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JOINT STATEMENT: Agreement Signed by Trump and Kim at Singapore Summit


JOINT STATEMENT: Agreement Signed by Trump and Kim at Singapore Summit

Common Dreams staff

In what was described as a "huge deal" and hopeful progress, the Singapore Summit between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea resulted in the signing of a joint statement which the two parties indicated should be taken as the first step towards building a "lasting and robust peace regime on the Korean Peninsula."


Ironic that, on a day where some democrats and the corporate media praise Trump for signing a non binding statement that says that sometime in the future we maybe, possibly, probably will address the problems that face the Korean Peninsula, they ignore that our miltary and our new friends in Saudi Arabia bombed a hospital.
Let’s put this in proper perspective folks. With no actual treaty or binding agreement, a man who lies multiple times a day, every day, has once again said “trust me”
Really? Are we this fucking stupid?


I wonder if the military didn’t just inform Trump that they no longer needed a land-based nuclear presence on the peninsula to turn NK into glass, so peace out Mr. Trump–at least on paper. There is no way the US would abandon its full spectrum dominance on the peninsula. No fucking way.


They BOTH are liars… neither one can be trusted.


So in what way is the denuclearization document that Trump signed with Kim even remotely superior to the one negotiated with Iran by Obama – the deal that Trump blasted as so weak that he has decided to renege on it?

Simple – the latter was signed by Obama (that pathetic loser who should never have been elected), whereas the NK Summit document was signed by Trump (the greatest leader in the history of Western civilization).

This conclusion is brought to us courtesy of the delusional, deranged psyche of Donnie T.


JOINT STATEMENT : Does that mean they split a Doobie, before making a statement?


Doubtful, but should be a requirement before heads of states sit down for any kind of summit.


I often wondered why there is no mention of treaties anymore. Everything is a “deal.”
*The agreement with Iran is not called a treaty, it is always referred to as “the deal.”
*By the Constitution, a treaty, once ratified, becomes the “Law of the Land” many of which have been broken by this country.
*But a deal? Hell, we watch that on TV, “Let’s make a deal,” for instance. Deals are made and broken all the time in business and politics, so we’ll just make deals with other countries and won’t have to be embarrassed by that ol’ Constitution and its treaty provision…


The “denuclearization of the Korean PENINSULA” includes South Korea. Haha