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Journalists Express Concerns Over New York Times' New Social Media Rules

Journalists Express Concerns Over New York Times' New Social Media Rules

Julia Conley, staff writer

Some worry the guidelines could be "weaponized" by anti-press groups

This is more BS by Elites hoping to control journalists …

If we still had “Fairness in Broadcasting Act” it would reflect that this is a liberal nation…
and reflect the liberal view points of this nation as the majority.
It would be clear that the right wing is very limited not only in its intelligence and by its
paranoia but also in its numbers. That’s why the act was overturned.

Granted posting on the internet at various websites isn’t exactly like having an employer
read your personal mail. Usernames don’t always provide for anonymous posting so
comments are public. But, again, IF we had “Fairness in Broadcasting Act” the OP and
Editorial pages would have to either be totally in conflict with what this nation believes
or it would have to reflect those beliefs. No fence sitting, either, which would also expose
their Elitism.

Evidently, the intention is to push journalists away from liberal ideas and ideals.
Those liberal ideas and ideals, of course, are inconvenient for Elites/Patriarchy so they
have to be denied.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see the NY Times say what the nation is saying about Trump…
“a Moron” and “delusional.” And, journalists should be able to be truthful the same way in
their personal lives and comments.

The nation speaks of Revolution – non-violent revolution.
As usual, the President/Elites search for wars.
Time to end this Elitist/Corporatist/CIA control of the nation.
And, the NY Times is of course an “Establishment” newspaper, supporting it.

Needless to say, the threat of nuclear war (as Trump seems to be envisioning his options re
Iran) would dampen notions of peaceful Revolution.
Those who experienced the nuclear curtain thrown over the nation with the Cold War well
remember “hiding under desks” and later, pictures of Vietnamese children burning from
Napalm. It is a threat not only to Iran but to all of us - those demanding peace and an end
to the MIC run by psychopaths.

Nuclear is a very big stick being waved over all of us - again.


““Our journalists should be especially mindful of appearing to take sides on issues that the Times is seeking to cover objectively.””

This suggests that there are issues that the Times is seeking not to cover objectively. Otherwise journalists would have to be mindful of appearing to take sides on any issue at all. Is that what is intended? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Most of the Media in this country is supporting Trump’s lies. Instead of calling him on it immediately, they just let it slide.

Letting Trump claim that Obamacare is Imploding all on it’s own, instead of immediately saying, “It’s not Mr. President, actions that you and the Republicans are doing is destroying it.”

The Oligarchs are creating a complete false narrative, about almost everything in order to keep their base of believers, buying the lies their selling.

On the other hand, 2/3 of the country or more, knows these are lies, and most are apathetic about taking any action to call it out as lies.

If a strong national figure doesn’t step up to the plate soon, We the People must take the reins.


Pony –

Actually I don’t watch MSM so I’m unaware of this –

but regularly I see reports from even inside the Trump administration which
suggest that they know he’s a Moron and don’t support what he is doing…
for whatever reasons – even their own interests … I don’t know.

The calls for the GOP to restrain him, to impeach him are widespread.

But - again – I don’t really know. I do see a Star Ledger newspaper here
and all they have been doing is reporting against Trump.

Again – I don’t watch MSM – I do see the internet and all public opinion
that I can see is against Trump.
I do see however that his followers are very threatening people and they
seem to be saying that if there were any attempt to impeach Trump that
they would rise up in violence.

The question also brings to mind just whose side all those guns owners
would be on – would they be protecting Trump fascism or democracy?

From the NFL misunderstandings vs flag or free speech I’d say they are
confused people.

But – can you from time to time share some of what you see in MSM which
is “supporting Trump’s lies” … ?

I do see here of course that Trump is speaking at a “Family Reseach Council”
get together – disgusting as that is.
And, evidently, the FRC were huge backers of him and presume that means $$$.
Seems they feel that they worked and succeeded in putting him into office.

afaics … only Elites would be interested in Trump’s Elite/corporate/MIC agenda…
and we have to hope that his more “common folk” supporters will wake up to the
fact that HATE will only rip apart their lives and communities and that being
without health care, public education, working mass transportation – and being
unemployed – will rip their lives apart even further.

PS: Just want to add that we heard some murmurs of bringing out the “anti-trust”
laws and getting them ready to use … but what I continue to see is the fascist
swagger of Comcast and Verizon, FCC looking the other way on the overwhelming
amount of violence and pornography they are pumping into the airwaves - and
the tens and tens of billions or more that Comcast and Verizon are making.
FCC also trying to change internet regulations to create a tiered system… slow
downs and higher subscription rates for elite services – and all service.

Monsanto destroying all vegetation with RoundUp/herbicide glyphosate which is
spreading in the air, and seeping into the earth … conventional honey 62% or
67% (not sure) contaminated by RoundUp … and raw organic honey 45%
contaminated. And of course bees dying.
The first attack by Elites was on Nature …and that is, of course, the most
serious one. It’s a Wild Card … not only for common folk but for Elites.
Of course, there’s always 10,000 years of life underground they could enjoy …
a la “Dr. Strangelove” …

Can anyone for a moment imagine that a writer/journalist from the past, let’s say Mark Twain, would refrain from sharing his opinion when in a public venue after work, because in his off hours he would be afraid of casting a dim view on his employer, The Morning Call Newspaper?

Shameful–just one more attempt to stifle free speech to avoid attacks by Faux News.

The test shouldn’t be bias. That is a rule born out of fear and corporate greed. The test should be truth IS IT TRUE)? Bias s the slippery slope to bland and gutless. Example there is ample proof that Tillertson called Trump a Moron. Circumstantial evidence: When asked Tillertson responded with; “I’m not going to dignify that with a response I’m not going to play that game” OK but when Corker said that Tillertson had been castrated by Trump he answered" The last time I checked it was intact" Whoa, you can’t play the game and not play the game boo boo. I like Tillertson in spite of the fact he is a multi millionaire. I like Tom Steyer too. Trump is a moron and Tillertson has been castrated.