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Journalist Wielding 'Nuclear Weapons Ban' Sign Forcibly Ejected From Trump-Putin Presser


Journalist Wielding 'Nuclear Weapons Ban' Sign Forcibly Ejected From Trump-Putin Presser

Common Dreams staff

Just moments before Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump began their joint press conference after meeting one-on-one in Finland on Monday, journalist and activist Sam Husseini—the communications director of the Institute for Public Accuracy—was forcibly removed from the event while wielding a sign that read "Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty."

"I want to ask a question about this issue," Husseini said as a security official attempted to snatch the sign from his hands.


Free Speech does not exist in the presence of these two subhumans.


And, of course, any corporate media outlet covering this will be focused on “Hey, juicy gossip–somebody got kicked out,” and “Ooooooh, he broke the rules.” Not one of them will even mention the actual issue at hand.

Steve Herman, you’re a friggin’ joke. The real incident is YOUR hero worship of the people who are toying with the idea of destroying the world.


That would be that 90% of nuclear weapons in the world are at the disposal of two amoral gangsters. No wonder, then, that neither wanted to address Husseini’s questions.

What goes unmentioned in the article is the identity/affiliation of the “security official” who tried to take away his sign—US Secret Service? KGB? Finnish police? Did the official act su esponte, or under orders? And if the latter, whose? Context matters.


Husseini was focusing on the right issue. Caitlin Johnstone wrote today about people opposed to the meeting taking place:


Finland is known/renowned for its press freedoms and lack of censorship, but…Shame on Finland for either ceding sovereignty over the so-called “press conference” - now proven to be a fraud - to trump and Putin security goons, or being responsible for press censorship themselves, by allowing well-known, well-respected, journalist Sam Husseini to be forcibly removed from the hall, thus allowing/promoting/supporting press censorship on its territory and around the world - images matter, especially with regard to nuclear weapons issues and the two “leaders” who control nuclear arsenals, and revile the press (and kill them in (at least) Putin’s case)! Shame!


Did people see this news conference ???WOW! The media is now spinning what Trump just did-------It was a melt down! Putin is talking about working together on cyber security??? DONALD TRUMP SIDES WITH THE RUSSIAN MILITARY AND NOT THE US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT???


MSNBC (where I watched it live) noted that it wasn’t clear whose goons did the evicting, but they weren’t US Secret Service. We’ll see what coverage follows, but again I’m disappointed that Hussaini’s colleagues in the room did not refuse to proceed.


There is a whole lot of confusion as to the significance of this summit - as was expressed by Glen Greenwald, and Joe Cirincione of the Plowshares Fund this morning on Democracy Now. Glen asserted that this meeting was an unalloyed good thing in that it is a defusing of tensions between adversaries and that Trump and Putin being bosom-buddies would be a great thing. Joe agreed that adversaries must indeed talk and negotiate treaties and defuse tensions, but Trump’s admiration of Putin as a person totally changes the situation - with Trump likely to cave to “Russian aggression” or the like.

Both are way off in this analysis, although Mr. Cirincione less so in that he at least recognizes the unique threat in a “summit” where the leaders meeting may not be adversaries at all.

The biggest danger of this summit is that it is basically a meeting between two like-minded oligarch-fascists - and Trump will no doubt bring home from this meeting lots of good pointers from Putin on how to reign in the enlightenment freedoms here in the US as Putin has done in Russia and its peripheral states, and coordinate their systems of oppression on a global scale.


The problem is that is this is not “peace talk” between adversaries, it is a meeting of minds between two fascists who admire each other. The left seriously needs to discard all its obsolete cold-war-era frames and memes. The world’s people are facing totally different multi-state threats now.


“Reign” is what “royalty” does.

“Reins” are what you pull on to steer and stop the horse.


I for one stopped siding with the U.S. Department of (in)Justice when, along with thousands of others, thousands of us were swept from the streets in multiple illegal busts (and some such as Black Panthers, AIM members et.al. murdered outright). And, of course before that there was McCarthyism, the Red Scare, Jim Crow, slavery, etc. It was the U.S. military and “patriots” who largely executed the genocides of indigenous peoples in North America before the DOJ was formed.

My point is obvious. The purpose of DOJ is to enforce the status quo by any means necessary; that job has nothing to do with “justice.”


edited out…


…And another thing!

“John Brennan, the CIA director under President Obama, didn’t mince words in describing Monday’s press conference with President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin: Trump’s performance was “nothing short of treasonous.””

“During the press conference, Trump said he trusted Putin over the American intelligence community and his own appointees, he attacked the investigation from special counsel Robert Mueller that recently led to the indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officers for crimes related to the 2016 election, and he said he hoped to strengthen relations with Russia — which, according to Trump, had never been worse.”

I want to see better relations with the Russian people, NOT the Russian oligarchy and the Putin regime

The orange jobby is a stooge for Putin. likely because of the evidence of criminal acts and corruption by “The Donald”…the evil corrupt MoFo should be impeached and tried for crimes of corruption, and he would IF there were any but a very few in Congress with any true patriotism rather than flag-waving jingoism and corporate toadying! Mickey Fickey!


Thanks for pointing out the error. It was no doubt a Freudian slip.


Why didnt he throw his shoes at them???
And call them dogs???


Like this!!!


I suppose that guy is still being tortured–unless they killed him already.


Charles Blow of the NY Times also called Trump a traitor in an op-ed today. My guess is Trump is trying to undermine all of the usual trusted sources of truth in the US and on this one he is targeting the US security agencies. To claim he is not sure who to believe the US security agencies or Putin on Russian interference with the election must be as absurd a statement as a US president has ever made. If anyone wants details on what the Russians have been up to I would suggest reading Chapter 4 Rise of the Trolls in “Messing with the Enemy. Surviving in a Social Media World of Hackers, Terrorists, Russians, and Fake News” by Clint Watts who testified before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.


And exactly what usual sources have earned trust?