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John Oliver: This Right-Wing Media Company Is National Threat to Local News


John Oliver: This Right-Wing Media Company Is National Threat to Local News

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver took on media consolidation and the not-so-covert conservative bias at Sinclair Broadcast Group's local news stations.


My wife and I have comment to each other that he has been on fire lately. Soooo much to work with. Been great. sooo good.


After posting about the SBG monster awhile back I had the same idea that Oliver completed: was pretty sure that SBG supplied "must carry" scripts and that if someone recorded different stations on the same night about the same story, all that video could be run simultaneously and would pretty much be identical. And make a pretty convincing indictment.

Don't have cable or satellite, so can't watch Oliver, but please keep up the good work. Others need to pick up this story because what SBG would most like to avoid is daylight. Don't worry John, many of us do recognize the video slime, no matter what lifeform it mimics.


Bravo to Oliver and his staff, for a meticulously told story.
Recommend circulating this widely.


It is and always will be all about the media. Whether it's offering a national pulpit to an opinated Sunday morning talk show guest or forcing a small local news broadcaster to read from a script it is always about the media! Call it oligarchy consolidation, the media 'r us! We talk about what they show us and if we have any criticism of what we are spoon fed, where exactly do we think that criticism will be aired?

Have you ever heard of any totalitarian or authoritarian state that had an open and free media? Not possible. It is the same everywhere, in every nation... the media defines the identity of the population. The media tells us what we like from the choices that it offered us. In a country like the USA, the media has been consolidated to the point that competition is becoming a dead issue.

No we don't have a state controlled media but in many ways, we are beginning to have a media controlled state. Sure you can go online and share with friends and family but what is there to talk about except for what we are offered as the news or entertainment. Who elected Trump? Who kept telling us that Hillary was the most unpopular candidate and that Trump wasn't any better. The media was the means of keeping oligarchy in power when it was challenged by Bernie's everyman populism. Whether it was to end up being Trump or Hillary, according to the media, it wasn't going to be Bernie. Lots of regrets about that now but here we are.

Oligarchy's media and oligarchy's press. Did you really think it would be any other way?


He has a Youtube channel Last Week Tonight where they upload his segments.


Thanks for the info. One more comment about this before this piece is archived. Several years ago I snooped around about SBG because it was obvious to me their ideological intent. I wrote (another) letter to the editor of the local paper laying out the contours of this media behemoth (and necessarily, the local TV affiliate,) and the paper's editor contacted me personally to tell me they would not print that letter. This, after printing letters of mine that called for the arrest of Bush/Chaney et al for malfeasance, dereliction of duty, and treason - while they were still in their first term. Other letters (of mine) wrote and printed exposed the lies of that administration pertaining to Iraq before the illegal invasion and occupation proceeded.

The point I'm making is that of all of the incendiary, accusatory, contrarian letters I wrote and submitted, the only one they would not print concerned their cohort in consent manufacturing. Whoever is not yet concerned or chilled by all of this, is not really paying attention.