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José Bové, Noted Anti-Globalization Activist, Denied Entry to Canada


José Bové, Noted Anti-Globalization Activist, Denied Entry to Canada

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

José Bové, member of European Parliament, farmer, and noted anti-globalization activist, was held for several hours Montreal's airport on Tuesday and later forced to leave the country, proving, according to one observer, that a pending Canada-European Union trade deal is "direct attack on our democracy."


Canadian democracy in action.
Canada probably had an extended conversation with both Hillary and Obama who told the Canadians to tell Bove that his anti-globalization message was not welcome so go back where you came from.
Free speech in Canada clearly no longer exists.


Didn't Amy Goodman recently experience harassment entering Canada ?


Canada .....one of America's water boys.


Glad they changed their minds up there which is something that soeems can't happen here (in the USA.) Or possibly here, where I am, but that another story.


The irony of it all is, that he gained a lot more publicity beneficial to his cause, than if he had been let in and been allowed to attend to his speaking engagement


Hard to believe this story will be covered by enough mainstream media for many folks to find out that Bove was denied entry. It will be hard for any news story to compete with the daily Trump revelations being highlighted by the media for the remainder of October.


It was several years ago when Amy was entering BC from Washington for some speaking engagements during the the fall before the 2010 Winter Olympics. The border people were under some kind of order to turn back anyone who might say derogatory things about their glorious Vancouver Winter Olympics. Amy knew nothing about these Olympics (she is a "don't give a damn about sports" type like I am) but the border people did not believe her.



How do you spell democracy in Canada?
"Corporate money lawyers".
What? You expected hyphens?
Look to the pending agreement.