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Journalists Agree to Keep Mum on Conservative Donors at Koch Brothers Event


Journalists Agree to Keep Mum on Conservative Donors at Koch Brothers Event

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In a rare move, journalists from a handful of major media outlets were granted access this weekend to a private and well-healed gathering of Republican benefactors, sponsored by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, on one condition: that they do not name any of the 450 donors attending without their permission.

The three-day event, hosted by the Koch brothers-backed nonprofit organization Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, is being held at at the St. Regis Monarch Beach luxury resort in California.


To call them journalists is a misnomer. They have sold out and become nothing less than whores to the Cock Roach Brothers for access.


Whadda surprise eh.

“Newsmen are in the same tent as the clowns and the freaks-that’s show business.” ― Edward R. Murrow


That journalists allowed themselves to be muzzled like this is a bad sign. The powerful are amoral and think nothing of corrupting the standards and practices that govern civilized life when it suits their purposes. The uber powerful feel themselves above the rules and traditions that other people cherish. Corrupt the freedom of the press? Why not?

It gets sickening to see the gross reality of self interest and its ability to tarnish and taint whatever it touches.

For shame that these people still call themselves reporters. They knew the price that their occupation would pay by agreeing to these preset terms that prevent them from covering the true story.

Did these reporters stand up for the right of the people to know who was unduly influencing their elections? No. We cheapen and degrade ourselves and are helped along by the corrupting influence of power.

They came as reporters but leave as hacks. The shame of it is that they have weakened us all not just themselves.


So now the only question is…will one of them have the balls to post the names despite the secrecy conditions they agreed to?


If one has the guts, you can be sure that it would be the end of his employment as a journalist!


I hate to quibble (not really) but they lose their employment seems a certainty, but not as journalists because they gave that up a long time ago, if they ever had it.


Yup. Unlike past times, when there was at least some informal community and family support that could be relied on, nowadays, in our capitalism-atomized society, all it takes is fear-of-loss-of-paycheck to keep the entire population in line.


Oh what next?!?!?!
So-called journalists are allowed to get get some news, provided they don’t tell anyone.
Even in this article we read “hosted by the Koch brothers-backed nonprofit organization”. Oh right. So these guys are no longer working to increase profits?!?!?


After reading this I. F. Stone immediately came to mind.



The label that comes to mind for me is PRESSTITUTE.


The stand up journalism has been dead for at least 20 years now.
Don’t expect a return any time soon, these are profit driven machines.

The advantage…Technological Surveillance Cuts both Ways.

The Bigger they are, The Harder they Fall.
Everyone goes down in the End.
No amount of Koch money will save them.


Michael Calderone of the Huffington Post comments should be directed at the problem of journalists agreeing to those rules, not the rules themselves.

The Kochs want the specific kind of coverage noted by Calderone, and he along with the rest of MSM will be quite happy to repeat that narrow coverage once the in-crowd of reporters is done enjoying rubbing elbows with all of that power.

But alas, what else is new with this current generation of suck ups known as journalists from NPR to FOX (and in reality their isn’t much difference) who have been known to agree to “ground rules” while reporting on the powerful.

It is fair game to criticize these people who willingly parrot frames that can be easily discovered to be absolute falsehoods. The big names from NPR to FOX do this bidding of the powerful for their own profit and “access” to that power game. They are intentionally invested in it, and should be criticized for being willing to play that game.

Will NPR reporting shine a light on the big money politics happening at that event? They will mention the little dust up somewhere along the way of parroting the lines submitted to them by their corporate sponsors, but that will be just about it.

Yes I’m completely aware that there exists a Deep State. I’m also aware that there are journalists who refuse to go along with that game.


It’s almost tantamount to being invited to witness a conspiracy on condition you don’t divulge the conspirators’ names. Those meetings are effectively conspiracies to control the state at every level. No one is allowed to question whether they might be undermining the Constitution or carrying out what’s tantamount to a coup (against the liberal democracy, at least). Perhaps, as some posting here are hoping, one or more will grow a pair and leak names.
What about independent journalists acting as private citizen investigators? Can’t they at least find out who is registered at the place? Couldn’t people take photographs of those arriving at the conclave and do searches with facial recognition?

Why rely strictly on the eunuchs of the MSM?


“well-heeled.” could use some healing, though. :O)


They should have been the ones outside the gate taking pictures. WaPo, Politico, who else?


True. And the so called Washington Press Corps, that gets access in Washington D.C. and gets to interview and travel with the President is no different. Their # priority is protecting their pay checks and not rocking the boat for fear of losing their access to the power elite.


Damn good answer!


On the up side, this sort of pressure by the Koch Brothers is just another nail in their coffin as any sort of leadership for the future. The future will not include those who work against the common good.

And there’s always a brave and well directed soul that will spill the dirty beans.


Don’t buy their stupid rags, and don’t use their F***ing websites! Starve the damn beast!