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Journalists Must Demystify The Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/15/journalists-must-demystify-green-new-deal

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When I was in college a half century ago zero population growth (ZPG), appropriate technology, and other actual climate change remedies were widely studied…there were even on-campus ZPG and appropriate technology clubs.

By the time Saint Ron removed Carter’s PV array from the White House roof a decade later, any discussion of those issues got you demonized as unpatriotic.

21st century faux, feel good solutions will only get us so far.


Marxists have already demystified the GND. A greenwash hoax that is not a solution to capitalist-caused climate change



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I’m mystified by the GND too because it seems just a feel-good aspiration than a real plan - it says nothing about how to deal with the downsides of renewable energy (as in Rhode Island where hundreds of acres of forests are clear cut for solar “farms,” what to do about aviation, eating lots of meat, more efficient land use than current sprawl, the role of energy-efficient railroads, what to do about the skyrocketing human population growth, and much more. So I don’t yet take it seriously


When you find a real journalist in the Main Stream Media please alter us.

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“Journalists”. What makes you think there are journalists involved in the “news” or information that most people consume ? Their local news ? Facebook ? Youtube ? And many people don’t consume any “news” at all.


An example of how “news” is produced can be read at this blog on the government-financed PR manipulation of the Syrian civil war as an example.


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I seriously can’t believe how CD is letting you snowflake, wrist wringing Pollyannas emote in their editorial sections about journalism. What journalists are you talking about? Mainstream? Don’t be stupid. There are no journalists in the mainstream media. None. And their job is certainly not to “Demystify” the Green New Deal. Their job is to abort it; to crush it; to have it DOA by Nov.