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Journalists and Media: Stop Feeding the Right-Wing Spin Machine


Journalists and Media: Stop Feeding the Right-Wing Spin Machine

Murshed Zaheed

Right after the right-wing extremists in charge of the Trumpian outfit masquerading as Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party succeeded in confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sen.


One thing this writer missed is the “trad” is the corporate spin machine that hires naive young grads with degrees in journalism.

Or did I miss this point?


Zaheed sez: “Democratic insiders immediately joined in on the right-wing-inspired attack on the progressive base of their own party by trad-media reporters.”

“Democratic insiders” clearly recognize their real enemy.


It’s disingenuous (or delusional) to call on those who illegitimately hold the power that protects their interests to voluntarily give up that power. Truly child-like.

The call that we must continue to make to each other - through our actions - is to build our power and use that power IN OUR INTERESTS - and not expect capitalists, imperialists, fascists, white supremacists, and misogynists to voluntarily become “good People” and stop their oppression.

They won’t.



Yes, US law has always required corporations to act in the best interests of their shareholders or face shareholder lawsuits that they invariably lose. It really IS that simple. The ONLY ways to influence corporate behavior to benefit the environment, macroeconomy or workers are laws and regulations.

The half century of effective New Deal culture and regulation (1935-1985) confirmed this.

With most media being owned by corporations, “journalists” departing from their corporate toadie roles put their owners’ at risk.

Restore all the New Deal regulations that have been decriminalized under the guise of “deregulation” during the past four decades, or hang on tight for further decay.


tra-media??? lamestreet corporate media. None of which work for public interest only their own 1% interests and the other 1%centers.


Mr. Zaheed acts as if reporters in the MSM have a choice as to how they report on political issues in this country. This is laughable at best, even if you could find an honest reporter in the MSM, their editors would squash any story that didn’t tow the corporate line. Of course their going to repeat McConnell words. Check other sites comment sections, this issue has galvanized even normal Trump and repug supporters. The GOP in in deep shit, and they know it going into this election.


Yes, notice how MSNBC pulled up stock footage of the “Tea Party” protests of 2010 and made an equivalency of that with the current response to the Supreme Court induction–Maddow & Co. ignored even her exposure way back then in 2010 of the “astroturfing” of the Tea Party movement, that is, that it was largely bankrolled and organized by big Right-wing Republican donors–The trad media bought into it, and now it looks like Rachel is buying into it as well, in spite of her own previous insights!–You can go back to the “protests” in Florida, 2000, when angry “mobs” assailed the election offices to stop the recount–That was completely ginned up and supported by the Republican Party, and guess who was in the forefront of that action? None other than Brett K. himself!


What is covered and what isn’t covered, the range of debate, the viewpoints allowed on air, it all comes down to the ownership structure of the media, and where the media gets most of its money from. The people on TV are rich, they aren’t like most watching their programs, and the same is true of their guests. The media is what it is for these structural reasons. Pravda had different reasons for being what it was. I think the corporate and right wing are far more sophisticated and are far better than Pravda was.


Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky laid out the basic set of filters for news–put otherwise, the structure of institutional power that controls what reporters say. This has changed somewhat since 1989, when Manufacturing Consent was published. But it is not changed in any way that invalidates their categories, and it has not changed for the better.

The categories, for those who have not read the book:

  • Media owners
  • Advertisers (the source of most of the owners’ money, the clients)
  • News sources (who will stop talking if they dislike the copy that is printed)
  • Audience (whose attention must be sold to get ad money)
  • Ideology (the same blinders one might find elsewhere, plus the difficulty of explaining things that contradict what people imagine that they know).

A change to the usual balance came from the 1990s, but particularly in the years just after 2000, when the turn of the populace to online sources meant that sales and advertising revenues dropped, and thereby supported far less investigative reporting. Large operations like the NYT, MSNBC, Fox, and so forth followed along a path already laid out by CNN in the First Gulf War, the so-called “Desert Storm.” CNN had scooped the previously all-powerful TV networks by “embedding” reporters: they agreed to show only what the military wanted in return for front-row seats at the war.

There are various ways that various media can take advantage of a similar strategy. News sources are typical corporate and government entities with public relations problems. These entities are often abundantly willing to write their own copy to greater or lesser extents, and this is now a large portion of what is called “news,” particularly with respect to topics that are apt to be controversial or that require investigation.

As a parallel development, these institutions have a strong business and sometimes legal motive to put down other sources of news, hence the widespread tendency of commercial news to try to dismiss and discredit whistle-blowers and Internet-based publication. Hence the overwhelming failure of nominal journalists to support freedom of the press in general. Insofar as an independent press exists, it shows them up as cowards, thieves, and pretenders.


The phenomenal stupidity of the Democrats in the Senate allowed Kavanaugh’s rubber-stamp confirmation. Senator Leahy had wisely focused on several easily provable instances of perjury in previous testimony, but Senator Feinstein decided to focus on salacious, almost certainly true but totally unprovable allegations of sexual assault when Kavanaugh was 17. This allowed the Republicans to claim what they consider reasonable doubt, as if it were a criminal trial, and to reason that if he could not be denied confirmation based on allegations of sexual assault, he could not be denied confirmation at all. The media,even left-leaning ones, played a role in this because they got better ratings with this tawdry soap opera than a sober assessment of the judge’s truthfulness under oath.


Actually, they do have a choice-don’t do it. It takes courage. It means taking a stand. It means believing in something bigger than your ego. They need a paycheck? I understand the job market is booming-find a job where you aren’t lying to your audience and spinning endless streams of shit. The hosts of these shows give their opinions. They don’t report news. I can form my own opinions. I want hard news. We as a country are ignorant about the world around us. We can’t even locate other countries on a globe. That’s why theMSM get away with treating their audience like dummies…because their audience is ignorant and eats that shit up without ever having to think for themselves or, god forbid, even opening a non fiction book and reading about history…


The Dow drops 1500 pnts and MSNBC today is acting like the election is over and democrats have lost--------These “news” outlets are trying to tamp down the vote-----don’t buy the media BS -the economy sucks----healthcare sucks----the Common people are having their lives destroyed by the rich.