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Joining Bernie and Trumping Obama, Clinton Comes Out Against Keystone XL


Joining Bernie and Trumping Obama, Clinton Comes Out Against Keystone XL

Jon Queally, staff writer

Joining political rival Bernie Sanders in his long-held opposition and distancing herself from the reluctance of the Obama administration to reject the project outright, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton came out publicly against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline for the first time on Tuesday.


Two thoughts:

1) Despite this, I would still expect if she wins the nomination and the presidency that she'll flip flop back to the other side. I don't trust this woman. She clearly is saying now what she thinks she needs to say to keep the voting base from abandoning her. But once she is in office I expect her to do what she thinks will keep the financial powers that be happy.

2) So we saw this on MSNBC. Now, my adult son who tries to follow these things called me into to tell me that Hillary had said something I would agree with. As I stepped in from fixing dinner he went on saying that on this she was even better than Sanders because, "He hasn't said anything like this."

My son is not stupid. Like I said he pays attention. But he's not a political junkie like me. He doesn't spend a lot of time online at news and/or leftist sites. So he didn't know Sanders had been against this from the start and had challenged Clinton to say if she was for or against. Even watching MSNBC he had no idea. The MSNBC folk did NOT point out that Clinton was belatedly following Sanders lead. I had to tell him the truth, even though as many of you know I'm not a Sanders supporter because I'm supporting Jill Stein, I had to point out where Sanders really was.

The same thing happened on the media when Trump and Carson had such Islamophobic comments. Clinton's response was all over the media. If you didn't know it, you'd think Sanders hadn't said anything about it.

The media will not be fair here.


Hooray...it is about damn time. Perhaps now your polling numbers will go up. Not fun being behind the 8-ball, is it HC.

Senator Sanders is light years ahead of you Hill when it comes to being sincere and in touch with the 99%. He has lived his entire life with compassion and caring for his fellow human...not just when someone is watching.


Hillary sure seems to have gotten scared of her falling numbers and Bernie's rising ones after Iowa and NH. This marks a watershed moment where she is acknowledging that something has to be done to stop the hemorrhaging of her campaign before the damage in the public's eye becomes irreparable.

Hillary will try to cast herself as a climate activist from here on in because there at least she can chart new ground whereas elsewhere she is on the record and can't just flip positions so easily.

Bernie needs to stay in front on this and not allow her to catch up (in the mind of the public) and present herself as having always been a climate activist.


In time for the evening news.


Actually it's just in time for the Pope's visit to the United States with his message of reining in the use of fossil fuels which threaten to wreak havoc on our environment and climate. Her timing has everything to do with convincing the public her message is in perfect harmony with the Papal message. This woman is beyond belief !!


Secretary Clinton will say anything to become president. Unfortunately for her, that's exactly why she'll never be president.


Excellent, I hadn't thought of that, a good one.


It blows my mind that there are people who actually believe Secretary Clinton would make a good leader when all she does is follow. In this case, it is Senator Sanders. In other cases, it is the dictates of Wall St. and/or the MIC.


Will Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and TD Bank ask Hillary for their $1.6 million back?


"I think it is imperative," Clinton said during a campaign stop in Iowa, "that we look at the Keystone pipeline as what I believe it is—a distraction from important work we have to do on climate change."

Citing her personal perspective, Clinton continued by saying the controversial project is "one that interferes with our ability to move forward with all the other issues. Therefore I oppose it."

I'll take any opposition to the tar sands pipelines, but I can't fully understand Hillary Clinton's explanation of her reasoning. Most people oppose the tar sands pipelines because their construction sinks lots of money into pieces of infrastructure that we can never use if we want to inhibit climate change. After the infrastructure money has been sunk into the pipes, we're economically tempted to continue using the fool things.

"Interferes with our ability to move forward"? Eh, sort of. A "distraction"? Not really. It's attracting everyone's full attention as a centerpiece pork barrel project for the tar sands industry, a project that needs cancellation.


Wouldn't believe her if she swore she was ly'n!


My immediate reaction too.


I completely agree... she has not been against it from the beginning... and now she is just copying in order to keep her base... I think it is embarrassing to have her run .... I think she is making women look stupid... sorry... but, the whole e mail thing makes me cringe... do you mean, a woman with her political experience. ... would not realize that some of the emails she would get on a personal server, would be maybe just a little bit sensitive?.... to me, it shows her arrogance and her down right obliviousness to the real world... I almost feel sorry for her... she probably thought she had this all wrapped up.... funny how things are turning out... bet she has a voodoo doll of Bernie and pokes him with pins every night...
Also, I am a green and I am reviewing some of the other green candidates.... Jill, well, she is fine from what I remember, but, she sounds like she is going to cry when she talks.....


She's adopting all of Bernie's issues, but talk is cheap.


Hmmm - somehow, before i heard a lot about the issues from Sanders, i heard them from Greens ...


Like any candidate that takes Wall Street gifts, courtesy of a conservative SCOTUS.


Tanking in the polls, she now comes up with better lies.


The FBI was called in to protect Hillary from Hillary.


Have to admit this is kind of funny - we are told that we have to "pressure" folks that we elect - so now 350.org is crowing - "see what pressure can do!" And obviously Hillary can be "pressured", right?

So, if "pressuring" folks works so well, why is everyone so cynical about Hillary?

Of course this is for appearances, to get votes - but this is typical of duopoly candidates, they "get religion" and adapt to the times - Sanders is no different .....

Obama was "pressured before the last election - and his postponement of a decision on KXL was also considered a "victory" sufficient to encourage folks to "give him a chance" so he kept disgruntled environmentalists in the fold and won, then proceeded to approve so many other pipeline deals through other agencies that basically KXL is redundant - I suspect Clinton knows this .... but this naive faith in the "pressuring" routine, whether on Clinton re KXL, or Sanders on FP - serves to cement support when the "pressured" one throws folks a bone - that proves to have no meat on it ....

Sorry, but when you support folks that need to be "pressured", expect to get suckered ...