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Joseph Medicine Crow, Last Crow War Chief and Living Link to Battle of Little Bighorn, Dies at 102


Joseph Medicine Crow, Last Crow War Chief and Living Link to Battle of Little Bighorn, Dies at 102

Nika Knight, staff writer

Joseph Medicine Crow, the last living Plains Indian war chief and a passionate historian, died on Sunday at age 102.

A member of the Crow tribe, Medicine Crow was an outspoken advocate for his people, whose suffering he witnessed in the wake of the U.S. government's relegation of American Indian tribes to reservations and the policy of cultural genocide in government-run boarding schools.


Heck of a war chief. He should be given full military honors at his funeral in addition to his tribal customs. Why don't we see movies made about this kind of person? He certainly had big medicine and a masters.


When Custer lost the battle at little big horn, the newspapers of that time called it " A MASSACRE ".

If Custer would have massacred and annihilated the Native Americans who were really freedom fighters, trying to save their country from being stolen, it would have not been called a massacre but a glorious battle and Custer would have been given a medal and glorified as a brave soldier.


Rest in peace honorable and ancient one. Thank you for making videos of your memories of and witness to important US history. This is always the tragedy when the elders in our midst die. A special and vital connection to the past dies with them.


Ol' Cus' was a real head case worthy of comparisons to MacArthur and Patton (minus their strategic and tactical prowess).


I had professional dealings with Chief Dan Old Elk of The Crow Nation back in 1984/85. I've never met a finer man. In 1976 he led the wagon train from D.C. to San Francisco as part of the 4th of July celebrations. The Tribe has lost a Treasure of rare value losing Joseph Medicine Crow. I miss the country between Billings MT and Casper WY, Little Big Horn is mighty pretty. Fond memories, stirring ghosts.


May your woniya rest in peace in the place of your hunkas. Wakan Tanka smile on you and everywhere on your behalf the alowan be heard.


From: http://nativenewsonline.net

Dr. Joe Medicine Crow

During a White House ceremony in 2009, President Obama presented Dr. Medicine Crow with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and stated:

“Born just a generation past the Battle of the Little Big Horn, a grandson of a scout for General Custer himself, _

r. Joseph Medicine Crow was the first member of his tribe to attend college and earn a Master’s. Before completing his PhD, he left to serve in World War II. Wearing war paint beneath his uniform, and a sacred feather beneath his helmet, Joseph Medicine Crow completed the four battlefield deeds that made him the last Crow war chief. Historian, educator, and patriot — a good man, a bacheitche in Crow — Dr. Medicine Crow’s life reflects not only the warrior spirit of the Crow people, but America’s highest ideals.”

Senator Sanders is right when he states in his campaign speeches that we Americans owe the 1st Peoples a debt of gratitude for the greatest gif of allt to us - the importance of living in nature, not destroying it! "Please forgive those who went before," my words.


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You do realize that the Crows fought for Custer and against their traditional enemies the Cheyenne and Sioux nations? The willingness of the Crows to work for the white man, especially the hated 7th Calvary under Custer, earned them well deserved distain from other Native American nations.


I didn't realize that, but what I did see right off is that I don't share his reverence for prowess in war. And I find his willingness to fight with the white man while imagining he's carrying out some red man traditions, bizarre.

Generally among natives, war chiefs were only chiefs during war. Otherwise it was thought dangerous to give them power.