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Journalism Is Not a Crime


Journalism Is Not a Crime

Mike Rispoli

On Monday, a day after the one-year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown, St. Louis County filed charges against two reporters who were arrested in 2014 while covering the Ferguson protests.

Their crime? Being journalists.


It ought not to be, but as somebody famous once said, anything that those who have the authority to send in the Gestapo say is a crime is one. Talking back to a law enforcer who is hassling you shouldn’t subject us to being detained in a cell or shot by a uniformed official who can’t tell whether it the gun or the taser that is being reached for.

So don’t make sudden moves or make smart ass remarks or say things “You have no right to stop and frisk me” because these actions are now felonious behaviors that can be discouraged through preventive detention or on the spot summary executions, and so many US people – especially us white folks – will think that it wouldn’t have happened if the perp hadn’t done something to deserve it.

Males with dark skin wearing suspiciously shabby clothes and driving a vehicle that looks like it should be beyond his means would do well to heed Chris Rock’s advice and carry a pink wallet.


When the truth is terrifying, truth tellers are terrorists!


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When the President does it, that means that it’s not illegal.

R M Nixon

Uppdated for the 21st cenury

If the President says it is a crime than it is a crime.

Barack Obama


You quibble a lot with people over minor details. How about this quibble? The article is about the journalists. The vigilante piece is elsewhere. That’s not to say what you wrote is wrong… or maybe you think my correcting you is just quibbling?


If you believe that going to war with the well armed up to and including mega nukes would be anything other than a sized up version of 'suicide by cop" I believe this would only result in getting it all over with quickly and for good,

Guns feel like personal empowerment, as a decisive let’s cut through all this namby palm by liberal negotiating wishynwshbelief that isn’t getting us anywhere,

Unless sanity rules – and how likely is that to happen?



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We use the word oligarchy but think of it in terms of the rarified atmosphere calculated in billions $$$ but who serves the oligarchs? Yes they pay off politicians and by extension, pay for staff and big homes etc. Does Limbaugh have a big audience among billionaires do you think? I doubt that they’d waste their time listening to the propaganda that has been written for the little people.

Who serves and protects property… oops did I say that… odd it seemed to sound right. Why is our military putting out rules of engagement that permit targeting of journalists? Police arresting journalists now? What the hell?

When did freedom of the press become the enemy? Or writing about police behavior a crime?

Is oligarchy stepping down from the rarified heights and reaching down into the streets more overtly?

Are the oligarchs impatient for fascism to settle in permanently and are giving it a nudge forwards where they can. Who would ‘serve and protect’ under fascism? My guess is that it would be the same police who do it now but even more openly.

We are watching the steady and inexorable march of fascism in our way of life. The Patriot Act dismantled our constitution and oligarchy wants that to be permanent. Keep the forms of the republic said Caesar but actual power remained with him.

Keep the forms of a free country but the oligarchy wants actual control? Journalists talk to the people, oligarchy wants to control what is said.

That’s how fascism works.


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You see why I kept using the word quibbling? you correct people constantly of little details and technicalities but here comes your turn and you don’t like it. Nor do you admit things.

Your comment never once mentioned journalists. It did mention vigilantes which is the point of another article. I’m not disagreeing with what you said here but showing you how it feels to have someone criticize a choice of wording or some small detail rather than the gist of someone’s comment.

If you can’t admit it in this piece (where do you talk about a free press or journalists being arrested?) then you will continue nit picking and quibbling … hypocritically.


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Well duh! Like they care if what they do is illegal? What was the Patriot Act except a coup by the oligarchy and the ruling elites? Yes technically it is ‘legal’ although I think unalienable rights being alienated is illegal, but they do a lot of things that are illegal. You are fixated with technicalities too much. The criminal with a gun who shoots you may not have had a license to carry firearms but you still end up dead from being shot. Sometimes the criminal does have a license and a badge but that doesn’t mean that you won’t end up being murdered as America is seeing happen all too frequently.

Stop nit picking so much. It is very anal! Lol

You have some good points, so just say em and stop being so obsessive compulsive about every tiny little thing. Sheesh!


Excuse me? What lies? And whoa! I don’t know what your problem is but if hostility is the reason you quibble over little details with me… lol… you have just flattered me. I wasn’t being all that serious, just pointing out that these were tiny and mostly unimportant things to nit pick about. But if you are so hostile then it is another thing isn’t it? Also if these little quibble things are the only things that you can find to nit pick about in my comments then it is very flattering to know this and I thank you for the compliment as to my overall accuracy in general.

BTW - not to quibble ( :innocent: ) but using the female gender as an insult is not an insult and a bitch is a female canine. Tighten up that sphincter …your insults are sloppy writing.


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You hypocrite. You are ridiculous and a bit bizarre. You claim that you correct lies (show me when I ever lied? You won’t be able to. That makes you the liar.)

You are a weird person and your type of comments show it and frankly you aren’t that bright either (quibbling is not genius) and I think you know that!

Typically with certain types of personalities, they are unable to take criticism but they sure love to try to give it out. This kind of person can’t take it and resorts to insults and name calling. I think we all know that.


As was true both then and now, men who like guns and like the sense of domination over others while wearing uniforms serve as reliable brown shirt and black shirt enforcers.

Your rhetorical “call” to who… has a self-evident answer. And incidentally, it’s also authoritarian-trained white males who listen to Limbaugh.

The real question is who is paying your salary/tab while you sit here all day probably inventing screen names to respond to.