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Joni Ernst Wants to Cut Social Security Behind Closed Doors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/06/joni-ernst-wants-cut-social-security-behind-closed-doors

A strong and clear message needs to be sent to all in DC, if you cut Social Security, we will come for you and no amount of security state is going to protect you.
I hope many people are as fed up with this as I am, this is our money, since Congress doesn’t seem to understand this, it’s long past time for congress critters to fear their constituents.


Most whores work behind closed doors in the dark, so no surprise here.


Sen. Ernst needs to have her mlilitary pension and benefits greatly reduced, her Congressional perks and privileges ended and have all of it rolled up into the Social Security and Medicare programs.
I would allow the Senator to get disability payments starting right now, however. She obviously got kicked in the head while castrasting a very large boar. Hard to hold both legs and the knife at the same time, right Joni?


No need to disparage prostitutes, but, yes, most definately get your point.


Altman sez:
" Every Democratic presidential candidate opposes cutting Social Security benefits, and nearly all support expanding them."

So Frontrunner Joe™ has finally broken with Obama on something. Who knew?


Unfortunately, “cut” and “expand” are extremely vague words, and when applied to something as complicated as Social Security, especially if politicians are planning on privatizing its administration, someone might want to “cut” SS by most people’s interpretation, yet say they want to expand it, without outright lying.


Obama wanted to use the commission scam to cut it. Everyone has a trick to use to gut social security. It’s the single most hated program among elites that there is. And Ernst is trying to throw granny off a cliff: as long as it’s a poor granny.

These are your rulers folks. Think you can still ‘persuade’ them to rule responsibly? Might want to rethink that long-suffering fantasy.


You need to expand your Websters by opening it up and learn more by not cutting out every other page. Are any of those words confusing?
Just wonderin’?

Ha! Just looked up the stats. Iowa has one of the larger percentages of its population on Social Security. Wonder how they feel about their gunlicking Trump teat sucking Senator trying to screw them?


Hahaha!!! . Thanks for that picture in my head!!!

After all, in this day and age, a prostitute can become First “Lady”!


If they cut SS, I will take up arms.


well, we know begging hasn’t worked so far.


Altman paints too simplistic a picture. i wish it were as cut and dried as “Republicans want to cut, Democrats want to expand” but factually many top Democrats including Obama and both Clintons have sought to work “across the aisle” to cut Social Security. Many of the same donors who fund the Republican Party also fund the Democratic Party, and cuts is what this donor class wants.


Warren, Bernie & Uncle Joe- that’s it. The rest are running for VP or Cabinet positions.
The focus and pressure should be on those 3.
OhBummer & The Clintons aren’t running as far as I know. Been there, done that.

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OhBummer and his policies ARE running this time in the hollow suit of ByeDone. He will push for cuts to SS to please his corporate masters. Bet on it.


In 2016, Hillary said she wanted to “expand” social security. Details from her campaign website said she wanted to increase the age before people could collect. I guess in her mind that meant more money for the fewer people collecting.

Other Democrats talk about fixing COLA formulas to be more honest. That might be a necessary step, but I don’t call that “expanding” SS.

Republicans (yes, and Democrats,) talk about privatizing SS, saying that private administrators can invest better and make more money. If they wanted, they could call that, “expanding”.

Your turn: tell me how “cut” means just one thing and “expand” means just one thing. Or, pull your usual nonsense with a deftly proffered F-bomb, or meaningless satire that doesn’t even address a point, let alone prove one.


Not everyone who has worn a military uniform is brave or heroic.
Cowardly Joni Ernst constantly pushes her status as an Iraq War vet at us and yet she wants to hide out from us to discuss changes to the Social Security program that we have paid into all of our lives.
She needs to go back to the hog farm in 2020, and stay there.


I am. But, I’m not going keep living in 2008-2016, either. That’s not progressive, it’s crying in your beer. And then, spreading the tears around, so to speak.