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Joining Nationwide Teacher Rebellion, Tens of Thousands Rally for Education in Oklahoma


Joining Nationwide Teacher Rebellion, Tens of Thousands Rally for Education in Oklahoma

Julia Conley, staff writer

A weeks-long mobilization in Oklahoma resulted in teachers striking across the state on Monday, with tens of thousands of educators and supporters rallying at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City to demand more funding for schools and higher wages for teachers.


As a student of Zinn, I think it is safe to say that this is how change happens, always been so. Very few political leaders actually lead on structural changes their donors oppose. The corrupt politicians in control of both the parties that are always asking working people to wait for long-overdue and needed changes, as well as justice, they’re worthless. They’ll eventually realize that they have no choice and will be forced to do what they should have done, or they’ll be forced from office and will start their careers in lobbying. The people that always dismissed people on the left as far as expecting unicorns and rainbows, it was obviously a case of projection. Expecting the Democrats to do anything but try to maintain their own power was the unicorns and rainbows, and if the Democrats don’t get on board they’ll go away as a party. The kids involved in the protests have done more in a few months than the Democrats have done in decades, and that will be the case with every other major issue since the Democrats nationally are an obstacle to this type of change just as much as the Republicans are. They’re just a different type of obstacle.

Keep up the fight!



PS: I would add that the ‘different kind of obstacle’ because they keep saying enough things that people want to hear and people keep falling for their ‘progressive’ lies.



Just more exposure of the rot that neo-liberal economic policies have destroyed. Public schools the backbone of industrial society are being gutted for the eventual privatization of thee education system and the ‘people’ lose everything in the process especially decent education for the kiddos who stand to lose the most. This is not a party problem they both want to screw the school system and are currently doing a good job of it too as dilapidated buildings crumble and inadequate heating in neglected due to budgetary constraints. Start taxing enough to pay for the kiddos the ones left with this shit mess left in the wake of industrial capitalism. They’ll need all the help they can get.


This is indeed how change happens. Perhaps the very first acts of non-violent revolution have begun. Also, perhaps they have not. They just may get crushed. The machine knows all too well what this kind of thing can lead to. We will have to watch and see. Keep up the fight indeed:)


Let’s just not watch and see, but participate as we can.



Let’s not just “watch_”- let’s all be part of it. I remember all too well when charter “schools” came about- they are nothing but a corrupt scam and they pay teachers garbage.


Not just “keep up” but join in the fight . This duopoly also wants to destroy the environment and made all creatures ( except the human one per centers) extinct.


It is a great relief to see this, though one needs more, as usual.

After all the comparisons with the Germany of the 1930s, I am interested to see the parallels with movements in South and Central America and in Mexico. It makes some sense, after all, since the eminence gris and grisly architects of what the teachers are fighting are the direct descendants of the CIA, WB, IMF-driven hierarchies of those countries.

We may enter another season. Hasta la victoria siempre, compas.


Go teachers!


Duopoly - while I agree generally about problems with both repubs and Dems, lack of education funding in Oklahoma and other states is squarely the result of repub policies and strategy, not Dem.


Yes, I can see why you would say that. Lack of ed funding so that the masses would be dumbed down- nice, right?