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Journalists Denounce WaPo Fake News Black List as Red Scare Redux


Journalists Denounce WaPo Fake News Black List as Red Scare Redux

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Washington Post's promotion of a new, "McCarthyistic" so-called black list has journalists aghast over what appears to be a red scare redux, as independent news outlets critical of U.S. foreign policy are being smeared as "Russian propaganda."


It seems to me that the "New Cold War" people are talking about is more about Government vs. Citizens that US against Russia. Unfortunately, the MSMs propensity for spewing the 'corporate line' (i.e., WMDs in Iraq) could whip up hostilities that did not previously exist except in the minds of those who glean benefits from the MIC.


" Independent news outlets critical of U.S. foreign policy are being smeared as " Russian propaganda"."

Translation: independent news sites like Robert Parry's among many others, that speak truth to the powerful, economic, elite are reaching too many people, so they are being smeared as Russian propaganda.


Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group: Information Clearing House - ICH


I see from your link that ICH says it is honored to be on the blacklist.

Just asking: I did not see CD on the blacklist. Did I miss it?


Shows AGAIN, what right-wing corporate ownership by billionaires of our Fourth Estate means. Fraud. Propaganda. So goes WaPo and not long ago the Wall Street Journal. No wonder that Indy news is under assault! Corporate media can only lie when it's possible for them to control what is allowed to be broadcast - and when, repeatedly. Their cover is blown off by the likes of Indian Country, Common Dreams, Juan and Amy at "Democracy Now!" - and others. Eliminate us and the "1984 Redux" will be attempted. Spirit will prevail.


Look at the tweets posted by PropOrNot as was posted by Greenwald in the Intercept. Relevantly quoted here:

Awww, wook at all the angwy Putinists, trying to change the subject - they're so vewwy angwageny!! It's cute :blush: We don't censor; just highlight.

Fascists. Straight up muthafuckin' fascists. That's what we're up against. Unwittingly or not, they work for Russia.

WTH WaPo? You're pimpin' PropOrNot as legit? The Fourth Estate is dead. Well, the corporatized one is. But corporations are now people too, so unsourced, substandard, undisciplined, biased to an end propagation of tabloid trash is now permissible by the vaunted gate keepers of the now Fourth Estate corpse. Way to go WaPo! You're now about as relevant as the movie Weekend at Bernie's never was.


I wonder what dimwit at the CIA thought up this particular fascist campaign before ordering their news outlet, The Washington Post, to print it?
By the way, it is quite the fad to report that Sputnik and RT are state funded. So are Radio Free Europe, the BBC and Agence France Presse.



When are we going to find out who's behind PropOrNot?


I agree. The difference is that the Soviet people knew they were being lied to while quite a few Americans still haven't figured it out.



The oligarchical owners of the lamestream media are getting pretty desperate! Good! A smaller and smaller fraction of the public believes them anymore. CNN, Fox, WaPo, NY Times, et al. are the biggest purveyors of fake news the world has ever seen. NPR, notwithstanding the delusions of many liberals, is better known as National Pentagon Radio. Ditto PBS. RT is far more balanced than either, at least when it comes to covering US foreign policy.


I suppose it boils down to the fact that everyone has an agenda. If you're not trying to push a point of view, then why bother?


There definitely no money in objectivity, is there ?

Selling commercial agendas is where the money is.


Our new ratfucker head honcho President constantly gives us lies and fake news. I suppose I should somehow give him credit for this...Heil Herr Gropenfuhrer!


Yesterday's MSN website referred to RT as a Russian propaganda outlet.


RT IS a Russian propaganda outlet. Just as NPR shills for corporate America. The first is a state-controlled, state-financed medium - the second, a corporate-controlled-state/corporate-financed medium. Both and others, will soon to be outed as such, after inauguration day, January 20, 2017 (if the Green-Dem recount goes nowhere). Indy news (from outside social media) is it. Artists, Indy reporters and activists are it. WE have nowhere to turn, except outward with the truth as we uncover the paid-for b.s.


I saw the article in question and quit reading just a few paragraphs in, I could tell it was a fake news story. WaPo needs to be exposed for the rag it is and the fake stories they put out almost daily.
When I see an article form them my antenna's go up. They shilled for HRC and avoided Bernie. They have a nerve blaming Russia or anyone else for fake news when that seems to be their bread and butter.
I still have not see any credible evidence Russia hacked the DNC or has played any part in this election. Again, they're shilling for HRC and the generals that are trying to gin up a problem with Russia.


Sure, most of these of these news outlets - and most of the increasingly serious problem of fake news outlets has nothing to do with Russia. Yet, then again, the peculiar recurring theme among the soft-fascist Alt-Left, of creating a champion of the working class out of Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin, capitalist gangster, corporate-state fascist in the classical sense, with a net worth of 200 billion, certainly raises some suspicion regarding at least some of the news sites.


I'll take RT over any domestic US propaganda site any day. Better coverage of US foreign policy, as another poster noted, and a much wider range of topics, programs, and views than you'll find in the domestic msm. And Lee Camp's comedy show, Redacted Tonight (out of Washington, DC) is the best! I've never watched some of the shows, like Larry King's, but others are great. RT just recently aired an interview with Julian Assange, done by Australian journalist John Pilger, and an interview by Chris Hedges with Standing Rock Protectors. You won't find stuff like that in the US corporate media.


Max Kaiser, whose Kaiser Report is on RT, says he quit his BBC job because he had strict orders NEVER to mention Israel in any context.