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Joining Wave of GOP Anti-Choice Attacks, Louisiana's Democratic Governor Signs Into Law Abortion Ban Written By Democrat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/31/joining-wave-gop-anti-choice-attacks-louisianas-democratic-governor-signs-law

Why do people, primarily fundamentalist “Christian” men in particular, feel the need to play God? Wouldn’t God (if he were real and would stop playing with his thingy long enough to) just have a talk with the woman and convince her to carry to term? Is God not all powerful and omniscient as the church tried so hard to get me to believe? Hey, preacher, leave those girls alone.


I’m no longer a Democrat because of what they did to Sanders in 2016, but my long-held opinion is that anyone who does not totally support a woman’s right to abortion and birth control without restrictions is no kind of progressive or Democrat AT ALL. They are truly a DINO (Democrat In Name Only). This idea that fundamental human rights, like the right to abortion, or the vote, or any other such thing, can be decided on a state-by-state basis goes back to the argument that slavery was a matter for each state to decide. It is as much a BS argument today as it was 160 years ago. Fundamental human rights cannot and should not be left to individual states. It must be national policy, just like how we educate children, or run elections cannot be left to the selfish interests of racists of individual states. That is how we get kids being taught crap like the Civil War was “The War of Northern Aggression”, and racist political districts and ID laws.


howdy doody is back again as a democrat?

More proof that the ‘Tent’ is just too damn big. There is no room for this.

When ‘tent’ is THIS big, the only thing the Party stands for is a slightly slower continued push into Fascism.


Is this what they call the “duopoly”?

I understand that both groups also oppose welfare.

Who is going to pay for all those unwanted children?


Gives new meaninglessness to the word “Democrat.”


Who is going to ‘pay’ for all of the poor women that die in ‘back alley’ abortions?

Rich women will simply go to another state, or country. Like they did before Roe v Wade.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, That is what I call Republican Scum masquerading as a Democrat to get elected. Their deeds tell you what they are. The best bet for states that are liberal is to form another country as trying to get the other states back to a real democratic stance is proving impossible. Let the right wing scum states have the old name and we could use another name to distinguish us from them as if anything is really needed.


Hello ThomasMarx, The poor as the government will revert to the policy of go fuck yourself as there is no money after WAR, BIG BUSINESS AND RUINING/RUNNING GOVERNMENT!


This abortion issue is a prime example of why the glut of these Republican versus Democrat analysis articles we see here on CD and the liberal media are suspect and flawed from the start. It’s now all but impossible to find an issue where all Democrats vote as a unified bloc. When it really counts, seems there’s always some Democrats who vote with the Republicans.

It also raises the question of how any progressive candidate running as a Democrat is going to deal with their own party to enact any serious change, should we get a progressive in the White House. Bernie, Warren and others may have some progressive ideas and solutions, but they are running with a party that is still very much centrist and, at times, downright resistant to change a la Pelosi and Schumer. This is a question that seldom gets asked, but should get asked of any candidate running under a progressive label.


We are all (or should be) pro-choice/pro-life. What’s going on today in several states is a return to anti-choice. These people can legitimately call themselves “pro-life” when they force the government to allocate sufficient funding (raise taxes) so that no child/family lives on the street, in a car, or in a park. So that no child/family is hungry. So that no child goes uneducated, and that includes free college. Think they’ll do it? Never. These hypocrites would rather be preaching about with whom, how and when one should be having sexual relations.

Women, and women alone, specifically the one being impacted, should be able to choose whether or not she wants to carry a fetus to term. The government, federal and state, needs to get out of a woman’s ability to make this decision for herself. She is the only one that knows what she needs and/or wants.


Somewhere in America there is a hard drive or thumbnail with the plan to embed gop members into the dem party.

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…when the budgets for education, housing and health care exceed that for war.


I always enjoy a Pink Floyd references. The other side of the scriptures tell us WE have personal choice, but God is what, the referee?
I think a lot of liberals feel that a Planned Parenthood clinic is the ultimate. Where mental and physical healthcare are offered and unlimited. Comprehensive counseling is going to save a lot of women and give better options to women undecided whether to have a child. Choice.


Don’t worry, we will feed them garbage and if that doesn’t work we will send them to one of our many war zones. Population control.

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Best on line music video by Bob Dylan. Youtube- “Jokerman”.

Words are so relevant to today.

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— It is a direct attack on personal freedom.

— Then MEN can’t DECIDE.

Hi advocate22:
LOL. I like that. : )
However, here’s the million dollar question for parents…if your state college or university or whatever college your daughter to go to in that state, maybe you should make sure it’s a woman friendly state and allows for abortions.
College is confusing enough, but if that school doesn’t even have a decent health center and a law which respects a woman’s right to choose-----don’t send her to that state; find one that thinks women should control their own bodies: )