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Join the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality


Join the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality

Amy Kroin

The Trump FCC is doing everything it can to destroy the open Internet—and on July 12, the Internet is fighting back.

"The loss of the open-Internet rules will kill free speech online, and will disproportionately harm the same communities—people of color, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQ community—the Trump team has targeted with one hateful action after the other."


The current administrations FCC chairman is not concerned with our voices. He refuses to discount botposted atta-boy's with stolen information from the previous public comments. He refuses to prove that there was a DDoS attack that left many unable to comment.

While I will fight to the bitter end for Net Neutrality, The game is rigged against us by an Orange dictator and his corporate cronies. They bought his Presidency, He's delivering for them. The days of an open internet are drawing to a close.


Thank you Amy for organizing the walk and not just talking the talk. Far too many progressive pundits, writers and bloggers talk but don't organize. Worse our websites do not even publicize actions in time for people to plan for them. We need an equivalent of the Peace Bulletin Boards that were always a part of the local anti-war and social justice newsletters people and groups self published back in the Sixties.

Why CD and the other sites do not have a civil disobedience protest bulletin board helps explain why progressives aren't normally as powerful a force as the Woman's March showed us we could be.


We may have to go back to local newsletters!


[Join the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality]

i read through this article hoping to find some online activities we might initiate to create internet problems for corporations and congress. let them experience the service slowdown they would foist on us. am i missing something? i found many examples showing how loss of net neutrality will damage our right as citizen to free speech. we the people need to identify and discuss the issues most important to our common good such as environmental issues, the costs of maintaining an aggressive military presence around the globe, the privatised prisons for profit system, the budget which ignores the crumbling infrastructure, the sickness for profit "healthcare" system and, of course, net neutrality. i did not see one suggestion as to what this "day of action" will entail.

yes, i even clicked on the Sign up today to participate prompt hoping to see a list of activities to choose from. but alas i saw only a request for my email and other contact info. 'wereflea' suggests that the woman's march proves our power, but i'm not sure what has been accomplished? is this what we'll do---march and carry signs? does anyone know what activities are planned? do the organizers ask for our suggestions? the venal political/corporate class will continue to ignore our pleas and do what feathers their own nests--although they feel flattered by our acknowledgement of their power. we need more than "a day of action". we need a life of action as if our lives depend on our wresting the power from the oligarchy in order to create a real democracy of, for and by the people!


With all due respect hummingbird and my agreement with your point in general, the reality is that you want other people to get things together but what about you? You speak of power of the people and then you criticize others for not offering you some choices on what actions to take! Did you organize others around some action or activity that you thought up? Americans want things offered to them on a silver platter rather than rolling up their sleeves and walking the walk to create something that wasn't there before they thought it up?

We need input from al of us as opposed to only joining something someone else created. That is also important! Things like the march showed numbers and commitment but what exactly did you expect to happen? Did you think Trump would resign or Repubs change their views? The fact is that politicians all saw the huge response to the march and are wary of opposing that force but that doesn't mean that they will now just give up! However when it comes time for reelection then you will see them sweat and backtrack on their positions. That is when people who participated in the march and those who only supported it will gain strength in numbers because everyone knows about the success of the march and that all those marchers are in agreement. The march made the feelings and beliefs of the people visible. That matters. That gives more progressive politicians an awareness of a constituency that isn't only theoretical but physical and concrete.

It is a struggle and a series of battles but one that people of good will are willing to wage since the alternative is surrendering to greed and reactionary force. It just takes time, there is no 'one battle wins the war' scenario! Look at Civil Rights...it took many battles even to get where we are or Women's Rights...the march was one battle that was won but the war itself ain't over. It was a victory though and a big one.

The marchers marched against the right's agenda and everybody saw just how much support there was for that fight!


thanks for your substantive reply, 'wereflea'. you know, i believe we agree more than we disagree, but often we humans misunderstand one another because in a way we don't always speak the same language. i mean even though we all discuss in english and presume our take on a word is universal, we often infer a point not intended. for example, just yesterday i read on truthdig an article about--well who else--donald trump! one trump fan chastised all us liberals because we live in a democracy and trump was elected by a majority of voters and therefore he "rules." this poster and i have a very different definition of the word. "democracy!" s/he seems to believe that every four years voters choose a new dictator or anoint, if we are pleased, that ruling dictator for a second term. our job is to acquiesce to popular opinion and stop griping about what our elected authority figures decide. to my understanding of "democracy" the word impies that we the people must be in charge of setting international AND domestic policy decisions. i'm in the process of reading a paul street article explaining why he believes this nation has never enjoyed a true democracy. it's a two page piece and i've read only page one so far. if you have time check it out as street offers a lot to think about.

you wrote, "With all due respect hummingbird and my agreement with your point in general, the reality is that you want other people to get things together but what about you? You speak of power of the people and then you criticize others for not offering you some choices on what actions to take! Did you organize others around some action or activity that you thought up?" i'm thinking of derrick jensen, a man who works with some first nation's people, because he believes the u.s mistreated those inhabitants from day one. an admirer asked derick, "what can i do?" to which jensen replied, "i cannot say what you should do; i only know what i will do!" i tend toward anarchism because i agree with will rogers that, "no government is better than self-government." my objection was more that these "day of action" organizers failed to seek ideas from us citizens. i get the impression that the organizers have planned the agenda and, therefore, limiting the activities under their paradigm. i could be wrong, but because without providing any info about their plans, they ask my email and street address and my phone number. i know squat about who and why they expect us to jump aboard. to answer your question--no, i have not attempted to organize people to follow my ideas. i just speak my mind and expect other to resist undemocratic authority figures or buckle under as each sees fit. we are adults, just like our "leaders" and are equally responsible for the choices we make. only by accepting our responsibility can we learn from our mistakes.


I appreciate your honest reply to my seemingly 'semi self-incriminating' question. Lol. I had difficulty making my words more universal rather than them being accusatory, I was mostly shooting for an 'all of us' inclusiveness rather than just you. Language is a blunt tool that people try to use like a scalpel.

To address one point in defense of march organizers (of which once I was one a very long time ago), if someone offers ideas then there has to be someone else whose job it is to read them. From experience, there were always well meaning people who would write very sincere (and way too long) letters to us which we could not take the time to answer because there were too few of us doing too much work simply trying to get the march or protest action out of the starting gate. So who exactly would answer your questions? It would have to be someone's job to do that one thing. Would it be the person's who have to pursue getting a permit to march (often from less than enthusiastic officialdom)? Would it be the persons attempting to get news of the march publicized? In those days we didn't have the net but sending a letter with the details to sister groups asking them to put a notice on their Peace calendars is similar to writing e-mails though immensely slower. Etc and etc! I ask you, if you were doing ten things when you should have been doing only one, where do you find the time to collate and respond to someone's ideas? If they say send us your ideas, they get thousands. If you said >>> 'I want to volunteer to help! Lol... you might get a swifter response on that idea!

There is no anarchy except in theory and philosophy. The idea of no government sounds great until you want all the things people in a highly civilized technological system like ours need and use every day! Make a list and you'll soon see why anarchy is an illusion of political philosophy not an actual political system. If you would be an anarchist then you must go off to an island somewhere and live alone. Other anarchists would tend to have disagreements with you and you with them as a matter of course. If you work cooperatively together - that is not anarchy but the rudimentary beginnings of democracy actually. If you don't believe me then make a list of all you use daily that is the direct result of coordinated cooperation amongst (a government by any other name) people whether driving on a road, going to a hospital, f'n eating food bought from a store that was transported from...etc and etc.

I suggest you communicate your ideas to progressive groups but honestly, they must be short and quick to catch the attention of people who are overladen with work that needs to be done. Keep it short and sweet and don't expect someone to read it a few weeks or so just before a march because you can imagine how busy people are.

Secondly, have you any ideas on how people can communicate their ideas using the net besides 'just sending it' randomly? Lol... I am not actually joking about that! Any ideas?