - so how about some flying fish to contemplate?


I finally got through. But bear in mind that the site crashed/clogged this time with fewer than 60,000 comments entered. Last time it took 3.7 million. democracy in action, in the new administration.


"The Trump team hates net neutrality because it fuels resistance." The Trump Bozo team hates anything progressive, liberal, or Democrat. He would be willing to destroy the country just to get rid of us. Hopefully someone pulls the plug on him before its too late.


John Oliver. Bravo quite a diversionary show. Of course the topic is guided to "net neutrality". Tell them John, that the issue is who rules, We the People, principled and aware or elsewhere. Tell them John, that the doubt was cast by hostile acts by not recognizing for example, that the functional equivalent of the Post Office is a "server" where sneak peaks inside are not but rarely sanctioned. Further, that the Postal Roads are the functional equivalent of a communications infrastructure of a free people, the internet, and not to be corporatized and commodified for some bankers profits as it suits them.
There is a Constitutional Principle, to be not just honored but recognized that as times change, we Amend, We the People, by process amend, to safeguard our communications. Congress had no rights to do otherwise as the keepers of the public trust. K

That said, I would run Green in a war between Reds and the Blues. Pick a side John. This is hardly your show when the "play", as one hearsays, "is the thing". Help the public play for keeps John.


NET Neutrality is just the right thing to do. We still don't have universal coverage in the US This is a very profitable industry as it is. There is no reason why we have to setup the Internet so only big companies can use it effectively. All the Western countries treat the Internet as a public utility.


Every time I see John Oliver, I think of the hatchet job he did on Jill Stein. I detest the limey SOB, he along with Thom Hartmann for the same reason.


I had no problem. Try again. There is an arrow off to the right to bring up the choices.


It took about 15 minutes from the time that I finished filling in the form until it would finally accept, but eventually it happened. Keep after it. It really is important.