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Journalist James Risen: Trump Is Attacking Free Press 'In a Way We Haven't Seen in Modern American History'

Journalist James Risen: Trump Is Attacking Free Press 'In a Way We Haven't Seen in Modern American History'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Speaking from his years of experience being pursued by the Obama Justice Department for simply practicing journalism and refusing to reveal his confidential sources, Intercept reporter James Risen told The Hill on Monday that President Donald Trump is building on his predecessor's


Journalist James Risen: Trump Is Attacking Free Press ‘In a Way We Haven’t Seen in Modern American History’

Agree – but how ironic that Trump who by every day’s count and by his own lawyer’s advice
to him not to testify under oath because it is impossible for him to tell the truth due to the fact
that he is a “F-ing liar” is pushing a battle against the American press suggesting that it is THEY
who are lying?’ And guilty of “rude misbehavior” – !!

We daily join Trump in his insanities when we don’t feed back to him that he is a “F-ing liar.”

It’s as though the “Emperor with No Clothes” is shouting back that he has clothing on!

Trump is telling they public it is THEY who are deaf and blind!


They’re fascists, what were we expecting, Mother Theresa?


Trump wears falsies. Look at the size of his falsie shoulder pad. Makes him look strong and tough under the orange fluff.

We know from relatively recent history that this is a tactic that dictators have used, and continue to use.
But, as usual, nothing to see here folks; move on.


The very purpose of a free press, the very reason for its existence is to expose government actions and/or operations which the government intends to keep secret from the people, such as, for example, lies concocted to support invasions of other countries, and the real reasons and persons behind those invasions.


Everything T___p does, we’ve never seen before. I think it would be fun if the next time he gives a presser, if everyone just turned their backs to him. I guess the White House is writing some sort of rules of engagement for the press corp. How about if the press corp does the same thing?



(lol re © feel free to use)


His big mouth and his shoot from the hip ignorance could launch a nuclear war. It’s frightening. He is very dangerous with his combination of ignorance and arrogance.


The Obama Administration did not drop the Risen suit until the journalist had exhausted much of his life savings. Then, they dropped it. Reporters have been killed for stories. A gazillion have been threatened for stories. One might say the majority are spied upon. President Grumpy is about get his due. If the script follows the tyrannical rants of the megalomaniac Tricky Dick Nixon; then we are in the homestretch to watching Bozo melt down like a big white candle, into a dysfunctional mess, like the Wicked Witch of the West. Melting… Say goodbye Donald. The free press is here to stay. Real journalists report objectively, accurately in a timely fashion and improve peoples’ daily lives. peace.


My best-four-footed-friend-foreever, Baby, a Plott Hound, is far more fit to be our cherished “leader” than EMBARRASSMENT45.


There is a sense that Trump is intimidating the press (and perhaps other quarters), if for no other reason than what he and his wrecking crew are doing is, in our lifetime, unprecedented. We don’t know how to respond, because we haven’t been confronted with such blatant, outright fraud and sadism.


The Idiot of Orange is trying to destroy belief in the press/journalism that is (supposed to be) the vehicle by which the people are informed in a democracy or republic, and more directly in the truth itself. He has zero respect for truth (or honor and common decency) as we witness by daily - almost by the hour. If he can convince his angry moron mob that all the press/journalism (not including the pretty-face phony corporate TV and other news charades) is distortion and lies, what he labels “fake-news”, then the lies and distortions he claims to be true must be, and all else submitted by “the enemy of the people”, must be lies. Such is the nature of his malignant brand of politics that is built on utter disregard for truth…how can one tell if he is lying?…his lips are moving!

The press/journalists have been somewhat slow or timid in counter-attacking his assault on them and truth and that must end…especially regarding the premeditated assassination of Jamal Khasoggi, and leagal persecution threats against Julian Assange and others he has targeted and marked for violence.

ALL the journalists killed everywhere around the world under the reign of the trump regime are directly or indirectly a consequence of his contempt for truth and exposing truth! His open admiration for killer regimes inspires greater acts of violence, intimidation, repression and assassination; a fact the entire worlds journalists must rise-up to denounce in no uncertain terms…along with governments not depraved!

The blood of journalists murdered everywhere are to greater or lesser degree on his hands , as the killers know there will not be any price to pay! ENOUGH!


In all this talk of freedom of the press, don’t forget the torments inflicted on Bradley/Chelsea Manning (now free) and Julian Assange. JA has been excoriated by the MSM. Never lose sight that it was Manning & Wikileaks who exposed the 2007 video of Iraqi civilians (including 2 Reuters journalists) murdered by US forces. The only person punished was Manning, not those who ordered and performed the killings.
Though Assange has been thoroughly demonised by the MSM, think: why are they trying to shoot the messenger, if only to stop the truth. Anyone who believes in Freedom of the Press should be defending Assange from the Brits and the US.


HI geronimo, but sadly many in the land of sending out the “news,” have slowed down news sites that don’t favor them or the oligarchs. And geez, facebook has done so many awful things with “truthiness” that I am amazed that anyone with a brain reads them. : (


That’s true. They have corporate boards rather than editorial boards and ombudsmen. The privately owned newspapers and many of the chains of the Seventies and before were purchased to control what people think. Many lose money but they are not run as new gatherers they are run as propagandists who censor war profiteering and gutting kids for a Prince of Peace, hence the Prick of Preemption dipped in forty weight.
Truth, however, always, always exists and so do real journalists. Real humans and real countries should nourish truth. Regardless, the Trump Upheaval is about to derail in some spectacular fashion. Mueller must be about to download tons of truth. Don’t let Grumpy diminish normalcy and common decency. peace.


dkshaw - Do you really think we have a “free press”? The usual function of the press, contrary to your claims, is to misrepresent - to use your words, “lies concocted to support invasions of other countries” - for example, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Just because the mainline “free press” freely and fairly reports football scores, accidents and fires, some domestic crimes, and the weather, doesn’t mean it always tells the truth about events outside our own country. Or even inside, if politics are involved. Ironically, by criticizing the press, Trump has revealed a soft spot - both loudspeakers for the military-industrial complex ought to have been discredited already. We all should be more critical of the press, and not leave that job to Trump or any other right wing politician.


Trump is doing the press a big favor. He is making them appear to be journalists under attack. Assange, and those like him who expose the truth, are the only real martyrs to journalism. As long as the MSM continues to ignore the real attack on journalism they have as much credibility as Trump himself. This whole thing is a farce.


Please read Christopher Hitchens book.
Anjeze was pretty fascist herself.

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The biggest problem for the fascists when it comes to taking over a country seem to be the press. This was what Putin experienced after he became the president of Russia for a second time by rigging the election in the period of 2011-2012. After he took office he had to deal with criticism ofthe Russian press. He solved his problem by buying the companies that owned the media leaving very few sources that were not under government control. Fascist leaders in Poland, Hungary, and Turkey also had to in some way take over the press. Trump in effect already has Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting but he has a way to go to taking control of the press.