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Joining Single-Payer Chorus, Al Gore Says For-Profit System Had Its Chance


Joining Single-Payer Chorus, Al Gore Says For-Profit System Had Its Chance

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of what appeared to be Trumpcare's final collapse on Monday and in the midst of growing grassroots demands for Democratic lawmakers to embrace a "bold" agenda, former Vice President Al Gore said at an event on Tuesday that he believes the United States should move toward a single-payer system that guarantees heal


He thinks we’ve reached the point…

Al, we reached that point long ago. In the meantime, your party perpetuated the for-profit model that generates embarrassing health outcomes, shifts all outrageous cost increases onto consumers, and frankly, ruins lives.

Better late than never, I guess, but Damn Dude, where you been?


I think the “Democrats” are finally getting worried that they may lose their turn at wealth and power under the Oilagarchy. Just like the “Republicans,” they’ll say anything, promise anything, to get votes or support.

  • How often have We the People listened to them and played the game, only to wind up poorer and more surveiled in the end?
  • It is way past time that We the People form a group, a coalition, whatever you wish to call it, that will stand up to the Oilagarchy and its sock puppets and insist on returning this nation to a Constitutional Republic, with representatives who represent us, not the Oilagarchy.
  • I’m afraid we are running out of time in which to act.


“The Democratic Party is … a little Inter-Party Soul Searching away from…”

Rejecting Big Money?

Until then…


Taking a stand out of office…how brave.


Well, that’s taking a strong stand Al…“Gore said at an event on Tuesday that he believes the United States should move toward a single-payer system that guarantees healthcare for every American.”

The problem is the Dem DINO establishment is in bed with the health care profiteers - insurance, big-pharma, corporate takeovers of hospitals and care providers and related parasites. What’s needed is not a mouthful of well-crafted mumbles, but an unambiguous declarative statement with no wiggle-room supporting an immediate break with the for-profit health “care” rip-off!


This bit of “wisdom” from the DLC idiot who was the point man for Clinton’s “Third Way ‘reimagining government’” which privatized hundreds of thousands of good federal jobs and moved the rest of the work to the states w/o any way to pay for it. The overall costs increased and services tanked (and are still tanking).

Also, he was one of the geniuses who helped to make OSHA and the EPA regulatory agencies by pushing enforcement to the states and allowing violators to self-report and offer consent-decree compliance compromises instead of firm heavy fines. When fines were (and are) actually assessed, they were/are bargained down to wrist-slaps by the end.

We should be glad that you finally got religion on Single Payer Al, but fact is you already buried the knife so deep in the back of your nation that if you pull it out now, we’ll bleed out. Your dad was a greatSenator. What happened?


Let’s leave the “entirely without risk” crap to the Republicans, shall we Chris?

The only risk is it would make the Republicans so unhappy they would pee down their legs.


I can’t think of worse news for those working to advance a universal single payer healthcare system in this country.

Go away Al Gore.


Under some unifying theory of progressive governance, can we just dismiss the folks who think climate change is a more pressing issue than Single-Payer Healthcare? What about living wage jobs? How do environmental regulations intersect? What is a hierarchy of political change look like? Whose oxen get gored, here?:wink:
Just wondering.


Good article at The Intercept today, about the perspective of Max Fine, the last surviving member of President Kennedy’s Medicare Task Force.


You are on the right track to the future. Let me contribute a hint on how to get there:
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Today on Democracy Now! there is a segment with Dr. Carol Paris (president of Physicians for a National Health Program). She was arrested Monday during a protest against the Republican healthcare bill, and talked about the urgency of making a single payer system happen. She made two particularly good points. One is that Medicare was passed in 1965, and only took one year to implement (with computer technology available in 1965), so there is no real technological obstacle, only political corruption obstacles. The other point was that she met other protesters from other groups, and they realized they didn’t know anything about each others’ groups.

It sounds to me like a great opportunity exists for different groups to coordinate with each other. I wonder if there could be some type of ambassador plan, where each group could designate one member to follow what other groups are doing. Like one person follows Physicians for a National Health Program, and one person follows the Green Party, etc. Some groups might benefit from an “exchange student” type plan. Not just for health insurance, but many activist groups in need of coordination


Well, Max, they may leap ahead of the corporate Democrats, but not of the progressive Democrats, which will rule that party long before the GOPs catch on to their senses. :smile:


That is exactly, why they all got together in “Summer of Progress”.
See the list of them in my other post (#12)


" In a perfect world, every one would be a very liberal Republican ". Frank Zappa
I’ve always thought this was a very interesting and viable quote. But, I just can’t find any very liberal Republicans to discuss its political implications. Not even many liberal Democrats, either.
What do you think Max Fine would say to Frank? They’d both be old geezers by now. Frank would be 77.


No progress until Pelosi and her ilk are gone. It’s the Democratic establishment that are keeping us from moving aggressively forward on healthcare, and no one should doubt that.


We can only hope Hillary keeps quiet.


Gore is now so identified with fighting climate change does anyone even care what he says about healthcare?


And Joe Lieberman. Once the Democratic establishment supports it will the progressive wing still be for single-payer? They might have to support the British system where doctors are employed by the government and the cost of healthcare coverage is relatively low compared to most countries with single-payer. National healthcare, that is what we need may become the new issue to attack the Democratic establishment with.