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Journalism as Subversion


Journalism as Subversion

Chris Hedges

The assault of global capitalism is not only an economic and political assault. It is a cultural and historical assault. Global capitalism seeks to erase our stories and our histories. Its systems of mass communication, which peddle a fake intimacy with manufactured celebrities and a false sense of belonging within a mercenary consumer culture, shut out our voices, hopes and dreams. Salacious gossip about the elites and entertainers, lurid tales of violence and inane trivia replace in national discourse the actual and the real. The goal is a vast historical amnesia.


Even the US/NATO “progressive media” has far too few journalists that truly speak truth to power, instead choosing to conform to the “permissible dissent” that keeps them just below the NSA/police-state radar.


The reduction of the quality of journalism in the US is a major problem.

If progressive third party policies and candidates were fairly presented in the mainstream media, life in the US could be changed practically overnight. This is unlikely to happen.

Our ‘foot in the door’ is the internet. As its access increases as a source of news (this is happening) and the MSM continues to fall out of favor as a source of news (also happening), our future is brightened.

If we point out the triviality, mendacity, idiocy and manipulative nature of the MSM to our friends, at every opportunity, we speed the process.

A weakened MSM is necessary for progressive success.


Higher Education and Democracy on life support described in a recent article

The themes of challenging power are in line with this article on the role of journalists

Henry A. Giroux | Higher Education and the Politics of Disruption

Henry’s articles are long but important as he points out another casualty of neo liberal economics and corporate power.



The Internet is where the action is and it must be kept free from corporate control and censorship with gatekeepers(toll gates). The corporate controlled mass media is now nothing more than a media of corporate propaganda entertaining the masses by distracting them with celebrity gossip, violence, spectator sports and inane numbing, dumbing, trivia. After an increasingly time pressured and longer work day most people don’t have that much time to watch it anyway much less think about it. They may even be so worried and stressed out that the only escape may be booze and drugs.

Fortunately it only takes an informed minority to educate and inspire the necessary 3 to 5% committed, willing to sacrifice their lives, for a successful revolution. A growing number of revolutionaries and real journalists are finding, as has P. Sainath, a digital platform that allows them to do what they were “doing earlier but on an infinitely larger scale and in collaboration with hundreds” of others.

Revolutionary preparation depends on building a revolutionary consciousness by putting people in touch with their traditions, rituals, true history(good and bad) and helping them to reclaim their humanity and impowered identity. One of the biggest lies, as the article points out, is that truth can be spoken to power and influence it. “Look at Thomas Paine or John Reed. ‘Ten Days that Shook the World’ will be read a thousand years after all the New York Times best-sellers by the New York Times journalists are in the shredder. The great journalists are all dissidents. They spoke the truth against power and about power.”

Despite the assault of global capitalism and its seeming economic and political triumph there will continue to be growing dissatisfaction with the “new world order” of dead end capitalism sustainable only by environmental destruction and war. As more and more join the impoverished and jobless there will be increasing unrest and revolt. What will come of it will depend on how it is influenced by a vanguard of socialist revolutionaries dedicated and united in the sole purpose of destroying capitalism. The twentieth century proved the futility of reforming capitalism as any reform is only temporary.

The time is running out on both slaves and masters. Left and right experts are predicting an imminent global economic collapse and with the abundance of weapons of mass destruction it will push power to the brink of destroying the human race. It will also be a time of great opportunity and it is far better to fight until the end than give up. It is time to revolt whatever way you can.


As one with a degree in journalism, and editor of the daily LUV News, I find this piece to be wonderful, what journalism should be.


Great commentary about the deplorable state of journalism (MSM-style) and who holds the power of life’s narratives.
Thank you Mr Hedges and Mr Sainath.


This article is an important reminder of what journalism ought to be and once was in selected times and locations. I want to thank Chris Hedges for introducing the wonderful work of P. Sainath to a wider audience. This is an important source of connection to humanity that I had not been aware of. Great!


“A weakened MSM is necessary for progressive success.”
My first response to your comment was no,no,no, then I realized you are quite right; the MSM, probably Has to collapse into total absurdity, then real news can begin again.


You’re so right rusty, “the Internet Is where the action is,” and this site and this very forum, is proof of that. Thanks.


Yes , the more we talk to the folks who are starting to wake up, the better!!!
Wherever you be.
What else can you do? Especially if you don’t live in the U$A anymore.


That Potato Song is simply wonderful. Here’s the link again: Potato Song