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Journalists Kicking Refugees: It’s Not Just Physical


Journalists Kicking Refugees: It’s Not Just Physical

Christian Christensen

There have been many disturbing images that have resulted from the desperate plight of Syrians searching for refuge in Europe. The picture of the little body of Alan Kurdi, washed up on the shores of Turkey, was as powerful and heartbreaking as any I will ever see (and ever wish to see). To many media outlets and social media users, the picture of Alan represented more than a single death (and more than the broader tragedy that is Syria), it represented both the global apathy toward the plight of the Syrians and the moral cost of that apathy.


ANYONE that interferes with action in motion is NO journalist.


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Remember, the Murdoch empire is a refugee from reality, escapist in every neurotic manner, and richly rewarded for that by the elected Democrats and Republicans.

Vote your conscience instead of those traitors!


Those headlines are terrifying! The pen is mightier than the sword when it's used to turn Hate Speech into normative prejudice.

I wrote a long astrological analysis (it can be read at this site: www.astro.com) explaining the extent to which 3 of the 5 outer planets' orbital trajectories are matching those held during the l930s.

Strong parallels are already in evidence. Here are a few:

  1. 1929 Stock market crash leading to the rise of The New Deal: Bernie Sanders and his "clone" now gaining traction in U.K. in response to the 2008 Recession.
  2. Fiscal contractions in Europe and the U.S. breeding xenophobia. While the prior Semitic people hated were the Jews, now it's Muslims and Arabs
  3. Droughts spreading (the dust bowl began in the l930s)

A few days ago national public radio had a story about The Great Repatriation. I'd never heard of that before. Essentially, during the l930s within the U.S. as a result of financial hardships, Mexican Americans were rounded up and sent back to Mexico. Sheriffs often arrived to force families onto trains and these people weren't even given the time to collect their work certificates, birth certificates, and other legal proofs to property and so forth.

While most of us know of the Japanese internment camps that came later, the FACT that one million Mexicans were sent packing is lesser known.

I find it amazing, for the type of stellar synchronicity so often portrayed through predictable planetary cycles that Trump is pushing this very same thing again now. And he has his supporters. Just as proved the case in the l930s, it's the lack of jobs that has so many turning against the rights and decencies of their (would-be) South of the Border neighbors.

Gerald Celente has pointed out that first come currency wars, then trade wars, and then real wars. Things are gearing up for that now. Let's hope there's enough human energy, faith, prayer, and active opposition to what would prove calamitous to the extreme.


I haven't seen Laszlo's face in any publication. The faces and even the addresses of some perps are being published in newspapers as a deterrent to crime. But people that commit far worse atrocities than hers are getting away scot free. It would be fitting if all their pictures and even their addresses are published.

I can think of lots of criminal conservatives in government and business that would deserve to lose their privacy. We all lose our privacy to the NSA and people who murder lions will lose theirs, but not those that abuse and murder others for war profiteering, causing enormous immigration crises.