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Jon Stewart: "Bullsh*t Is Everywhere"


Jon Stewart: "Bullsh*t Is Everywhere"

After 16 years of truth-telling, Jon Stewart's final Daily Show was caustic, touching and rowdy as he brought out scores of former co-conspirators; the last, Stephen Colbert, offered a heartfelt tribute that brought Stewart to tears. Fittingly, he ended with an impassioned call for vigilance against political, corporate and media bullshit - ie: "Patriot Act" for "Are You Scared Enough to Let Me Look at All of Your Phone Records Act." His parting shot: "If you smell something, say something." We'll miss him.


Jon, I am going to stalk you and find your next venue. Don’t think you can hide. We are legion.


I will miss Jon Stewart. He really did, for the most part, make his points powerfully and directly, refreshingly lacking political correctness or genuflection to the powerful. I also like the talent he regularly brought to his show as regulars. I wish him the best of the best. The only good media left for the honest and informed now are John Oliver, Larry Wilmore and, the absolute best of the best, Amy Goodman. Bill Maher is several steps beneath Jon, John and Larry and numerous floors beneath Amy (who would be a good person for Bill to interview and have on as a panelist.)


Why do I get the feeling he reads Chris Hedges - and maybe Chis Hedges watches him… keep on keepin on Jon - and thanks for the footholds.


In an age of Limbaugh and Savage and various O’Reillys, you just have to wonder at how fortunate we were to have Jon keep us a bit more sane, a bit more intelligent and a lot more amused than we deserved.

In that mythical alternate universe where there was no Jon Stewart to skewer the ‘bullshitters’, Americans ended up thinking that the Patriot Act didn’t go far enough and Limbaugh was too liberal.

Laughter is brain food in Jon’s hands.


Hope you come back, Jon. You’re like Moyers–we need every last one of ye. Thanks a million and hope you enjoy your family during this break.


I may be paranoid, but it seems that all the good ones like JS are being weeded out of the MSM with no good replacements.


Not having cable TV and Comedy Central is not available on free TV here, I have only watched his program online and not regularly. When I did, it was good, funny and pertinent. Who is going to replace him with similar stances?
I must say, however, that the photo at the top is disturbing to me with there being no women in the group. The implication is that women did not contribute anything to the show. I don’t know if that’s true, regardless, it doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling to feel so vicariously excluded. And no, you don’t get used to it.


Now he’s passed the torch, to all of us.

A big big responsibility that he handled with so much grace and humor.

I got my BS sniffer going and hope I can do half as well.


Yes, I just heard today that the Network is taking the Ed Show off the air- For many this guy didn’t fulfill all of their wishes but WTF, one show can’t satisfy all of the Progressives all of the time- He was the ONLY one on mainstream that gave the new “Free Trade Agreements” A few bad words…And there have been others taken off the air (Cenk Uygur, among many others)- I like to call it the Clear Channel “Dixie Chicks” syndrome-This somewhat validates your paranoia…


If he believes what he says—that bullsh*t is everywhere—then he’d accept the charge that you cannot serve sincerely as satirist of goverment’s perfidy and still lob softballs at sitting presidents to the devotional cheers of the gallery. Unless of course your target is self-irony over the head of your viewers.


I watched a few minutes, but turned it off when one of Jon’s buddies said “You’re a pussy.”

Stupid Boy’s Club, where the worst insult one can fling is to call someone a female. I haven’t watched the show regularly in several years for this reason.

I hope the new host can make some changes, get some new writers, and make the show watchable for both men and women. Not holding my breath, I know it’s not too likely, but one can hope.


Yes, Jon Stewart is a straight white (if not WASPish) East Coast male. And sometimes, over the years, that grated a little… And, yes, I’ve had to work at “getting over it” to keep watching regularly. Having said that, the guy is a lovable genius who has done more to benefit others (regardless of who they are or where they’re from) than all but 2 or 3 of his peers (Bill Moyers comes to mind). We all have our baggage that identifies us - in Stewart’s he carries less of it than most others and I’ve learned from his words and actions to be alot more forgiving to others (him included) than I ever have from any self-identified, self-promoting Christian. He is about as authentic a human being on our national media as I’ve ever witnessed. That alone makes him a precious national asset that we need to continue to treasure while we await his return in whatever incarnation he may choose.


I’m not sure, but isn’t that A Black Woman to the far left in the photo?
Yes, on A second take, I’m quite sure it is A Female…


I think Jon realized that he had done as much as he could to make change on the The Daily Show. There is still some time before the 2016 election and Jon may have another way of stopping the GOP from gobbling up the rest of the country before it is impossible to stop them. Jon has access to the best minds in the country and the world. He can use them to his advantage. This is my pipe dream. I hope it is true.


This is not just the end of the Daily Show, it is the end of the public figure Jon Stewart. As surely as Dan Rather will always be associated with CBS evening news, Jim Nabors will always be known as Gomer Pyle, and Richard Nixon as a disgraced president, Jon Stewart will always be known for the character he played on the Daily Show.
Rest in peace Jon. May your earnings be sufficient to sustain you and may you be able to escape the role you played so well for all those years on cable TV to become who you really are…


You have a point there. MSNBC got rid of Ed Schultz recently. They also got rid of Phil Donahue at the beginning of the second Iraq “war” despite the fact that his ratings were increasing. The “liberal media” is one of the biggest examples of “bullshit” that Stewart was warning us about. Along with “American exceptionalism”.


Running the US polity by depending upon the support and participation of the least informed, most prejudiced will cause the destruction of that system. But were the well-informed and insightful to take charge the system is doomed. The future is not bright for the bullsh@tters.


My BS sniffer’s done been worn out by what corporate media tries to feed us. Jon helped save my sniffer but now i guess I’ll have to see about a retread and do it myself.


I agree Wired. I feel the fatigue as well.

Keep the faith.