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Join Us To Keep Families Together


Join Us To Keep Families Together

Luz Sosa

It’s not right. Infants are being taken from their mothers. Families are being separated, and parents charged as criminals for sheltering children from violence.


Attended a rally earlier. Definitely important to support the work of the ACLU and other organizations on this.


Startling, isn’t it, how little interest there is in this issue among CDs “progressives”?


Come to think of it, yes.


It’s so easy for US born citizens to forget, unless you’re family roots are Native American, someone in you’re family was a immigrant at one time.
As I’ve said before, separating children from their families is just sick. Whoever invented this plan needs to be in a mental institution.


A nation of fear without any doubt.


Unless you’re Black.


Hmm, maybe they are at a protest, decrying this horrifying ICE/DHS/DOJ bs???


You think so? I was. Don’t know if that explains the apparent disinterest in this and another ICE related article currently posted. But protesting can be sooo exhausting.


Well, this doesn’t help. The missing children mostly represent children that came here without parents. Were placed in the community. Some ran away and others never responded to the attempts to check on them because of their legal status. This issue would get better support if it didn’t resort to misleading characterizations.


Not surprisingly, you don’t know what you’re talking about, to be charitable. Separating small children. Small Children, from parents, including those coming legally to the border to request asylum, is the stated official policy of the United States. 3 year olds. 4 year olds. You think they are running away? On those short legs? Talk about misleading.


The population in question is different from the recent ruling and is probably part of the basis for that ruling you are talking about. It would serve you to do a little broader reading on the issue. Just so you know that people that have been deported multiple times and/or committed civil or criminal offenses are not going to be treated well if they put themselves in harms way. There are over 200 million examples of children being separated from their families to draw a few conclusions on that.

So what should they do? I can’t wait to hear this.


By broader reading it appears you mean evasion. You are not talking about the actual issue and facts. Which is a form of defense of the policy. Ruling?


Talk about evasion, how about answering the question.


Not separate young children from parents. That is the only issue being addressed here, and it is a radical departure in policy.


That is what I’m talking about too. The thousands of children that came here without a parent. Now, the cultural divide of not having a legal parent or guardian. What are you suggesting the immigrant refugee camps like Australia?

Because the legal guardian thing was not working, care to guess why?

(it is referenced in the article without context)


I will make this as simple for you as I can: The issue is young children, often very young children, arriving at the border WITH their parents. 4, 5, 6, 7…year old children have neither run away nor traveled hundreds of miles alone. They are being warehoused in facilities run by Federally hired contractors who bar entry even to US Senator. Forget the press. I am getting the idea that the answer you seek is, Build the Wall.


I’m sorry, if you read the article (I just read it again) it is not just about small children affected by immigration. Nor does the author or some readers know much about the history of immigration in this country.

I think the article does more to confuse the issue than inform but if you have a solution?